Chapter 378: The Rise of the Shield Hero

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Chapter 378: The Rise of the Shield Hero

“What the hell is this?”

I unintentionally raised a laugh.
What I got my hands on and read was a book titled Rock Valley’s Heroic Legend.
Right now, the store I’m in is the Rock Valley Book Store.
It appears to be a magic shop, but they sell normal books too.

“What’s wrong?”

When I stood there reading, a child who looked like Elena came up and talked to me.
I silently pointed to the page and furrowed my brow.

“It’s quite a terrible story.”
“There are a few things that diverge from reality here.”

The person Glass’s waiting for is a woman.
Most of the monsters were attributed as concepts of the whole race. I feel sorry for the actual ones.

“What’s wrong?”

Firo and Raph-chan look at me in wonder as I give a bitter smile.

“Hmm? You guys’…

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Chapter 377: Rock Valley’s Heroic Legend

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Epilogue: Rock Valley’s Heroic Legend

Iwatani Naofumi
As the Hero of the Shield, he was the leader of the Heroes who saved the world.
For his achievements in saving the world, he was praised as a savior.
After that, he got drawn into numerous incidents in the world, and solved them. He continued to make sure the people relied on him, but never depended on him.
He was much yearned for by the opposite sex, and it’s said that he had many descendants.
He was famed for both his business and cooking ability. The merchants who personally dealt with him created enterprises great enough that even now, their names are all around us.
Because of that, he became worshiped as the God of the Shield, presiding over business and culinary arts.
Rock Valley was the country he restored, and it’s said that it was named in the tongue of his…

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Chapter 376: Alternate Worlds and Modern Ones

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Chapter 376: Alternate Worlds and Modern Ones

A few months passed.
The wave, or should I say the bitchy Goddess’s invasion plan, came to an end, and we’ve made some progress on reconstruction.

Ren, Itsuki and Motoyasu’s deadline for giving their answers to their weapons is closing in.
My Shield, or should I say Atlas is… well, she teases her brother as she spends her days seducing me.
Though she did talk to me seriously at the time.

“And? Did you guys make your decision yet?” (Naofumi)

I was making preparations for lunch as I talked with the three Heroes.

“Yeah, I think I’m going to stay in this world.”

The one who answered that was Ren.
It seems that he didn’t reach a satisfying conclusion when he went to that other world from his own.
So he prayed to his sword so that he could return when he wanted.

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