Chapter 345: Remorse

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Ah, this is apparently my 200th post. Not my 200th chapter, as I have (This is not a Chapter)s as well, but still, it’s something.

Chapter 345: Bitchology… I mean Remorse.

“… As I thought, I’m Trash.”

While watching the Witch burns, Trash murmurs under his breath.
I silently watch the scene beside him.

“My lack of control over my daughter’s actions, everything that happened war brought about by my deeds.” (Trash)
“That may be true. But you still have work you have to do.” (Naofumi)
“I know.” (Trash)

His beloved daughter Witch used the world as her toy, and put on a crude play up ‘til the very end.
Why can she use humans so well…
I do believe Trash to be a terrible person. But there has to be another source.
I’ve begun to think of him differently than I think of Witch.

Trash’s life gave him ample reason…

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One thought on “Chapter 345: Remorse

  1. thank you yoraikun :3you just made my monday less mondaylike keep on the hard work!

    now I’m gonna f5 this page just in case another chapter pops up 😛


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