Chapter 33: I want to let him experience them

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I want to let him experience them.

“Your Majesty, this is the shopping district. The people living in town come here to shop.”

Indeed, this would be the highlight of the town. Although it’s not to the extent of the capital, there’s a lot of pedestrian traffic, and yet the public order is excellent.


………Nevertheless, the king’s reaction is really weak.
Could I possibly have said something bad without realising it?

“……Umm, Your Majesty. Is something the matter?”
“Desist with the ‘Your Majesty’ business. I’m travelling incognito so it’s fine to just treat me normally.”
“B-but I can’t……”
“It’s Ethique.”
“My name. From now on, just call me Ethique without honorifics. And the formality is unnecessary as well.”

……No, no, if a slave like me calls the king without honorifics then there would have been no meaning in me being the guide!!
But if I refuse, I would definitely be offending him.
Hmm. What’s to be done……


“――To tell you the truth, I wanted to be born not as royalty, but as an ordinary person with no authority whatsoever. It seems natural for a person with authority to be working ‘for the kingdom’ and ‘for the nation’.
Not only that, even one’s own actions are greatly restricted. As the king, I am a good example of that……. Well, this time I came here a little high-handedly though. I’ve heard about your past at the guild, but you should understand as former royalty, right?”

…..Indeed, there were some things I understood as a former member of royalty.
In the past, even leaving the castle was only permitted during special occasions. Furthermore, I was escorted by so many guards on those occasions.
I ended up as a slave. However, I gained a little sister like Lily. I was even able to befriend everyone in town. And above all, I met a master like Nest.
――These were surely things that couldn’t be obtained had I stayed royalty.
If I consider the king to be the same now, then at least for [today], and if today is no good then at least for [now], I want to let him experience them.

“I get it. It’s Ethique, right? But you can’t accuse me of lèse-majesté afterwards, okay?”
“Yeah, I know that much.”
“……Anyway, if you were born as an ordinary person with no authority whatsoever, what would you have wanted to be?”
“………[The Jet-Black Saviour], I guess. Well, I know that that’s impossible though. That’s why I’ll settle for an adventurer. Every man dreams of being an adventurer at least once.”
“Yeah, my master is also on a quest right now. I-if I remember correctly, it was for.. a goblin king, I think……”

Wai.. Ethique said [the Black Saviour] just now but that’s not referring to Nest, right……?

“Oh, a goblin king, huh. It seems like your master also longs to be like [the Black Saviour]-sama.”
“Th-that might be so.”

That’s definitely NESSTTTT!!! M-moreover, the ‘sama’ honorific was also mixed in among the confusion!?
When Nest gets back from his quest, I’ll have to repeatedly caution him about exposing his true identity in front of the king…….

――――――[Arnest POV]――――――――――――――――――――――――――

“Come to think of it, Nestcchi’s pretty close with that person from the guild, huh?”

Weiss said, after we left the town in a wagon.

“Indeed, they were chatting on quite good terms.”
“Yeah. Even chatting was rare at our guild, let alone being sent off.”

The Cyan siblings who were steering the wagon also turned to the rear and joined the conversation.

“Uhh.. Rather than being close, I guess it’s more like she helped me out with various things in the guild, and our relationship improved because of that?”

At any rate, Asha-san is a beauty in a guild full of beautiful receptionists.
Furthermore, her interaction with the adventurers is also very courteous and thus I see many guys appealing to her.
Even so, I have yet to hear anything about her dating someone. And because of that, there is much speculation floating around such as whether she already has a man in her heart, or whether she actually prefers girls.

“Oh, so it’s like that. I assumed you had that sort of relationship for sure, but that’s too bad.”
“Well it’s true she’s a beauty, and I’d also envy whoever she dated. I also received a lunchbox she made once, it was super delicious.”

That was really delicious……
It would be good if I had another opportunity, but it’s rather impudent for me to ask of my own accord.

“……No, any way you think of it, that sort of thing is that, right……”

Why are you all silent? I want you guys to tell me what that means……

“W-which reminds me, I want to rely on Nest and Weiss for the night watch so you guys should get some rest now.”

In the end, I was ignored just like that, although Cyan also had a point.
Following his advice, Weiss and I lay down inside the shaking wagon.


…Yeah. Sleeping in the wagon is hard. I knew that though.


Although I call it a journey, we arrived near the location where the goblin king was sighted while Weiss and I were sleeping.
According to Gale, the monsters had been too scarce but I suppose it’s best that there aren’t any monsters.


