Chapter 357: Undesired Return

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Chapter 357: Undesired Return

Raphtalia is here.
I look around the area once more.
Yep, this isn’t another world. It’s the library of my reality.

“Um, Naofumi-sama?” (Raphtalia)
“Shh! This is a place where you have to be quiet. I don’t get what’s going on either, so let me think for a second.”

I tell Raphtalia as such, and look through the Four Holy Weapon’s Manual again.
… I notice the pages that were once blank start to revise themselves.

—Having the Hero of the Sword, Spear and Shield, as well as the Hammer Vassal defeated left the Hero of the Bow and his party in despair.
In the end of the battle, they all faced utmost defeat.
While the battle raged on, Medea raised a high laugh as she withdrew her forces, who destroyed in the name of fun.
By the whim of the enemy, their lives had been…

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