Chapter 326: X

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As one would expect (maybe because it was too cramped), Tact, our followers minus the women who couldn’t be found, and I descended from the terrace and started our respective battles.
Gaelion, Ren and Firo’s battles were in the sky.
“Hahaha, do you really think you, who possess only a single Seven Star Weapon, can win against me, who possesses five Seven Star Weapons and one of the Four Saint Weapons, a total of Six?” (Tact)
“That power was obtained unfairly, after all. A fake can’t win against the real deal.” (Naofumi)
“…..You’re all talk.” (Tact)
“What are you spitting at the sky for?” (Naofumi) [T/N: Proverb: to invite disaster onto oneself. If you spit up at the sky, it’ll fall back down and land on your face.]
“Huh? What are you saying?” (Tact)
“Then I’ll make it easier for an idiot like you to understand. Will you get it if I said to think of a Boomerang?” (Naofumi)
“What did you say!?” (Tact)
I immediately grip the Cane with both hands and start casting a spell. [T/N: Why is it cane? It can also be translated as Staff/Wand…]
This is the original ability of the Seven Star Cane.
It’s an ability the Cane was endowed with, and it shortens the chant of a spell.
If it’s mastered to perfection, Trash said it might not even need a chant but that’s probably impossible for me.
Apart from that, it also allowed someone to learn magic they had no aptitude for.
This was really exceptional so I was surprised.
I reflect on how difficult the shield is to use, as I grasp the Cane tightly with appreciation.
I’m a little reluctant to return it to Trash.
I cast magic on all my allies here whilst combining my SP and Magic.
This spell needs an absurd amount of time to cast, but it was greatly reduced because of the Cane.
It’s like a puzzle with five parts, which must be fully solved before it can be invoked, becoming something with only two simple ones.
And thus…. I invoked the strengthening technique contained in the Seven Star Cane.
<I, the true hero, command the heavens and earth, remove and connect the principles, and expel the pus. Oh, Force of the Dragon Pulse. Build up my strength along with my magic and hero’s might, I command you as the true hero who is worthy of the origin of power. I once more read and understand everything in nature, bestow everything unto thy subjects.>
“All Revelation Aura X!” (Naofumi)
Right, this was the Cane’s strengthening technique.
To put it simply, it’s of the Skill Acquisition class.
It’s similar to how someone can raise the abilities of their favourite skills and magic by distributing points they earn from leveling up in net games.
Ren spoke about it in the past.
That Brave Star Online uses a system with Skill Points.
In other words, it’s that sort of thing.
Raising your level and distributing the Skill Points to learn skills.
It’s a standard system in many of the online games I know.
That was the strengthening technique of the Cane and Gauntlets.
The Cane could assign points to magic, and skills for the Gauntlets
Acquiring points from my current level and distributing them to my Magic and Skills respectively.
Well, if one were to focus on a single Spell, it would consume a comparable amount of points.
But apparently they can be reassigned if there’s an issue, which is a relief.
The required materials and the enchantment points inside the weapon….  in this case, using the Proficiency Points that Ren taught us about seems to be the most convenient thing to do, but I can reassign the points after waiting one-day for the cooldown.
I think it’s a befitting ability.
And the spell I just cast was an exceptional supporting spell that raises one’s full capacity: Aura.
Furthermore, it was the Revelation Aura class that only heroes can cast.
To explain the magnitude of this spell that was boosted by the strengthening technique of the Cane..
“Take this!” (Tact)
Tact set out and fired his Vanzin Claw or something in my direction.
I dodged it by a paper-thin margin.
Why was I able to dodge it?
Tact’s attack was awfully slow.
And honestly, it attacked in a straight line so I could actually see the beam that appeared.
Of course, it wasn’t that the beam itself was slow but if I had to say, I supposse it was like a low-powered pea-shooter?
The beam looked like an orb traveling at a slow speed.