With the sky turning dark, we started setting up camp and I searched for kindling for the fire together with Weiss.

“We’ve gotten this much so let’s head back.”

Just when I caught sight of one final stick and picked it up..






――――――I could faintly hear the growls of that.



Something that could never be produced by goblins or goblin kings, a deep and powerful voice.

The hazy figure that could be seen before my lowered gaze.

A huge foot with a claw the size of my torso.

When I timidly raised my eyes, before me was――――――――




――――――――A [Dragon].

Chapter 32: I had him take it off.

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I had him take it off.

Today is the day we leave for our Goblin King subjugation quest.
We were supposed to assemble at the guild, but I came a little too early.

“Nest-san, may I have a moment?”

While I was sitting at the guild table like I always do when healing, Asha-san comes over.

“Yes, what is it?”
“Actually…… the King usually works in the capital, but today he’s coming to the guild to do an undercover inspection……”

Is that.. something you should be telling an ordinary person like me?

“T-the king, huh…… I turned down the healing request when I was summoned before, so meeting him would be awkward…”

I might have been able to cure his family if I had treated them, but I didn’t. Because I didn’t want my recovery magic to stand out.
And although I snuck into the castle in disguise, I only managed to heal two servants in the end.
I fear the Saint may already be……

“So something like that happened…… Then it’s fortunate that you’re leaving on a quest for a few days.”
“It is very lucky. It would be troubling if I was told that I made a lèse-majesté when we met again…….”
“Is that so? Our present king is both wise and generous, and has also earned a lot of support from the masses so it should probably be fine though.”

In that case, is it alright to be a little relieved…….?

“I have a favour regarding him though.. I wanted to ask if you’ll let Aura-san be the guide for the king when he comes to town.”

It’s true that Aura was from royalty, and she should know the proper etiquette……

“Er.. I don’t have any problem with that. Ah, but please verify with the person herself first.”
“Yes, of course.”

The party members all gathered not long after that and we departed, with Asha-san sending us off.

――――――[Aura POV]―――――――――――――――――――――――――

“””Thank you for the instruction.”””

Today, I’m attending the adventurer class as usual. So far, we’ve been taught the characteristics and weaknesses of various monsters, and I’ve memorised most of them now.

“……Sorry for interrupting, but is Aura-san here?”

Hearing my name being called, I look over.
Standing there was the guild receptionist, Asha.

“I’m over here.”

I wonder what business she has with me, purposefully coming all the way here.

“May I have some of your time? It’s a bit hard to talk about it here so……”
“I get it. Then let’s go.”

Asha has told me not to use honorifics since before we went to the capital, so I speak to her plainly.


We leave this populated place and head to a place with less people.

“So, did something happen? To have you come all the way here…”
“Actually, the king has currently come to the guild to inspect the town incognito and I wanted to ask you to guide him around, but how about it?”
“……But I am a slave, is it okay? It’s true that I used to be royalty though.”
“We have already affirmed that with the king so it doesn’t really matter, or so I’m told. As for Nest-san, I have already obtained his consent this morning. However, he said to ‘verify with the person herself’ so I’m here to ask you.”

……Nest said he was leaving for his quest this morning so she probably confirmed it with him in the morning.

“……Well in that case, I don’t really mind. Should I head there right now?”
“That is the plan, but I’d like you to change into a uniform first. The king is travelling incognito so it won’t be very fancy though.”

After informing Mist-san, I left the classroom and followed Asha.


Having changed into a uniform like Asha’s, we came before the room that the king was waiting in.
I knock on the door and await a response from inside.

“……Mn, come in.”

Hearing what was probably the King’s voice, I am guided into the room by Asha after a short pause.

“I apologise for the wait. I have brought the person in charge of guiding
Your Majesty this time.”

Asha gives me a fleeting glance, indicating that I should introduce myself here.

“How do you do? I am serving as your guide this time, my name is Aura. Although I am but a lowly slave, I will endeavour to prevent any discomfort. It is an honour to meet you, Your Majesty.

I utilized the formalities that I haven’t been using much lately and finish introducing myself.

“Hm, it’s only a short time but I’ll be counting on you.”

Normally this isn’t a phrase that should be said to a slave like me, but this king seems to be different to the royalty I know.
Asha told me a little about him when I was changing into the uniform and I can agree that he would be popular with the masses like this.


The king was wearing a black cloak, but the town was susceptible of associating it with the [Jet-Black Saviour] because of Nest, so I had him take it off when we were leaving the guild.
I felt like the kings face darkened somewhat but I guess that was just my imagination……?

