Chapter 322: The Eighth Generation

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Chapter 322: The Eighth Generation

I immediately returned to the village with the Cane’s portal, and went to Rat, who was busy constructing her Carriage-type body for Mii-kun
It would be nice if I got some good info out of this.

“There is a strange stone embedded in it. Do you understand anything about it, Marquis?” (Rat)
“I can’t understand anything about the time I turned strange.” (Naofumi)

Apparently, I was really smart, but that doesn’t matter.
And wait, if I was able to grasp something about this, it would actually be amazing.

“Rafu~?” (Raph-chan)
“Do you know anything?” (Naofumi)

I ask Raph-chan, but there’s no way he’ll give an answer.
Is what I thought, but he let out a meek voice, and nodded.

“Rafu~.” (Raph-chan)

Raph-chan jumps on top of the tablet we were analyzing, and beckons Raphtalia to come closer.

“This again… Why do I have such a…

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