Chapter 330: An Ordinary Person

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An Ordinary Person
“Damn you! You made everyone’s attacks hit me!” (Tact)
“You devil!” (Follower)
 The women hopped on board and started insulting me.
Devil, huh…. It’s been a while since I’ve been called that.
“Then I will be a devil. I am the Devil of the Shield, after all. Anyway, is making use of the enemy’s attacks a bad thing? Rather than that, it’s bad to be butting into someone else’s one-on-one fight. Well, it’s no fun if you collapse at this level. I’ll heal you.” (Naofumi)
 I cast recovery magic on Tact again.
Soon my magic and SP will have been depleted.
I took out the recovery item that was the Luquor Fruit from my pocket and― [T/N: I know it was Lukor, but liquor -> luquor :D]
“As if I’d let you!” (Follower)
One of Tact’s followers suddenly appeared and tried to snatch the Luquor fruit I was holding.
Somehow she was in a ninja-like outfit.
Was she one of Faubley’s Shadows?
Ah, I had grasped it with all my strength so it got crushed.
This was expensive. What a waste.
 “Ahh!” (Ninja)
A drop of the Luquor fruit splashed on the assaulting woman’s face
I heard this once before but apparently that’s undiluted alcohol, you know?
“Melris!” (Tact)
“S-so alcoholic! Uu….” (Ninja)
Oh, she already started swaying drunkenly.
Apparently it’s poison to everyone but me.
At any rate, it’s the thing that Motoyasu consumed on Calmira Island which caused him to sleep for a whole day afterwards, despite spitting it out immediately.
 “Don’t interfere with my magic recovery.” (Naofumi)
 I kicked it away gently, tossing it towards the followers.
Then I retrieved another Luquor fruit and put it in my mouth.
The followers seemed to be able to tell what I put in my mouth.
Half laughed mockingly, the other half turned pale.
Witch turned pale, I guess she knew about my constitution to some extent.
Tact inclined his head in bewilderment, with a provoking look in his eyes.
“Suicide by eating a Luquor Fruit directly? You probably thought that, but unfortunately you’re wrong.” (Naofumi)
“In that case, you…. were blessed with an ability!?” (Tact)
“What are you talking about? (Naofumi)
Who would I get the blessing from?
It was easy to imagine though.
“I was born with this constitution. It seems you were blessed by something though. That’s the difference between you and me.” (Naofumi)
My magic and SP have both recovered so let’s continue.
Hm? Tact’s glare got increasingly stronger.
Is it that? Despite being blessed with a special ability yourself, you can’t forgive the fact that I was born with it?
How far will your superiority complex go.
“Now then, there were a few unnecessary hindrances but let’s continue.” (Naofumi)
I finished charging and once again aimed the Cane towards Tact.
He won’t be able to endure it completely. But I suppose he knows that the women will die if he avoids it.
Tact concentrated on the shield and frantically put all his strength into it.
Well, good luck.
“Fenrir Force VI!” (Naofumi)
Incidentally, I incorporated the refined Hengen Musou technique with the thick beam.
“Guu… guuuu…gu… ridiculous…. it hurts so much…. more than before…. What is this attack.” (Tact)
“Haven’t you experienced it before? I applied the concepts of the style from that Granny you killed. Realise the power of those you’ve killed!” (Naofumi)
Oh! After taking consecutive hits, I could hear the sound of Tact having received damage.
As expected, Hengen Musou is harsh on the shield.
“Uwaaaahh!” (Tact)
Soon, Tact became unable to bear it and fell with a spin.
Well, let’s leave it at this much. I can even make it so the women in the rear are blasted away though.
With a *thud*, Tact collapsed on the ground.
“Tact-sama!” (Follower)
“Tact!” (Follower)
“TACT!” (Follower)
His followers tried to support him frantically.
Well, it seemed they didn’t realise that they couldn’t do anything to overturn the situation.
Nevertheless, Tact received their aid and stood up.
The followers didn’t learn their lesson and cast recovery magic on Tact again.
“Hey you guys, don’t just cast recovery magic, cast some spells to recover fatigue as well.” (Naofumi)
Stamina is important, right?
