Chapter 351: Filorial Sanctuary

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Filorial Sanctuary
Several days later.
In regards to the wave in the ocean…. Well, let’s just report that it finished favorably.
Ren showed us his pitiful side, being unable to swim, and Sadina played an active part in fighting the giant whale-like monster as well.
I once again experienced the strength of Trash, the hero of the Cane, when he doesn’t choose the location.
That guy, he can use most magic because of the cane’s ability.
He can only use up to Dreifach, but he can use Aura and Down, is there nothing he can’t cast?
I’m in the middle of teaching him to cast Revelation.
“However….” (Naofumi)
“Gua?” (Fitoria)
“Do you have no habit of orderliness!” (Naofumi)
Right now, we arrived in the sacred place that was the Filorial Sanctuary via Fitoria’s carriage.
Fitoria had numerous equipent that the past heroes had possessed, but there was also a lot of junk as well.
That’s why all the heroes went to Fitoria’s sanctuary to pick out the necessary items.
Trash is absent. Somehow he was assisting Melty, which seemed troublesome.
Gaelion and Taniko are also absent.
So…. The place we came to were some ancient ruins?
Surrounded by forest, there were the ruin-like remains of a village, and nearby were some temple-like ancient ruins located in a wide clear space.
Which reminds me, Melty spoke of it before.
In some Filorial legend there was the Lost Woods, and you’d get lost in it or something.
Probably, this was the inside those Lost Woods.
“Fuooooh! Let’s make this Sanctuary a paradise!” (Motoyasu)
“Guaaaaah!” (Fitoria)
“Oomf! Whatー!” (Motoyasu)
Motoyasu was kicked by Fitoria and flew.
However he immediately stood up and started chasing Fitoria, as if he didn’t receive much damage.
Every single time, how many times does he intend to repeat that routine for.
Ignoring Motoyasu, we started examining the inside of the ancient ruins.
My complaint about the orderliness was due to the overflowing trash-like items scattered about inside the ruins.
Having a lot of shiny items was due to them being birds, I guess.
I recall the things Firo collected in the past that she called treasures.
“Wah~ It’s sparkly, how nice~” (Firo)
Yeah. These were birds too so it was similar.
This was Fitoria’s nest.
There were a variety of luminous items scattered around, ranging from rare gemstones to cheap crystals.
“Anyway, we’re sorting them.” (Naofumi)
However… How much did she collect?
Large historic ruins, or I should call it a temple but well…. I can this say with confidence, she has no taste.
I imagined something like the treasures in a dungeon but it wasn’t like that.
Everything was scattered about carelessly as if they were trash.
Moreover, many bird feathers had fallen everywhere, it was filthy.
“In this situation, should we burn away the feathers?” (Naofumi)
“What should we do if something troubling happens when we burn them?” (Raphtalia)
Raphtalia’s notion was also plausible.
The idea was rejected.
Anyway, Fitoria’s nest had been left for many years and it had turned into a rubbish dump.
It’s sad to think that a rare item or something might be sleeping here.
If there were any good items, we planned to collect and analyze them, so we could only sort them.
“Then let’s split up and start cleaning!” (Naofumi)
We should have brought the villagers along for this.
With this and that, we started cleaning Fitoria’s nest.
“This is~? It’s sparkling and pretty? Was it, a crystal~?” (Firo)
“Garbage! Moreover, it’s a trash stone.” (Naofumi)
“Err, this should be a rare gemstone? Naofumi, what should I do?” (Ren)
“Keep it, we’ll collect it later.” (Naofumi)
“Why is a sword scattered about! Ren-san, how is this?” (Itsuki)
“Hm? Hey…. It’s a sword I don’t have yet, err… Ascalon? What’s this? It’s effective against dragons.” (Ren)
I feel like I’ve heard the name of that sword before somewhere, but we continue working. [T/N: Sword that Saint George used to slay dragon]
I should say, it’s good that Gaelion didn’t come.
“Why is there a spear hanging there, wrapped in cloth? Motoyasu-san, please take it. You can pick up and smell the feathers later.” (Itsuki)
“Understood! Hngh! I can’t remove it.” (Motoyasu)
“In that case, what about copying it?” (Itsuki)
“That’s right! Beast Spear? Oh, it can move automatically, what a convenient spear.” (Motoyasu)
I feel like we found a variety of dangerous things. Let’s omit them.
Like that, there was a mix of rare items and trash.
The pellets were…. Yeah. It was the same as the birds at home.
I let the fellow themself deal with them.
“Dragon bones and things are scattered as well…. let’s collect them for the time being.” (Naofumi)
To even have weathered bones…. just how much history is lying here.
And yet it was still fine if they weren’t broken, but the majority had been exposed to wind and rain and were just weathered items.
“This…” (Naofumi)
In a room of the historic ruins, the weapon the pope used was laying around.
This is…. a replica, right.
Why is this kind of thing lying around?
