Chapter 356: Levelling

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Chapter 356: Levelling

“Oh, great Queen of Melromark!” (Medea)

The Queen indifferently surveys the area around her.

“M-Mirellia, is that you?” (Trash)

The Queen doesn’t give an answer to Trash’s question.

“Now, take lead of this army, and destroy those that oppose us.” (Medea)

As she saluted, the Queen was teleported, perhaps through Medea’s magic, to an area much further back.
And from that moment forth, the coordination of those offering support in the back suddenly improved.
Is this betrayal? Could it be that she never actually died, and was but a pawn of the Goddess?

“Trash!” (Naofumi)

Was your wife a traitor?
Before I can ask, Trash shakes his head.

“That’s not possible! That is… that is!” (Trash)

Trash angrily scowls at Medea.

“Yes, I dragged her soul out and revived her to make her one of my pieces. Right now, she can only move by…

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