Chapter 318: Strategy Meeting

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Chapter 318: Strategy Meeting

We came all the way to the inside of the castle. To the room where Ren and the others were holding a meeting.
On the way, Motoyasu, Who was playing with his three, joined us.

“My, my. It’s the Hero of the Shield, and…”

Following me was Raphtalia and Trash, whose aura had changed beyond recognition.
The soldiers of the castle seemed to sense this too, and they swallow their spit.
For everyone to realize it so easily, I’m beginning to wonder if he’s truly the same person.
He definitely seems like someone else.
I felt it the first time I met it. This sort of… overwhelming Charisma circling around him.


The soldier carefully chooses his words as he speaks.

“Yes, I want to speak with the Heroes, and the Allied Forces. Won’t you open the way?” (Trash)
“Yes Sir!”

The soldiers salute as they…

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Chapter 317: The Hero of the Cane

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Chapter 317: The Hero of the Cane

“Gu…” (Naofumi)

As soon as I awoke, waves of pain shot around my body.

“Naofumi-sama!” (Raphtalia)

I open my eyes, and raise my body. Raphtalia, who had been asleep in a chair by my side, sprung to life.

“I’m fine.” (Naofumi)

It’s likely that if I didn’t have the Shield, I would be unable to hold a conversation, but the Shield is… even if it isn’t with me in form, it’s still lending me power.
I overcome my pain, and stand up.
I feel the throbbing sensation in my body stabilize a bit.

“Are Ren and the others in the middle of a meeting?” (Naofumi)
“Yes… after that, we were able to escape, but master was…” (Raphtalia)
“I know.” (Naofumi)
“Rafu~” (Raph-chan)

Raph-chan appears from under the bed, and leaps at me.
I started patting him, and offering him sweet words.

“Good boy…

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Chapter 316: The True Enemy

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Chapter 316: The True Enemy

“… As expected of the Hero chosen by the Spirit of the Shield. The other sprits are praising him.” (Atlas)
“Yes, yes, that’s all fine, and dandy. Now in exchange, reimburse me with information.” (Naofumi)

I’ll bombard this spirit with all the questions that have been circling my mind.
It’s as if this world itself is intentionally hiding information from me.

“First is… right. Why was I summoned?” (Naofumi)
“That’s probably because Naofumi-sama had the qualifications to be a Hero. 『No matter the trouble, even if you’re vomiting up blood, you’ll still proceed forward. Choosing you was no mistake on my part.』 says the Spirit of the Shield in Hind-sight.” (Atlas)

The four spirits are trying to appeal to me.
And among them, the Spirit of the Shield seems to be inflating itself, and acting cocky.

“Vomiting blood… Whose fault do you think that is!?”…

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Chapter 315: Spirit

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Chapter 315: Spirit

Where am I?
I understand that someone had appeared to explain why I had seen those scenes before my eyes.
But upon seeing the form of my benefactor, I was at a loss for words.

“Atlas…?” (Naofumi)
“Yes.” (Atlas)

The Dead Atlas was floating in the air in front of me.
I needed to… confirm whether she was real or not, so I hugged her.

“Ah… my ambition… my life’s goal…” (Atlas)

Yep, it’s the real one.
Even so, even death didn’t change her.
No, perhaps she’s an illusion created from my memory.

“Is this the afterlife, or something?” (Naofumi)
“Naofumi-sama, hug me more.” (Atlas)
“Enough of that. Please tell me!” (Naofumi)

Maybe my soul wandered around, and saw those dialogues.
I still feel that I haven’t died, but my injuries may have rendered my brain-dead, or something.
How unpleasant. I left the world a loser.

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Chapter 314: Will

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Chapter 314: Will

My body’s light, it feels as if I’m floating.
I shouldn’t even be here. But the various events, and the actions of various people. I saw it.

Through Ren’s portal, me and the Queen were sent to Melromark. And we were immediately rushed to the largest medical facility there.
Both of our wounds are serious, and our consciousness faint.
I’m hurt so seriously that if I were to merely look at myself, I wouldn‘t be able to bear it.

“This is terrible… a severe curse has been inflicted. Start the preparations for the ritual magic!”

