Chapter 327: Looking Aside

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I thought the Sheep Rabbit had too many banners to DIO, but I just realized that my website theme supports randomized headers as well. Ah, I’m not touching Rin, and the Akiba Art Magazine girl’s reflection is a pain.

Chapter 327: Looking Aside

Raphtalia and the Kitsune woman are exchanging stares.
From what I see, the Kitsune is but a little girl.
However, her speech pattern reaks of old age.
Is she that Loli-baba thing that’s all the rage these days?
(TL: Loli = Loli, Baba = Baba, I.E. Shiroyasha)

“Raccoon Wench, do you think you stand a chance of victory with me as your opponent?”
“I don’t really know. From what I see, you’re a mix between a Fox Race, and a Zveal Race, but what sort of grudge do you hold against me?” (Raphtalia)
“Foolish Raccoon, who knows not your place, don’t get cocky because you tricked me…

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