Chapter 331: The Strongest Seven Star Hero

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The Strongest Seven Star Hero
I draw my sword from its scabbard. I have no experience with sword fighting. However, I have taken Ren, Raphtalia and the Female Knight’s sword techniques countless times. That’s why I can use them somewhat.
This sword is something the Old Man from the Weapon Shop and Imia’s Uncle whipped up for me, and it uses materials from Houou as its base. Apparently the materials have some of the characteristics of the Spirit Turtle’s materials but the two experienced men easily dealt with them and made it. Its name was also Phoenix Sword. There were various effects but being unable to appraise them with a mediocre Judgement skill was similar to the Spirit Turtle Sword.
The ‘Phoenix Gale Sword’ that Ren fired earlier is a skill that appeared after copying this sword. It seems its base stats don’t differ much from Ren’s Spirit Turtle Sabre’s base values. Its special ability, the growing power, is the issue.
“I’ll teach you that the Heroes’ Weapons are more than just a toy. Bring it on.” (Naofumi)
I declared, to crush Tact’s Pride. It was probably at this time. There was a *thud* and I turn towards the sound. That was the exact moment that the dragon had her head blown off and collapsed. Of course, the one who blew her head off was no other than Fohl.
“I’ve kept you waiting, Aniki.” (Fohl) “You’re so slow, Fohl. I don’t know how many times I could’ve killed this guy already. He was so weak I had to let him borrow the Cane.” (Naofumi) “This guy flew away so I was delayed in taking her down.” (Fohl)
I hurled insults at Fohl while I wait for him to come over. Tact looked over and then shouted with disbelief.
“Nellisen!” (Tact)
But the dragon was already dead and couldn’t reply.
“Even you!” (Tact)
Tact ran towards Fohl, with an expression like he was crying tears of blood.
“Whoops.” (Fohl) “Ugh―” (Tact)
Fohl avoided all of Tact’s attacks and spells, and kicks Tact’s face.
“What are you doing all of a sudden.” (Fohl) “I’m angry because you killed my precious companion. You killed her so cruelly, you know?” (Tact) “That’s what I should be saying. All your women put together don’t even measure up to Atla’s life.” (Fohl)
With a *kick*, Fohl even uses his body weight to trample over Tact and come to me.
“So? Aniki, even the Cane was taken by him?” (Fohl) “Yeah, because I have to drive him into hopelessness. The necessities of a hero…. I thought I should teach him about perseverance.” (Naofumi) “I see, then I won’t be a hero, but one of the Hakuko…. I want to fight as Atla’s brother.” (Fohl)
I see…. so Fohl has the same feelings as I do. Then I will also fight as a human being instead of a hero…. I will fight as Naofumi Iwatani.
“Unforgivable…. I will definitely kill you guys!” (Tact)
Not learning his lesson, Tact brandishes the Cane and approaches Fohl. When Fohl used his Gauntlets to parry the attack, he cackled with laughter. Sure enough, the Gauntlets shine and separate from Fohl, transferring onto Tact’s arms.
Didn’t Tact hear our conversation just now? Even though Fohl said he wouldn’t be fighting as a hero in order to avenge Atla…. Or was he so enraged that he didn’t even understand that? Even if that’s the case, we were the same.
“With this, I’ve obtained all of the Seven Star Weapons! I’ve become the sole and strongest Seven Star Hero in the world. You guys no longer have any chances of winning! Obediently…. DIE!” (Tact)
At those words, his followers also raised a commotion. And yet they had huddled together until now, as if they had been watching a scene from Hell.
Even so, the world’s sole and strongest Seven Star Hero…. what’s with that awful phrase. And I suppose he’d also be the strongest hero in history if he adds all the Four Saint Weapons to that, huh. Such foolishness.
“Ah yes, yes. It’s just that your weapons have increased, don’t get carried away. There’s no meaning in it if you don’t win.” (Naofumi)
Female Knight said so in the past. What will you do after becoming the strongest, or something. [T/N: Female Knight asked Ren during his cursed-by-greed phase.] At the very least, it’s something I can’t understand.
“Now then, Mister Strongest Seven Star Hero…… let’s start the second round, shall we.” (Naofumi)
Holding my sword in front, I focus my senses. Fohl also did the same.