A healer shouts out, and priests were called from the Four Hero Church.
They’re probably going to attempt everything they can.

“Please get a hold of yourself, Naofumi-sama!”
“Yeah, Aniki!”

Having had their wounds fully healed, the other heroes, Taniko, Sadina, and Kiel are resting in another room.
Good. Their injuries…

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Chapter 313: Retreat

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Chapter 313: Retreat


The power to steal… Legendary Weapons!?
What’s with that abnormal ability?
Wait a second.
The Hero of the Whip has the Claw because… he stole it?

“Yeah, the guy who called himself the Hero of the Claw had a rotten personality, so I already sent him to hell.” (Tact)

Again, Tact said it as if it were a matter of course.
If you kill a hero, isn’t the world supposed to be in trouble… So this is why the wave came so fast!?

No, it isn’t just the Hero of the Whip.
Perhaps the same became of all the Seven Star Heroes we can’t come into contact with.
I don’t know when they were killed, but we haven’t heard anything of them in the past two months.
So that means that the Seven Stars have been dead for a few months…

“And, all of the…

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Chapter 312: Stolen Power

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Video Unrelated, but Gintama is back.

Oh, and It’s Tact. I’m just used to writing Taft for some reason. It’s a slip of the keyboard.

And I’d like people to remember that since he’s native to this world, he’s had, like, 15-20 years to level. Having graduated around 7-9, that leaves him 6+ years of adventuring, and leveling. He’s figured out how to break the level cap for non-heroes, so the fact that he only became a hero recently may be irrelevant. Naofumi and Co. have been here for around 5 months, and have reached around 120.

Chapter 312: Stolen Power

“A genius, you say? I can’t say I like the sound of that.”

The Granny uses this opportunity to enter the conversation.
First Itsuki, and then this old woman. These people sure love listening in on other’s conversations.
But why does the Hengen Musou Granny hate geniuses?

“…Why?” (Naofumi)

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Chapter 311: Genius

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I hope they don’t pull a Suikoden Teirkreis on us.

Chapter 311: Genius

Itsuki finished his copying, and returned.
Well, it’s not like he can put those weapons to use yet. He’ll have to strengthen them.
As we keep the carriage on course, we slowly draw near a castle much larger than the one in Melromark.

White dove-like monsters fly in the airspace above the structure, giving it a resolute fantasy-ish feeling.
If I had been summoned here, I would have been greatly moved by this scene.
It’s more grandiose than Melromark, and it seems that living here isn’t too bad.

If you think about it, this world is more medieval-ish than it is medieval.
In those days, large cities like this one would have terrible sanitation. I’ve heard that waste matter was simply dumped out windows back then.
High heels were apparently created to avoid stepping in such matter…

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Chapter 310: Firearms

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I’d like to say it clearly. No, I am not dropping this project.

I’d like to say this clearly again. No, I am not dropping this project.

Third time’s the charm. No, I am not dropping this project.

I never said I was, so if you kill me off behind my back, it depresses me. This depression was the reason for the chapter delay. And I’m not a Baka-Tsuki translator, nor am I affiliated with them. What’s said on their site is irrelevant to me.

Chapter 310: Firearms

It happened a little before we warped to the village to set out.
On the island I once used as my base when I turned strange, it awakened.
It was sealed deeply underground, along with all equipment. Little by little, the machines worked on it autonomously, and as if it were a butterfly breaking out of a cocoon, it opened its eyes…

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Chapter 309: Straying Off Course

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Chapter 309: Straying Off Course

We’ll head to Faubley after Firo and the others rest for a night.
Right now, we’re staying in an Inn of the neighboring country. Raphtalia left to bathe in the public bath.
Tomorrow, will we have a meeting with the Seven Stars?

There may only be one there, but we still need to go in protest.
The King seems to have taken a liking to me, and he should have at least enough political power to gather the Seven Star Heroes.
The Queen already sent a quick messenger, so they might be gathered by the time we get there.
The message also contained a form of my request.
He keeps sending over those disgusting videos one after the other, so I don’t think he’ll deny me so easily.

But… really, who is the culprit?
That one hero who defeated Kirin probably knows of the others.

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