Chapter 340: Enhancement Methods [Middle]

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Out of school–I am now a NEET.

Chapter 340: Enhancement Methods [Middle]

“Next, let’s continue with large weapons. Midori, you’re up.” (Naofumi)
“Ah, yes. The Axe’s enhancement is… let’s see, it seems to be Body Strengthening.” (Midori)
“What’s that?” (Naofumi)
“According to the Help, besides weapon bonuses, you can distribute points freely to your own status.” (Midori)

So it has nothing to do with weapons. The Vassal Enhancement methods sure are broad.
I confirm my Status with magic.
There it is… around the stats portion.
More specifically, around Defense, Agility, and Magic, an arrow mark appeared.
When I slowly concentrate on it, a window pops up.

‘Will you distribute Stat Points?’

I have quite a bit of points saved up. It’s like those old games where you can distribute stats to your liking.
This is… can’t I increase my attack so that I can fling myself at enemies!?
Thinking that…

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