Chapter 332: A Kitsune has Seven Forms, and a Tanuki, Eight

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Chapter 332: A Kitsune has Seven Forms, and a Tanuki, Eight

(TL: This is a Japanese saying that just says the Tanuki is more skilled in deception, but has less malicious intent)

“Hmm… now my anger is a little… no, it hasn’t cleared at all.” (Naofumi)

I kick the fallen Tact as I spit out these words.

“Exactly. I think we should just kill him already.” (Fohl)
“Don’t be that way. This man needs to face greater despair. For the crime of killing Atlas, the Queen and my villagers, this isn’t nearly enough.” (Naofumi)
“… Understood, Aniki.”

Now then, I look around.
I wonder how Raphtalia and the others are faring.
First, Raphtalia is… before I can turn my eyes to her, lightning surges, and I turn my attention to that.

“Oy, wait. This onee-san isn’t satisfied at all, yet…” (Sadina)

Sadina is lifting up her enemy, who now looks…

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 332: A Kitsune has Seven Forms, and a Tanuki, Eight

  1. Thank for 2 new chapters
    Well some how this seem Naofumi and his team was over power them too much although it should be close fight, just what is Tact and his team fight so far, why there fighting experience too deference while their level are so dam high (maybe they cheat their level, but not gain by normal mean (LOL)).

    Somehow I don’t like the fact that every main woman in Tact harem was killed in that way they (They should NTR them just like Tact plan to do when They first met (LOL))


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