If I had been paying attention, Tact’s words from before, the “Take this!” would have sounded more like “Ttttttaaaaaakkkkkkkkeeeeee Thhhhiiiiiisssss!”
Tact’s attack flew past me.
Like this, our abilities have risen to an abnormal level.
The Net Game that Ren played wasn’t like this, but each grade resulted in a big boost.
Not only for the effects, but for the duration and additional effects as well.
In other words, strong spells like All Revelation Aura needed a lot of points, but the effect also increased a lot.
It varied depending on the Spell or Skill.
There’s the possibility that the complicated spells or skills from until now may transform.
This is the power of the Cane and Gauntlets.
With the intent of protecting this world… the Spirits have lent me all of their strength.
“You avoided it?” (Tact)
“What’s wrong? You only have the certain-kill technique you always use?” (Naofumi)
It seems Tact couldn’t see my movements.
It was nothing more than my support magic’s ability being improved to that extent though.
Or rather, to be surprised if someone suddenly dodges your special move…. just which titan of light is that special move from. [T/N: Ultra Beam! (Ultraman) ….maybe?]
I wonder why I’m holding back, but I’ve thought badly of guys who fire from the onset.
I see, so if it’s avoided then it becomes this sort of situation.
“Hmph. I missed on purpose. It’s not fun otherwise.” (Tact)
“Yes, Yes. So you say.” (Naofumi)
I grasp the Cane tightly and fill it with power.
The Cane also has other skills.
Gamers might understand if I say it has a Charge Skill.
“Let’s play a little.” (Tact)
Saying that, Tact brandished his claw towards me.
I saw through it all and completely avoided it.
First I ducked, then I leapt, using Tact himself as a foothold.
The current me is not the Hero of the Shield.
I’m borrowing the defense from the Seven Star Weapons, and it’s lower than Ren and the other Four Saints’ defense.
It’ll hurt if I get hit and will definitely be an inexcusable attack.
In addition, I might have my weapon stolen if I engage in a direct duel.
Just what martial art knowledge does he have? I feel like he’s refined the stance and movements.
However, the opponents I always sparred with were prodigies. [T/N: Atla/Raphtalia]
Always laboring, revealing attacks that surpass my expectations.
I fought that kind of prodigy so it wasn’t enough.
It was disappointing, but none of his attacks exceeded my expectations.
Continuously using feints, trying to kill me―
“Erst Slash!” (Tact)
He fired a skill but his feints were obvious, so it was lacking.
I delayed the timing of my dodge, and while watching the self-confident Tact’s face..
“Yotto.” (Naofumi)
I dodge it nimbly.
“Ku…. well looks like the former Hero of the Shield, who couldn’t do anything but defend, isn’t bad.” (Tact)
He’s extremely boring.
What I’m seeing through are just simple attacks.
“….You seem to be misunderstanding something so I’ll explain. Defending is more complicated than attacking. Like needing to shift the impact of an opponent’s attack to reduce its power and such.” (Naofumi)
“Now! Second Slash!” (Tact)
I stabbed Tact’s arm with the tip of the Cane and averted his Claw Slash.
Because of that, the skill Tact fired, Second Slash, didn’t have sufficient power and vanished.
“I wouldn’t say that’s an opportunity.” (Naofumi)
“Gu….” (Tact)
“Try firing your skill however much you want. I’ll immediately destroy its power. This is how I fight as the Hero of the Shield.” (Naofumi)
The Hero of the Shield has no need to receive all the opponents’ attacks.
To elude the attack, I can make it so the power doesn’t come out in advance.
It’s precisely for this that I’ve been continuously practicing since coming to this world, and I know techniques to interfere with the opponents’ attacks.
After that there were various things, like a barrage of attacks, but right now Tact was only focused on me so there’s no problem.
Like this, it seems like I have some room to spare.
I should pay a little attention to Raphtalia and the others.
Otherwise it might be dangerous.
I have to support them if anything happens.
I decided not to lose anyone a second time.