Chapter 364: Two Years

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Chapter 364: Two Years


Right now, the only one by Melty’s side is Firo.
But it will be hard for Firo to defeat the Reincarnators alone.
Quickly. As fast as we can, we have to go save her.

“Don’t worry. You guys don’t seem to believe in me, but let me explain. With your origin of power, and the Spirits’ help, I don’t think that Goddess can sense you.”
“In the end, are you an enemy? An ally?” (Raphtalia)
“I just fight by my rules. I’m a God Slayer. And by My rules, I will expel those who destroy the order of this world. As long as… the Spirits who chose you continue to want you around, then I’m probably an ally.”

Around Arc, spirits begin to circle.

“I can’t see them, but aren’t you guys quite well liked by the Spirits?”

The lights surrounding him crowd around me…

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Chapter 363: The Power to Protect Everything

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Chapter 363: The Power to Protect Everything

And I continued walking down the dark path.
Luckily, it seemed that proceeding down it was possible in itself.
On the way… I’m occasionally forced to take a break before I walk again, further, and further.
Eventually, various worlds start passing me by.

Honestly, I remember hallucinating that I was lost.
Sometimes I found myself in a desert, or a forest… This really is the gap that connects worlds.
But I never met anything, be it monster, animal, or human.

A place without the breath of life… I guess.
I often found my legs sprained and bruised.
But in order to reach that world in the sky I… walked on.

In that world, there’s Raphtalia. There’s everyone.
I decided to protect it.
Even if I crumble away while seeking my goal, I will…

The Four Holy Weapons’ Manual was in my hand.

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