I thought about reusing it but…. I guess it would be difficult.
It seems to need an output of magic or something, let’s try bringing it to the castle first and have the Old Man analyze it.
Incidentally, I tried copying it but a different shield appeared.
It was something called Ancient Shield.
Its effects were…. there weren’t much.
Just the unsealed effect that raised magic defence.
It was the same for Ren and the others, the Ancient series.
It seemed this was a weapon that could cause the abnormal status Magic Interference.
It can be said to be handy but it was for personal use.
“Jeez…. There’s so much rubbish it’s troubling. What’s the interior like?” (Naofumi)
We advanced into the inner part of the ruins.
Before long, we arrived at an altar-like place.
After coming so far, there was no trash.
The ground was made of stone, and a clock-like embellishment could be seen on it.
“There’s a somewhat gloomy feeling.” (Itsuki)
“Yeah.” (Ren)
“My goodness, the Filorial-samas’ home has a lot of wonders.” (Motoyasu)
“Motoyasu, don’t go forward as you please.” (Naofumi)
Motoyasu, that guy stood in the center of the clock and thrust his spear into the ground.
There was a *click* sound.
An unpleasant subterranean rumbling….
“Motoyasu!” (Naofumi)
“I-I wonder what happened!” (Motoyasu)
“Who cares! Meteor Wall!” (Naofumi)
To make extra sure, I cast Meteor Wall and deployed a barrier to protect everyone except for Motoyasu and his Filorial followers.
“Fitoria, do you know anything?” (Naofumi)
“Gua?” (Fitoria)
Don’t just tilt your head.
She really isn’t a reliable fellow!
“Oh? Oh? Oh oh oh….” (Motoyasu)
Light started pouring out from the hole Motoyasu had inserted his spearhead into.
And then…. It sucked up the spear that remained in its dregs.
“F-fuee…. What happened?” (Rishia)
“Who knows.” (Naofumi)
I couldn’t see any more changes apart from that.
“Motoyasu, do you have anything?” (Naofumi)
“Let’s see.… a spear called the Dragon Era Minute Hand appeared.” (Motoyasu)
Motoyasu changes the shape of his spear.
It’s a thin spear.
It could be said to be simple but… like its name, it looked like the hand of an old-fashioned clock.
“So inserting my weapon here will fulfill the effect?” (Naofumi)
I try inserting my shield as a test, while looking around the hole.
However, there were no signs of anything happening.
“Perhaps it only works for the first to do so?” (Ren)
Ren asks while testing it.
“Motoyasu!” (Naofumi)
“I-I don’t know anything!” (Motoyasu)
Well, to insert a weapon in such a place, normally you wouldn’t do it so there was no way of knowing, huh…..
“Sigh… it’s fine. For the time being, let’s go forward.” (Naofumi)
It seems there are no monsters.
Or rather, it’s the Filorials’ Sanctuary so even if we encounter any monsters, there’s no problem as long as its leader, Fitoria, is here.
It looks like there are traps though.
The classic rolling boulder and others…. There was the needle ceiling and such but we managed most of them with Meteor Wall, and the traps were useless before us heroes.
Obstructed by Meteor Wall, we smiled when the boulder stopped.
Well, I suspected there might be puzzles to solve later, but there weren’t devices to that extent.
At the depths of the historic ruins were some sort of…. stone hut that floated with magic.
Floating stone…. Was it Grawake ore? [T/N: グラウェイク guraueiku: the gravity version of Air Wake (?)]
And so, we climbed the stairs that were made, arrived in the room beyond and checked the inside.
 ….I wonder what it is. There was a very oppressive atmosphere inside the stone hut.
I feel like there was magic flowing out from here.
“So? A place with such an atmosphere should have something, right?” (Naofumi)
In Fitoria’s home, or I should say the interior of the historic ruins….. a small bottle was floating. Behind that…. I wonder what it was?
A cat-like creature with feathers? was depicted on a mural.
A picture of the Saint Weapons was also there and…. A picture of the Vassal Weapons was there too. There was a shining production.
When I pick the bottle up, there’s a *puff* and it loses its buoyancy and falls.
Inside was a red liquid that looked like blood.
Even when I try smelling it, there’s a blood-like smell….. I think?
I wonder what it is.
“The Holy Grail?” (Naofumi)
This sort of Fantasy world should have it.
The ‘blood of a past saint’ kind of pattern.
“Gua.” (Fitoria)
“It seems to be different.” (Midori)
Midori spoke for Fitoria.
“Then what is this?” (Naofumi)
“Gua gua.” (Fitoria)
“Err… it seems she’s not very clear about it but apparently it’s poison. It seems Fitoria-sama was ordered by a hero to drink it before but she felt pain when she drank it.” (Midori)
Poison….. Even when I operate Judgement, I don’t really understand. [T/N: Judgement is a skill.]
