Chapter 329: Gleipnir Rope

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Gleipnir Rope
“Well, I don’t hate that kind of rotten behaviour, but it’ll lessen the entertainment so I’ll stop with the hostages. Be grateful.” (Naofumi)
I feel a little refreshed but I’ll enjoy that later.
Otherwise it just stinks of villainy.
“Besides, I also feel like I should get serious soon.” (Naofumi)
As expected, it’s quite useful.
Although I wasn’t able to use it seriously when Ren and the others were my opponents.
I invoke the Fenrir Rod’s special ability, Gleipnir Rope.
Chains manifest from the ground, with Witch as their designated target.
“Sto―” (Tact)
I bind up Tact as well, who was still putting on an act.
It might be that the damage from before hadn’t quite faded, but I was able to bind him easily.
“Argh… my power..” (Tact)
“Ah, I don’t think those chains will come apart so easily.” (Naofumi)
The effect duration of Gleipnir Rope depended on the users’ magic.
In my world, these chains were used to bind the famous god-killing wolf. [T/N: In Norse mythology, Gleipnir is a dwarven-made chain used to bind Fenrir]
It’d be a disgrace if it was easily torn apart.
“Ku… how about this!” (Tact)
Tact deployed the shield he stole from me with a frustrated countenance.
The shield was, judging from its appearance, the Wrath Shield.
I suppose he should be angry enough towards me.
I’ll have to be wary of Blutopfer and Iron Maiden.
I don’t know if he’ll get any negative effects, but I suppose I’d have the advantage if he does use them?
No, dominating him with attacks would be safer.
“Right, I’ll make an allowance then. Take it…. properly. Otherwise it’ll hit the women behind you, you know?” (Naofumi)
Tact turned towards the women who couldn’t move due to fear, and then glared at me with eyes full of frantic determination to protect them.
Right right, that’s the expression I wanted to see.
You – who stole the lives of Atla, the Queen, Granny, the villages, the Allied forces and the other people I have a relationship with – your face stained with hatred.
“Don’t glare like that. You still haven’t suffered enough.” (Naofumi)
I finished charging and fired my Skill again.
“Fenrir Force V!” (Naofumi)
This time I foresaw the recoil, and without putting my spirit into it, I anticipated that he would probably be able to endure it and fired.
A thick beam fired towards the tied up Tact from the tip of the cane.
“Gu….” (Tact)
Oh, that’s only to be expected of the shield stolen from me.
It seems the women behind Tact haven’t received any damage at all.
But how was Tact, who had to bear the full brunt of it all?
“Uguuuu…..” (Tact)
“Ah, I forgot. The legendary cane I’m holding is called Fenrir Rod. Its special ability is something called Rebellion Against God. Its effects are…” (Naofumi)
This is something that was established when I first obtained the cane and sparred with Ren and the others.
Fohl had a measure for my attack and didn’t take much damage but Ren and the others were different.
I was told it hurt more than they anticipated.
Rebellion Against God’s effect must be that when a Seven Star Weapon attacked a Four Saint Weapon, the power increases.
Well thinking about it normally, a weapon whose ability rises when against the Four Saints is impossible based on the laws of the world.
There wasn’t any other weapon with the same skill, and the Spirit of the Cane might have lent the power to fight against the stolen shield.
In other words, I felt it was like a special, only for now kind of thing.
In reality, the Fenrir rod was a item.
“You probably used the shield because you anticipated its high defense but the damage you incur will rise with that shield, you know?” (Naofumi)
Of course, the shield itself has a high defense so there would be no problem if it was me.
The beam shot for 5 seconds and stopped.
There, emitting smoke throughout his body, was a worn-out Tact who was out of breath and barely managed to stand.
It seems Tact incurred a befitting amount of damage for taking Fenrir Force’s beam.
“Gu….u…” (Tact)
“Oi, oi. Don’t collapse yet. I’m still not satisfied yet, and we’ve got to continue playing until Fohl comes.” (Naofumi)
It kind of feels like bullying.
But I feel like doing what I like so it can’t be helped.
Because I’ve been eagerly awaiting this moment since the day we fought Houou and lost Atla.
“P-protect Tact! Everyone!” (Woman)
The women came to their senses and at a earnest-looking, different coloured female knight-like fellow’s supreme command, they readied their rifles.
Is that it, or rather, is there nothing else?
Or so I thought, but they also started casting ritual magic.