Chapter 31: ……Truly sorry

Poor Arnest, he’s been ripped off all this time
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……Truly sorry.

We continued shopping after leaving the grocery store.

“Then next are [Items], right?”
“Uh.. What items should we buy?”

I’ve been to the store selling items before but I’ve never really bought anything.

“Restorative medicine, of course. If we don’t have any, we’ll be in trouble when someone gets injured.”
“That’s right, I’m also thinking of buying some.”

………Oh, come to think of it, they don’t know about me using recovery magic.

“……Er.. I’m able to use recovery magic so I think it’s okay not to buy any.”
“I often treat people at the guild, and I also helped the shopkeeper from before so that’s why I received such a service before.”
“I-I see, so that’s how it is. At any rate, it’s pretty amazing of you to be able to use recovery magic despite being an adventurer.”
“I don’t really think so though… Well, that’s why I don’t think we need any restorative medicine but……”

Even if someone gets injured, it can be healed immediately if I’m there.

“But I still think it’s better to buy some.”

But according to Gale, we should still buy some items.

“I think we should carry several apiece in case we sustain an injury and Nest-san is unable to use recovery magic or we’ve been separated.”

It might be because I’ve been fighting goblins on my own all this time but I’ve never been concerned about that sort of situation.
Certainly, we should probably buy some for an emergency…..


We ended up buying restorative medicine as per Gale’s suggestion.
However, there is one thing I’d like to say…… Isn’t restorative medicine too expensive!!

“Was restorative medicine really this expensive?”

After all, it’s 10 000 En for one.. That’s 10 times the cost of my treatment fee though!?

“Eh, I’m actually surprised that its quite cheaper than the guys selling it in the capital…… Right, Nii-san?”
“Yeah, it really is cheaper.”
“I’m also surprised it’s so cheap!”

If 10 000 En is cheap, how expensive is it in the capital!?
The reward for the Goblin King subjugation this time was 1 million. Normally it’s not an opponent a bunch of rookies like us can defeat, and the quest should be undertaken by someone with more skill, but we’re covering that with numbers.
So by simple calculation, it comes to 250 000 per person. Buying 5 pieces of restorative medicine each is 50 000, so deducting that from the profit means we gain 200 000 each.

“……Could restorative medicine have an amazing effect by any chance?”

I can understand if that’s the case. I heard that Heal is limited to closing wounds at any rate, so it might be slightly more effective.

“Er.. I haven’t seen it firsthand and only heard about it, but apparently it rivals the Heal from recovery magic.”
“O-oh, i-is that so…… By the way, h-how much would it cost to be treated with recovery magic?”

Incidentally, my Heal was approximately 1 000 En per cast.

“From the treatments I saw in the capital, [Heal] is 10 000.”
“A Heal is 10 000!!??”

Wai.. But mine is one tenth of that!?

“[Poison Heal] is 50 000, [Refresh] is 10 000, and [High Heal] should be 100 000 according to the market price.”
“……What’s [Poison Heal] and [Refresh]?”

Unfortunately, I only know [Heal] and [High Heal].

“Eh, didn’t the association teach you when you learnt recovery magic……?”
“N-no, I somehow managed to do it through self-study.. Hahaha……”
“Is that so…… Nest-san might have had the talent for recovery magic from the start, if you were able to learn through self-study.”

It’s really lucky if I really had the talent. Because I was able to learn to use the recovery magic I was taken with at first sight.

“So regarding [Poison Heal] and [Refresh], they are――”


………My goodness.
I’ve been misunderstanding all this time. I had thought that [Heal] was effective on all injuries and illnesses.
But even though recovery magic is recovery magic, in actuality, [Heal] and [High Heal] only have an effect on wounds, and [Poison Heal] only affects illnesses and poison.
And apparently [Refresh] only shows effect on fatigue and weariness.
However, my [Heal] was able to heal the servants’ disease during the case at the castle. They also appeared to have lost their fatigue as well.
……That’s how it was. I used [Heal] in a situation where one needed to use [Poison Heal] and [Refresh].
And what’s more, they were still effective.
It might still be fine because I hid my face back then but from now on, I must use it properly when healing ill people.
It’s fortunate that I’m aware of it now.
I need to pay more attention to my actions………

“I’d like you to tell me about other varieties of recovery magic if there are any but……”
“I’m sorry, it’s not my specialty so that’s all I know…… I’m sorry that I can’t be of more help.”
“No, no!! You’ve already helped so much.”

