Chapter 366: Paranoia Begets Paranoia

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Chapter 366: Paranoia Begets Paranoia

“Anyways, for now…”

When I looked to see what Fohl was doing, I saw he was being hard pressed by an imitation of Atlas.

“Onii-sama, you’re in the way.”
“Ku…” (Fohl)

As if she could see, the fake followed Fohl’s movements with her eyes while she one-sidedly attacked Fohl, who was on the defense.
She looks a little more childish than the real one, and a little bit prettied up.
What’s more, her breasts are strangely large.
Was someone’s wishes mixed into this one?

The Shield lets out a pinging sound.
Ah, so you want me to go there.
I lightly jump towards them, instantly arrive at the fake attacking Fohl, and grab her head with one hand.

『Onii-sama, are you telling me you can’t differentiate between the real me and an imposter?』

Atlas exposes herself from the Shield, and begins glaring at Fohl.

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Chapter 365: Defense Link

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Chapter 365: Defense Link

“Queen Melty, hurry and evacuate!”
“I am the Queen here! I cannot flee from the battlefield.”

The enemy’s forces had pushed all the way to Melty, who was giving orders in the rear.
Including Itsuki, and the other Heroes, even Firo is being hard pressed by the advancing armies.
In a situation like that, Melty rushed to the field herself, and started offering support fire.


One of the soldiers protecting her was cut down.
They’re at a complete numerical disadvantage.
If you think about it normally, they’ve been pushed to a state where their defeat is all but assured.
The reincarnators attacks are reaching back far enough to damage Melty, the commander.


A weapon wraps around Melty, and drags her off. She lets out a small voice at the event.
But even the Reincarnator holding it hesitates when it comes to killing a small…

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