“According to the hero at that time, one sip is eternal pain, two sips is eternal solitude, and if you drink three sips….. there would be a terrible fate, it seems.” (Midori)
“Hmm.” (Naofumi)
For the time being, we don’t need that kind of poison.
Or rather, why would such an excessive poison be left here.
Fitoria took a sip of it, right?
“Gua Gua!” (Fitoria)
“She remembered. It seems she was told to drip it onto the weapons as a material, one drop each.” (Midori)
“The poison?” (Naofumi)
“Yes.” (Midori)
Well….. It might be a mysterious liquid left behind by a past hero.
I want to ignore it but I expect disregarding it would probably be bad.
“Motoyasu.” (Naofumi)
“What is it?” (Motoyasu)
“The punishment for before. Try absorbing it into your weapon as an experiment.” (Naofumi)
“I understand.” (Motoyasu)
I tip the small bottle and spill a drop onto Motoyasu’s spear.
The liquid was thick and easily only having a single drop fall might be due to some magic.
“Oh? The 0 spear appeared.” (Motoyasu)
The number 0?
Motoyasu indeed indicated the number 0.
“What effects does it have?” (Naofumi)
“The special effects are Judge of Reason and World Protector. There’s also a skill released. It’s just 0 Spear as it is. ” (Motoyasu) [T/N: 理の審判者, 世界の守り手]
No, well, so a normal spear appeared?
“How about its abilities?” (Naofumi)
“They’re all 0!” (Motoyasu)
“Huh?” (Naofumi)
“Like I said, it doesn’t increase any abilities, Father-in-Law.” (Motoyasu)
“Err….. What about curses and stuff?” (Naofumi)
“It seems it’s not part of the Cursed Series either.” (Motoyasu)
Hmmm…. We tested it on Motoyasu but it seems okay.
I spill a drop on my shield as well.
You’ve unlocked the 0 Shield!
0 Shield (Awakened) 0/0 –
Ability sealed…. Equipment bonus, Skill 『0 Shield』
Special effects: Judge of reason, World Protector
Proficiency: 0
Hmm, a shield with the effects Motoyasu said appeared.
And everything was 0 just like he said, it was worse than the Small Shield.
What is this?
I changed to it as a test.
Its appearance was just like the Small Shield.
“0 Shield.” (Naofumi)
The instant I used the skill, light springs forth and the shield glows.
Oh…. It’s appearance is cool. Let’s experiment with it later.
It looks like there aren’t any particularly odd effects, there’s no problem.
This shield itself is too weak and I can’t use it but it’s effects might be excellent.
Because games and stuff have introduced such weapons too.
“Well, if Fitoria is saying everybody, then first is to let everyone’s weapons absorb it.” (Naofumi)
Like this, we each let our weapons absorb a single drop of the small bottle’s contents.
The same 0 series appeared for everyone, and they had the same effects.
“Should Firo try drinking it?” (Naofumi)
“Eh.… it’s painful, right? I don’t want to~” (Firo)
“Well I guess that’s true.” (Naofumi)
Knowing it was poison and making Fitoria drink it, what was with that past hero?
Wasn’t she actually hated?
My recommending Firo to try drinking it was also the same though.
“Gua!” (Fitoria)
“Eh…. No~” (Firo)
“What was that?” (Naofumi)
“Let’s see. Firo is to drink it when she succeeds Fitoria, she said.” (Midori)
The poison?
Don’t just add a custom, or rather a succession ceremony.
Or so I thought but I’ll stay silent.
And thus we finished cleaning and returned, but Gaelion didn’t approach me, who held the small bottle.
“Kyua!” (Gaelion)
“What’s wrong?” (Naofumi)
He backs away when I daw near.
『D-don’t come any closer! I can feel something unpleasant coming from thou that gives me a chill down my spine!』 (Gaelion)
I passed the small bottle to Raphtalia and attempted to approach.
When I did, Gaelion didn’t back away any further.
Somehow it looks like a dragon-repelling poison.
It’s an interesting tool but Fitoria requested we return it after all the heroes unlocked their weapon, so I returned it.
And regarding this 0 Shield skill, or rather series, huh.
It was a pretense. A joke skill.
After unlocking it, I invoked it and took on the attack of a monster, but nothing happened, and it couldn’t endure.
It broke in an instant.
Raphtalia’s 『0 Mallet』 skill and Firo’s 『0 Claw』 skill.
They looked flashy but they couldn’t even put a single scratch on a monster.
It had nothing to do with holding back, it seemed its damage was also 0.
Raphtalia’s did have a light…. Or as I want to call it, a flashy effect though…..
Its cool time was 0 and its SP consumption was also 0. It’s totally a joke skill.
The need to circulate this among all the heroes’ weapons. Was there one?
Well as such, the cleaning of Fitoria’s home, or rather the excavation of the ancient tools sleeping in history, was completed.
In the end, we found some pretty fine equipment so I guess it was good.