Chapter 347: Coronation

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Chapter 347: Coronation

“You majesty, Queen Melty!”

Having come out victorious against, Faubley, Melromark essentially became the world’s strongest country.
Having built up a favorable relationship with the Hero of the Shield, their relationship with Silt Welt improved, and Silt Welt’s evaluation of the new Queen was quite high.
The two countries formed an alliance as if their long years spent lashing at one another had been but a dream.

However, neither side made any changes to their slave policies.
Under the pretense that things would change someday, the two were merely in a union to rid themselves of the wave.
Having gained Faubley’s land, it was unavoidable that things like this would happen to Melromark. It became an unbelievable large country by the standards of the time.

Because of Tact’s influence, the royals that defied him had already been sent to hang.
The remaining ones, who hung onto their…

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