Chapter 342: Interwordly Exchange

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Chapter 342: Interwordly Exchange

“Now then, I’ve got things I have to do too.” (Naofumi)

We want to make the battles of the wave as short as we can.
Because of Tact, the time between Waves has decreased, and I don’t know how to reset it.
… No one knows just how many waves we’ll have to survive before an end is in sight.
For the next few days, we all put our best efforts towards raising our levels and preparing for the wave with our parties.

Because we are able to utilize all the enhancement methods, despite the fact that all the hunting grounds had a huge level spike, we reach a state where could manage somehow.

Well, the problem is… the civilians.
After exiting the castle, even the mob Balloons are over Level 40… My peddling has also become quite a trial.
Normal people won’t just get away with…

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