Chapter 338: One who Claimed to be God

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My school ends tomorrow. So why am I procrastinating so hard, you ask? Because I have a test tomorrow, of course.

Chapter 338: One who Claimed to be God

“There’s a troublesome guy like that? Who could it be?” (Fohl)

Fohl bears a repulsed expression on his face that seems to stem from the depths of his heart.
Troublesome… is it?
Otherworlders in themselves are quite a troublesome existence too.
They’re arbitrarily summoned, so they can’t complain, and they end up in situations like ours.
Before coming to this world, I did look up to epic otherworldly fight sequences, so it’s a strange feeling.
(TL: Because this world reveres otherworldly heroes)

Reincarnation, the existence you meet before you’re born anew- that is…

“It’s God.” (Naofumi)
“God… I see, so there are stories like that in Naofumi-san’s world. There was an NPC like that in a few games, but I was unable…

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