Chapter 324: The King of Wisdom

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I’m not on break just yet. I’m going to have to slow down translation speed, though. Probably one every 2-3 days.

Chapter 324: The King of Wisdom

“Are the preparations in order?” (Naofumi)
“Yes, Iwatani-dono.” (Trash)

The wave is coming… and at the same time, Faubley will attack. I’m speaking to Trash in the castle.

“You sure are good at thinking up plans.” (Naofumo)

From the day after the meeting, we’ve been meeting with Trash, and preparing for his operations.
Of course, we also train ourselves when we’re free.
Even if Heroes have no level limit, it’s impossible for us to overtake the level 350 Tact in the time we have.
But we have our own trump card.

Using the knowledge I gained, Trash, and Fohl’s Seven Star weapon, we’ve put our final plan together.
The country’s Dragon Hourglass is almost empty.
If you look over the walls of Melromark’s…

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