Chapter 346: Breaking the Limit

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Chapter 346: Breaking the Limit

“Now then, Gaelion. I’m leaving the limit breaking Class Up to you.”

Because Raphtalia and Firo were selected by the legendary vassals, it’s unnecessary for them. But those unchosen ones still need it.
We ended up getting permission to use the Dragon Hourglass at night.
Gaelion jumped on top of the Hourglass, and cried out.
By the way… it seems that the vassals or legendary weapons are required to break the limit.

『Let us start.』

After getting a large portion of the fragments, True Gaelion became able to use something like telepathy.
He still won’t use it on Ren, or Taniko, though. He refuses to interact with them.

“Then first is onee-san!”

Sadina skips forward as she announces her candidacy.
But it’s a valid choice.
She’s top class in the village, and her base abilities are high.
And she hasn’t even been taught Hengen…

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