Chapter 367: Aiming for Number Three

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Chapter 367: Aiming for Number Three

After arriving at the Castle Town, we proceeded directly to the castle.

“Ara~ if it isn’t Naofumi-chan.”

Sadina glomped me.
Due to her experimentation with me, she’s become unbelievably strong. On the front lines, she’s a fighting force that even rivals the Heroes.
She has some deap scars here and there. I could tell how harsh the battles had been at a glance.

It’s like… there’s a certain dignity she holds with her scars.
Like some sort of veteran warrior.
I don’t think she really minds them, but I guess she really has been pushing herself lately.
Now, I can understand. She’s not a reincarnator, simply a resident of this world.

“Is it true that Niichan returned!?”

Kiel shouts out in an excited voice.
But she doesn’t try to draw closer.

“… Where’s Raphtalia-chan?” (Kiel)
“I just explained it earlier.” (Naofumi)

Glass let…

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