Chapter 328: Fenrir Force

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Chapter 328: Fenrir Force

“Where the hell do you think you’re looking!?” (Tact)
“Ah, sorry, sorry. My bad.” (Naofumi)

Now then, I should stop showing off.
Raphtalia and the others are alright.
It’s about time I take this battle seriously.

“Everyone, cast support! If we combine our power, we should easily be able to crush this guy!” (Tact)

Oy… the rules have changed, dude.
Didn’t you say you would be enough alone?

「Zveit Boost」!
「Zveit Magic」!

… etc.
And like that, various support magics were cast, but it doesn’t feel like anything’s changed that much.

In comparison, Revelation Aura X’s effects are amazing.
It was able to raise our basic abilities enough for me to stand on even ground with one thrice my level.
But it’s not like this guy’s a Hero, and if I didn’t distribute points into the skill, it wouldn’t have been this effective.

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