Chapter 352: Hammer the Nail that Sticks Out

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Chapter 352: Hammer the Nail that Sticks Out

We’ve pretty much set quelling the waves worldwide to be our goal.
In the past, we could just do the ones around Melromark about once per month, but now, a wave happens every few days.
But by regularly fighting the waves, it seems we’ll be able to reduce the pace to one wave per week.

It’s just that when the Holy Weapons and Vassals are in a damaged state, the waves get more, and more severe.
If you do something about that, you can go about the Waves with more leisure.
That was the main point of Glass’s speech.

“Did you manage to take care of it?” (Glass)

After calming the wave, we met up with Glass again.
We’re in the middle of investigating whether any problems occurred around the area where the wave hit.
Once this finishes, we’ll end it by…

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