He probably won’t be able to win if he’s so worn-out when he gets revived.
No? Can he win?
Speaking of which, wouldn’t now be the time for a miracle to occur if it were to happen?
If there was something behind him, now would probably be the time to show his true colours.
And so I looked around, but there were no signs of anything happening.
“Not yet…. You.. you’re the only one I won’t forgive.” (Tact)
“That’s my line. You’re the only one so incredibly brutal, I’ve decided to make you regret being born in the world. And I’m not the only one. The whole of Melromark feels the same.” (Naofumi)
Or rather, this isn’t even my decision.
With their Queen having been killed, this war is a challenge of vengeance for Melromark.
As their sworn enemy, these guys can’t be forgiven with just my private lynching.
It’s because I feel the same that I’m beating the mastermind, Tact, until he’s worn out and crushing his spirits.
Atla, the Queen, Granny and the villagers.
At the very least, there was this many people close to me who died.
If I consider all the lives lost in the war, that’s not the extent of it.
The revival of the Spirit Turtle.
Ren and the others caused so many victims unintentionally, but they reflected on it and were making up for their sins for the sake of everyone who became victims.
That was achieved in the form of saving the world.
However, Tact was different.
He made light of the waves, killed the Heroes and annihilated the Allied Forces.
Furthermore, he created wars and tried to rule the world.
While I had no intention of offering him respite, it might have been possible if he showed signs of reflection.
Nevertheless, I must punish him for recklessly giving rise to the flames of war.
“I will…… kill you!” (Tact)
Tact declared, putting his hand on the Shield.
I’m afraid he might intend on firing a Curse Skill.
But….. it was too late.
I raised the Cane with one hand, and the surrounding magic and SP…. I gathered the energy scattered in the surroundings.
And then I invoked Gleipnir Rope and bound Tact.
“Fenrir Force and Hengen Musou’s application skill.” (Naofumi)
The name of my next skill floated into my field of vision.
This kind of application provides the effect of an amazing energy boost.
Glowing like the light of a firefly, the surrounding magic condensed and collected in my cane, just like…. some sort of special skill from an anime.
“Now, try to take this!” (Naofumi)
I called out the name of the Combo Skill that floated in my vision.
Well, it was troublesome having to moderate it so that it wouldn’t kill.
That’s why I won’t fully charge it. If I did charge it, he’d be blown away and then I wouldn’t be satisfied.
“Blutopfer!” (Tact)
“Ragnarok…. Blaster!” (Naofumi)
Fenrir Force’s evolved skill.
The charging took quite a bit of time.
Until Tact stood up, being unable to move was for that reason, and the magic recovery was also for the sake of firing this.
As expected, a concentrated beam that didn’t quite compare with Fenrir Force blasted Blutopfer away in an instant and flew towards Tact.
“GYAAAAHH!” (Tact)
What a terrible scream.
Tact was unable to withstand it completely, and was pushed by Ragnarok Blaster and thrown into the sky.
As far as it goes, I shifted the trajectory so the women weren’t hit.
It would’ve been fine even if they had been hit, but I wanted to save that pleasure for later.
Ragnarok Blaster pierced through Tact’s whole body and he flew all the way into the atmosphere while shaking.
Incidentally, he was caught up in the battle between Gaelion and the Dragon Emperor he was fighting.
“Wha― Guuaaaahh!” (Dragon Emperor)
The Dragon Emperor cried out in surprise at the sudden attack.
Well, it looks like the burnt Dragon Emperor was finished when he passed through though.
“Now!” (Ren)
“Kyua!” (Gaelion)
Using Gaelion as a foothold, Ren jumped and slashed at the Dragon Emperor.
“Phoenix Gale Sword!” (Ren)
“Kyuaaa!” (Gaelion)
Ren’s sword shone red and a tempest of flames passed by, together with a phoenix of fire made from energy.
Gaelion also charged forward, clad in flames.
It looked just like two phoenixes had pierced through the Dragon Emperor.
