Chapter 320: Raph-chan

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Raph-chan’s gender is unknown, because he/she is always referred to in a gender-neutral fashion.

Chapter 320: Raph-chan

“Then what sort of ability do these children possess?” (Trash)

I turn my eyes to Rat.

“Their individual powers are all over the place. But… each one specializes in Illusion Magic.” (Rat)

Well they were modeled after Raphtalia.
And her specialty is illusions.
The specific category is apparently light and darkness, but she can become invisible, and affect enemy perception to lead them astray.
Raphtalia herself doesn’t use magic too much, though. She mainly focuses on sword skills.

“Users of Illusion Magic… I think I’ll be able to use them. And it looks like I can also depend on their strength.” (Trash)
“By the way, Marquis, about this child.” (Rat)
“What about him?” (Naofumi)

She speaks while pointing to Raph-chan.

“From what I see, that one seems a little different from the rest…

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