Chapter 345: Remorse

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Ah, this is apparently my 200th post. Not my 200th chapter, as I have (This is not a Chapter)s as well, but still, it’s something.

Chapter 345: Bitchology… I mean Remorse.

“… As I thought, I’m Trash.”

While watching the Witch burns, Trash murmurs under his breath.
I silently watch the scene beside him.

“My lack of control over my daughter’s actions, everything that happened war brought about by my deeds.” (Trash)
“That may be true. But you still have work you have to do.” (Naofumi)
“I know.” (Trash)

His beloved daughter Witch used the world as her toy, and put on a crude play up ‘til the very end.
Why can she use humans so well…
I do believe Trash to be a terrible person. But there has to be another source.
I’ve begun to think of him differently than I think of Witch.

Trash’s life gave him ample reason…

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Chapter 344: Soul Eater

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Chapter 344: Soul Eater

Witch and her women leisurely walk forward.

Ah, she’s definitely under the impression that she won’t be executed.
I mean, she’s definitely looking towards me, trying to provoke me.
Should I kill her here and now?
Well, I know what’s in the program, so I stay silent.

“Malty!” (Tact)

The gag on Tact’s mouth is lifted.

“Oh, my. If it isn’t the fake. ‘Tis a pity your women were killed off.” (Witch)
“M-Malty!?” (Tact)
“Don’t call my name so easily!” (Witch)

Witch plants a kick in Tact’s face.

“Fugu- W-what are you-” (Tact)
“Because you deceived me, just how much grief do you think I suffered!?” (Malty)

The other woman follow suit, offering blows to his head, appendages, and nether regions while laughing.
It’s truly the worst sight of all.
The one who thought of this one must be completely insane.

“I-I see! As long as…

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Chapter 343: Execution

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Chapter 343: Execution

Author Note: As noted in the tags, this chapter contains excessive and cruel depictions.
But I thought it necessary for the sake of the story.
(TL: You cannot see the tags here. So sorry)

After that, Glass spoke of a representative of several small countries in the peace talks to come.
The ones who were to become new residents of our world seemed a little bit lost, but having understood the situation, they had no choice but to accept it.

“Then to protect the world from the wave, let us take each other’s hands and proceed forward.” (Trash)

Trash acts as our rep, as he shakes Glass’s hand. Negotiations ended without a hitch.
Well, due to differences in language, I don’t think we’ll be getting along too well, but that’s no different for us.
This and that happened, and we solved some peace-related problems.
Next is…


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