Chapter 355: The Goddess Descends

Inlitify OA

Chapter 355: The Goddess Descends

The air reverberates as if the entire world was trembling. All clouds in the sky were blown away.
Hearing the rumbling, I promptly stand in front of everyone to protect them from what’s to come.
Just doing this won’t save anyone from a crumbling world, but even so, I’ve…

“No one step in front of me!”

I’ve decided to protect them.
Even through the inevitable collapse of the world as we know it.
No matter what happens, until my body erodes away.

The crack fills with light, and everyone shuts their eyes.
Ku… I wonder what sort of thing the collapse of the world is.
Like Glass said, will all live be sucked away, leaving this world an empty shell?
Or it could just be darkness… a black hole-like thing could appear to reduce everything to nothingness.
Anyways, right now… I’ll just have to pray…

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