“Gu… for this diminutive fragment and the Hero of the Sword to….!” (Dragon Emperor)
Oh, so receiving such an attack was not enough to be considered a fatal wound.
He’s not half bad.
And while thinking that, I turned my attention to Tact who fell before my eyes just at that moment.
“Oi~, are you still alive?” (Naofumi)
He was practically like run-down junk.
It’s not like my attack was proportionate to his defence so I think he wouldn’t be dead, and I moderated the power so he should be fine.
“Ku…..” (Tact)
“Oh~” (Naofumi)
I clapped while watching Tact as he barely managed to stand up.
After being beaten up so much, you should think about withdrawing.
I won’t let you though.
For that reason, I brought Gaelion, Firo, Sadina and Raph-chan. Land, sea, or air, you won’t be able to escape no matter where you run.
Moreover, this guy personally cast a barrier preventing escape.
It was like being locked up in a cage you made yourself.
Well, I would cast another one if he released his barrier anyway.
“Did you think I’d let you escape? It’s still insufficient.” (Naofumi)
That’s enough, I’m sick of this one-sided game already.
“Getting so carried away……. Cut it out already!” (Tact)
Oh? It seems like Tact wasn’t cursed from Blutopfer.
How much of a cheat is that.
I had also included that in my calculations and lowered the strength, but it seems that that was unnecessary assistance.
“Now then, you already died once with this attack. You hate me as much as I do you, but you won’t attain the upper hand, I will end the acting Hero of the Cane.” (Tact)
Trash…… in reality, he probably wanted to avenge the Queen with his own hands.
I wouldn’t be satisfied if it were me, but I will defeat Tact as the Hero of the Cane in your place.
Next is revenge for Atla and Granny, the Allied Forces who shouldn’t have died by all rights, and the villagers.
“Uoooohh!” (Tact)
Tact mustered up his remaining strength, and attacked with a yell.
Tact changed his weapon to the Claw, and I purposely exchanged attacks with him for fun.
Ah, as expected, an idiot doesn’t have any firepower.
There’s no sign of him enduring it completely.
I promptly take my distance and then Tact lets his smile show.
“A trap! You could steal the Cane like this!” (Naofumi) [T/N: That sarcasm….]
At my words, Tact nods with a smile.
I don’t know if they understood the situation, but his followers also displayed composure.
“That’s right. The cause of your defeat is underestimating me. You’re going to lose.” (Tact)
Well, from ancient times there have been strong people who have underestimated their opponents and despite expecting them to be weak, end up suffering a severe injury with just one attack.
It’s a common pattern.
And I like that kind of manga too.
But in this case, that’s definitely impossible.
“Hey~ you seem to be getting unnecessarily cocky so I’ll tell you, but there’s too much of a gap when I fight with the Cane and it gets boring so I’m letting you have it on purpose, you know?” (Naofumi)
Rising and lowering by another name. [T/N: Help: またの名を上げて下げるである。]
Because it’s not difficult to go from being elated to getting beat up.
Before long, Tact invokes his ability and the Cane sparks.
The Cane glows and flies into Tact’s hand.
Tact grasps the Cane and smiles with confidence in his victory.
“Your grinning is disgusting. Are you really that happy about obtaining the Cane?” (Naofumi)
“It doesn’t matter what you say, you’re just a poor loser. I’m going to brutally kill you so prepare yourself!” (Tact)
“I’ve said this so many times. That’s my line.” (Naofumi)
I turn towards Ren.
Ren, having perceived the situation, takes out a sword from his back – one which was different from the Four Saints Sword he was holding – and throws it into the air towards me.
Raising my right hand, I catch the sword that Ren sent over.
“I…. your pride, dignity and valuables…. I’m here to brutally destroy all of those. First I’ll leisurely destroy half of your pride. Then the remaining half. You, the fake hero who obtained six of the Seven Star Weapons and the Four Saints Weapons’ shield. Know the reality of being defeated by an ordinary person who doesn’t possess a legendary weapon!” (Naofumi)
 ※ There is a rule about the characters who call out “Uoooh!” not meeting satisfaction in this work.
(Protagonist inclusive)