“”Musou Kassei!”” (Fohl & Naofumi) [T/N: Peerless Activity]
Unlike Fohl, I learned this by watching others. Even so, I learnt the concept completely so I guess it’s not impossible. It’s not like I have a high disposition for it like Rishia and Atla so I don’t really know how much of it I have though.
“Dreifach Boost III! Huh!? I can’t use the same magic as that guy!?” (Tact)
That’s because the Cane and Revelation are unrelated. Above all, the Cane isn’t really lending him power so it seems he can’t strengthen it to the maximum. Even if he could, I still have a trump card.
“Erst Slash!” (Tact)
Tact tries to slash at us horizontally. I dodge that by an evidently paper-thin margin and approach. When I received his attack earlier it was also like that, but it’s not like I can’t see it. However, the Hero of the Shield shouldn’t be avoiding his enemy’s attacks so that time was nothing more than stopping his attack. Aura’s duration time still hasn’t run out.
“Vanzin Claw!” (Tact) “It couldn’t be!” (Naofumi)
Anyway, this guy likes the Claw too much. Is he a speed maniac? It seems it’s the fastest among the Seven Star Weapons he possesses.
As expected, he’s faster than when I had the Cane. Even so, it’s not like I can’t avoid it.
“Er…. is the Magic Sword something like this?” (Naofumi)
I support the tip of the sword with my hand, endue it with Zweite Decay and thrust with all my strength. Of course, I took into account the defence-attack proportion. The Decay spell falls under the category of a recovery magic…. attack.
This magic causes decay. [T/N: The spell uses the English pronunciation and this explanation is in Japanese.] In other words, its effect is corroding the target’s cells. Originally it didn’t have such power. It was a spell that caused a delay in recovery.
“Gaha…..” (Tact)
I must take care so it doesn’t break. The Old Man and Imia’s Uncle took the effort to make this sword, so I plan to give this to Raphtalia later. Let’s treat it with care.
“Gu…. Have a taste of my true terror! Dreifach Elemental!” (Tact)
Tact casts a spell while brandishing the cane. Ah, so he can reproduce it to that level.
“It’s useless.” (Naofumi)
Elemental. If I remember correctly, it should be the multi-attribute spell that was Rishia was good at. Fohl and I concentrated and used Atla’s forte, Collect, to assemble the magic Tact fired and shot it back as a ball. Of course, it’s power was high so it couldn’t be helped if he died.
“Wha―” (Tact)
A white flash flew towards Tact and he was blown away as expected. His followers were dumbfounded and couldn’t do anything in that time.
“Whoops, he was blown away so easily.” (Fohl)
Fohl kicked Tact away and he flew over towards me.
“Gu… even though you’re just a level 100 small fry, you managed to get me with an attack!?” (Tact) “Haven’t you forgotten who it was that received plenty of attacks and was in a pinch just before?” (Naofumi)
With all my strength, I use my sword to stab Tact, who had come flying over. Naturally, I used a sword technique that I had learned through watching others.
“Fake Multilayered Crumble Attack!” (Naofumi) “Uu.…Gu…….ugu…..” (Tact)
I wonder what kind of face the Female Knight would make if she saw this. Even so, he’s stubborn. It might be because I’ve been using the Hero’s Cane until now, I still don’t understand very well. [T/N: The cane boosted his attack] So Raphtalia and the others used such low firepower to fight, huh. I guess the birth of the Hengen Musou school was inevitable.
“Tiger Rampage!” (Fohl)
While I was wholeheartedly striking, Fohl came running and started hitting with all his strength. I also slashed with the Phoenix Sword to match him.
“More, more!” (Naofumi)
Bombarding him with attacks, I repeatedly struck Tact with consecutive attacks. Honestly, my power wasn’t enough at all. I had no choice but to increase the number of hits, making good use of my spirit and magic. Luckily Fohl was here so the attacks were plenty. It felt just like a Combo Game.
“STOP IT!” (Follower)
Tact’s followers couldn’t bear it and ran over with their weapons in one hand. Fohl sent one of the women flying and they were all knocked down, just like bowling pins. And then I cut down the guys near me with no argument. It’s questionable that the current me, who was just an ordinary person, has the power to kill level 250 guys, but I’m concerned about if doing so was wrong.
