Chapter 325: Provocation

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After this arc is over, let’s get married.

In which case, I really am taking a break once this arc is finished… for exams.

By the way, there is no indication of who’s speaking on the Naofumi-side, so it’s always notated as Naofumi

Chapter 325: Provocation

Now then, if you’re wondering how we got here so fast, we left the matter of the wave completely to Motoyasu and Itsuki. The other Heroes went and registered at Zeltburg’s hourglass.
Their dragon hourglass is managed by the country, but with Itsuki’s membership in the Dark Guild, and the Slave Dealer’s connections, we managed to get through.
And Heroes get a free pass to things like this.

The Hero in Zeltburg was killed a while ago, and the upper echelon of their government had their pride, so they happily cooperated.
The country’s mercenary guild was also happy to help, and talking them over was too…

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