It looked like they were thinking somewhat.
With me alone, you can’t stop me no matter how much you try.
Of course, this sort of thing was part of our expectations.
I feel quite nostalgic, but I experienced pain firsthand when I first had that duel with Motoyasu.
When this sort of fellow gets in a pinch, he composedly pulls off a cowardly attack despite in a fair and square fight.
So naturally we have considered the enemy’s followers attacking and supporting.
We only provoked Tact to begin with, so we’ve assembled tactics with the assumption it’d be few vs many.
Fortunately, the ones high leveled enough to be a threat are fighting Raphtalia and the others so I can take it easy.
I feel like some of them could be reliable allies.
“SHOOT-!” (Woman)
The women aim their rifles at me and pull the trigger.
Gunshots resound throughout the surroundings.
But…. in the middle of that, I deployed the defensive measures I had planned.
In an instant, lead balls came flying towards me.
Because it’s the marksmanship of rifles fired by level 250 guys,
they demonstrated an ability that wouldn’t even lose to the rifles from my world.
Well… I’ve never seen an actual gun in my own world though.
The women probably believed their attacks hit me.
In reality, they showed a face of trying to protect their comrade mixed with a hint of impatience.
I wondered why they didn’t understand if they could show this kind of expression, but it’s not something I care about.
I’ll trample over that kind of thinking.
The bullets that tried to penetrate me.
….Those bullets all hit Tact.
“Guhaa!” (Tact)
“Wha―” (Woman)
The women became speechless and dropped their rifles.
“Wh-why….” (Woman)
“Oh dear… what are you doing. You guys are merciless.” (Naofumi)
I rile them up with a smile.
“Why did our bullets hit Tact!?” (Woman)
Right, I…. used the techniques I thought out with Atla, [Collect] and [Wall], to change the trajectory of the bullets the women fired and deliver them to Tact.
Originally [Collect] was very effective for formless attacks such as magic attacks.
Solid bullets were difficult. However, the current me can do it.
After that I made use of [Wall] and had the bullets ricochet to hit Tact.
“How is it, Tact? The taste of the bullets fired by your own women, some of whom are even level 250.” (Naofumi)
“H-how dare you! How dare you make us shoot Tact!” (Woman)
The woman repeatedly hurled abuse at me while in a rage.
I’m in a good mood.
….For me to be in a good mood with this kind of thing, I’ve also changed.
If the old me was flooded by women screaming jeers in my original world, it probably wouldn’t be strange for me to want to cry.
It can also be taken as me getting stronger but it’s questionable about whether it’s a good or bad thing.
“As if I care. Or rather, what are you preaching about justice for when you guys used the cowardly tactic of outnumbering us?” (Naofumi)
At my reply, the woman was taken aback and sank into silence as if she came to her senses.
As expected, she probably understood that she had been lacking reason.
“I’m nice so I’ll cast recovery magic on Tact. Dreifach Heal.” (Naofumi)
Casting Revelation is a pain.
My Heal must have been effective, Tact’s glare strengthened and he bit his lips.
“Now then, we’re still continuing. Try putting up with it.” (Naofumi)
In the middle of talking, lightning rained down from the sky.
If I’m not mistaken, it was the ritual magic, Judgement.
With their levels all above 250 and enough people to cast Choral Magic, they fired.
They converged the power of Judgement so that it wouldn’t hit Tact.
“You’re pretty obstinate.” (Naofumi)
Half mixed with a sigh, I deploy my mirrors in the sky.
“Sto―” (Woman)
Oh? There were several people who realised.
But it’s too late.
“Go to hell with this!” (Woman)
Thunder roared and Judgement rained down towards me.
and adjusted the angle of reflection.
Ah…. as I expected, the strength is high.
One of the mirrors broke.
However the second one was fine, and successfully reflected in accordance with my predictions.
“Guhaa!” (Tact)
“Tact!?” (Woman)
“What are you doing! This guy… seems to have… the power to direct all our attacks to hit Tact.” (Woman)
The women stared at the tattered Tact while lost for words.
Among them were some who tried to run up and stop it.
“Hmm… how is it? The taste of the magic your own comrades fired.” (Naofumi)
Even if it’s bad, I have no obligation to take it.
Or rather, who am I fighting?
I was meant to be fighting Tact but I’m fighting his followers before I know it.
As far as it goes, Tact had prepared the shield so it seems he didn’t receive that much damage but even so, it’s only at this level, huh?