Chapter 368: A Fragile Place

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Chapter 368: A Fragile Place

“Even so, the situation is one where the enemy can see our every move…”

It’s like the mental state I had right after I was summoned had infected everyone.
With something like this going around, there’s no wonder why it was so hard to be believed.


Glass came over, and called out to me as I was lost in thought.

“What’s up?” (Naofumi)
“What do you plan to do from here on?” (Glass)
“I entrusted tomorrow’s plan to Trash, did I not?” (Naofumi)
“Yes… but while that person may be skilled, his enemy is just a bad matchup…”

Ah, right, there was something recorded about that in the Four Holy Weapons’ Manual.
And wait, record important things like betrayal and revival, you useless book.
Is it something like…

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