Chapter 353: Cheat

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Chapter 353: Cheat

“What?” (Naofumi)

There are other bitched like Witch?
That’s no joke. As if I’d let multiple versions of that woman exist.
No, in my world, I’ve also heard of countries falling due to the work of evil vixens.
Meaning it isn’t all that rare.

“In my world… there are three whose stories resemble yours. She was accepted by the Sacred Weapon wielders, but those heroes fell into her traps, and faced the consequences. Right now, I guess you can say she act as sort mistresses to some of the other Vassal Weapon possessors…” (Glass)
“A-and you’re alright with that?” (Naofumi)
“Well, they’re members of enemy countries… and since the reincarnators continues to neglect the wave anyways…” (Glass)
“I have the feeling you’re going to be opposing them in the near future.” (Naofumi)
“That women isn’t directly taking any action to corrupt their hearts or interfere, so…

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