Chapter 344: Soul Eater

Inlitify OA

Chapter 344: Soul Eater

Witch and her women leisurely walk forward.

Ah, she’s definitely under the impression that she won’t be executed.
I mean, she’s definitely looking towards me, trying to provoke me.
Should I kill her here and now?
Well, I know what’s in the program, so I stay silent.

“Malty!” (Tact)

The gag on Tact’s mouth is lifted.

“Oh, my. If it isn’t the fake. ‘Tis a pity your women were killed off.” (Witch)
“M-Malty!?” (Tact)
“Don’t call my name so easily!” (Witch)

Witch plants a kick in Tact’s face.

“Fugu- W-what are you-” (Tact)
“Because you deceived me, just how much grief do you think I suffered!?” (Malty)

The other woman follow suit, offering blows to his head, appendages, and nether regions while laughing.
It’s truly the worst sight of all.
The one who thought of this one must be completely insane.

“I-I see! As long as…

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