“Don’t think you can influence me as I am now! If you don’t want to die then shut up and watch!” (Naofumi)
I was subjected to a fury that caused my blood to boil. It may be because I don’t have much combat experience with the exception of defence, or because the opponent was a hated enemy who I couldn’t forgive, I couldn’t tell. Either way, my emotions were so exposed that even I felt like the current me was a completely different person.
In the past I’ve read manga where characters would get a huge adrenaline rush during a battle which would enhance their fighting spirit, but it’s probably similar to that. Just like that, I resume pursuit of Tact and stab him repeatedly.
“Is this the level of someone with all the Seven Star Weapons? Don’t get carried away with the jokes.” (Naofumi) “Aniki, are we still going? I want to finish him off soon.” (Fohl) “Sorry, Fohl. We still have to make this guy suffer more. The world won’t forgive him. No, even if the world forgives him, I won’t. More…. We have to kill him more brutally.” (Naofumi) “Alright!” (Fohl)
I further besiege the prostrating Tact with attacks from my sword, and Fohl continues trampling on him.
“Hey, look! Suffer more. The people you killed didn’t just undergo this level of pain!” (Naofumi)
Do you even understand the pain of your whole body being reduced to charcoal! Do you understand the despair of a dying person, who’s suffered an incurable fatal wound, being looked after by their most beloved person! Do you understand the feelings of someone who understands what it means to die but chooses to sacrifice themselves for another person’s sake!
“Aniki, if we don’t stop holding back on him soon then we’ll be making it too easy for him!” (Fohl) “Haa.…haa… that’s true.” (Naofumi)
I thrust with all my strength, to the point of running out of breath. Because the Cane had been a ranged weapon, and it had firepower. There was a chip in my composure.
However…. even without a legendary weapon, I can still do quite a lot. His movements are obvious. Is he really level 350 with a total of eight legendary weapons, his strength is doubtful.
“D-don’t underestimate meeeee! Lightning Whip!” (Tact)
Maybe because he was too caught up in the moment, Tact took out his whip and fired an AOE skill. We both dodged, ducking and jumping respectively, and then Fohl did a dropkick while I used my hand to support the sword to pierce Tact’s shoulder.
“GYAAAAA!” (Tact)
Ah, as I expected it’s tougher than stabbing with the Cane….. Is it because it’s not the Shield which I can operate effectively?
“This is for the Hengen Musou school’s Granny who you killed. And this is for the Queen! And next is for the villagers! For the Allied Forces who fought with us!” (Naofumi)
I unfasten the clasp adorning the sword handle. I employ the mechanism splitting the Phoenix Sword into two, just like its namesake. What will happen when I separate the two pieces while they’re still stuck in him? In addition to that, the sword blades shine with a red light and burn Tact’s flesh.
I’ve never tried the Nitouryuu style, and I’m not confident that I can pull it off well. [T/N: Nitouryuu = two-swords style (think Kirito)] Even so, I slice at Tact’s chest with the swords crossed like scissors.
“And this is―” (Naofumi) “For Atla!” (Fohl)
Returning the swords to a single blade, I coordinate with Fohl and slash at Tact’s whole body mercilessly. Tact’s clothes are already in tatters and his whole body is bloody. This is the strongest Seven Star Hero, haha, it makes me laugh. And finally, the finishing blow.
“Dreifach Decay! That’s right… Decay Sword!” (Naofumi) “Dragon Slayerz Blazing Fist! (Fohl) [T/N: 滅竜烈火拳]
I endow the Phoenix sword with Decay Magic which had my magic and spirit combined with it, and I use it to tear him to pieces. At the same time came Fohl’s non-stop consecutive attacks. And then both mine and Fohl’s blows intersected, as if resonating with each other.
“Guwaaahhhh!” (Tact)
I could see the wounds fester where I cut him. It’s pretty nasty…. this attack. However, this means its power was high.
Because that attack fully encompasses the concepts of the Hengen Musou style. It approaches the limits of an ordinary person but it can probably be called an attack equal to the limitless heroes.
Fohl’s attack was the same. The technique Fohl fired was a reproduction of the Gauntlet’s skill. He also used it when he blasted the dragon and killed her.
“Ka….. Ha……” (Tact)
Tact collapsed from Fohl and my Two Platon attack. [T/N: ツープラトン攻撃] [ED: It’s a proper Japanese phrase along the lines of double-teaming. Pronounced how it sounds, derived from “Two platoons”.]

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