But it’s bad that there might be other recovery magic. I don’t know where I might mess up again.
Well, I guess I can get Tré to teach me when I return……


That mister I first treated..
It was that mister’s fault that my medical treatment was at such a low price……
Well, it was true though? That it was thanks to that that so many people came!!

When we were buying items, I had thought that there was an awfully large amount of restorative medicine left over……
That’s definitely my fault……
……………Truly sorry.

Chapter 30: I can just jump off.

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I can just jump off.

[~Report on Black Cloak~

Eyewitness reports exist of the person in question
Sighted location: Town
Moniker: Jet-Black Saviour


I was reading a report I just received.
It was information on Master Black Cloak, whom I greatly admired.

“As expected of him…… I can understand how he is the [Jet-Black Saviour].”

I was currently alone in the room. I lost my composure in front of everyone the other day, but I didn’t do so this time.
As one would expect, a king needs to behave with dignity.

“So [Jet-Black Saviour]-dono was sighted in town. Then I must go there!!”

But it wasn’t so simple to leave my position as the king. I suppose it was fine not to see the [Jet-Black Saviour] in person… no, that shouldn’t be the case!!
My means of heading to town were limited, but this time it should be fine to [travel incognito to inspect the town].
That day, I brought a minimum amount of luggage and departed from the castle with a small company of guards.

I was travelling incognito, so I put on a black cloak――

――――――[Arnest POV]――――――――――――――――――――――――

“Alright, we finally gathered them.”
“Yeah!! Took quite a while too.”

After a whole day, we finally managed to find some party members.
According to what I heard, the plan is to leave tomorrow on a two night, three day trip. In that case, I should be able to make it back for the adventurer class’s training.

“Which reminds me, we’ve yet to introduce ourselves despite being together all this time.”

It’s true that I don’t know anyone’s names even though we’ve been searching for party members together.

“Then I’ll go first. My name’s Weiss.”
“Um.. I’m Arnest. Most people call me Nest.”

Remaining were the two we succeeded in inviting. One held a large shield, and the other possessed a staff.

“Oh, I’m Cyan. As you can see from my equipment, I’m usually a Tank. By the way, this is my li’l bro.”

Saying that, he pushes the person beside him forward.

“Um.. I’m Gale. I can use [Wind Magic].”
“……Sorry, but what’s [Wind Magic]?”

The three look to me as if asking ‘why don’t you know that!?’
It can’t be helped, right? I’ve stayed in the village until now.

“Simply put, [Wind Magic] is magic that can manipulate wind. When wind accumulates, it’s even possible to cut things like a bladed whirlwind.”
“I-is it possible to fly!?”
“……It’s true that there have been several people trying to fly with [wind magic] so far, but I’ve never heard of anyone succeeding.”

What a shame. I wanted to look down on the town from the sky at least once though……

“Ah, but I have heard a story about an old, wise dragon who allowed his adventurer benefactor to ride on his back and fly around in the sky.”
“No, no, Galecchi. It’s not that easy to gain favour from an old dragon……”

I saw a little hope for an instant, but it seems the possibility of that is exceedingly low.

“Well, I was only a little curious.”

But I do want to try flying before I die. Worst case scenario, I can always just jump off from a high place while casting recovery magic.
……It’s scary so I haven’t done it before though.


After we chatting happily, we headed off to buy the necessities for our two night, three day trip.
While talking, I learned that Cyan and Gale were the same as Weiss and had recently come to this town, so I guide them to the shops.

“Firstly, what do you think we need?”
“Hmm, I guess we’ll need weapons and armour, don’tcha think? From the looks of it, you only have a knife. Right, Nest-san?”
“Yeah, because this is what I’m most accustomed to using.”

I’ve only used a sword a few times. And my use of a tree branch was also at the level of playing around.

“But don’tcha think it’s better to get a proper sword just in case?”
“I guess so…… Then let’s go to the weapon store first.”

We headed to the weapons store and after a spending some time, I ended up buying a lightweight sword that was good for beginners.


“We definitely need provisions.”
“When talking about long-lasting rations, it’s got to be Jerky, right?”
“Yeah, I like Jerky so let’s buy a lot!!”

The next place we headed to was the grocery store.

“Oh my, if it isn’t Nest-chan!! It’s been a while.”

Not only have I been coming here regularly, I also see her when she comes in for treatment for scalds from housework, so I’m already acquainted with the lady of the store.

“You’re not here with Aura-chan and the others today?”
“Yes, they’re taking adventurer classes right now so we’ve split up. I came to buy preservable rations today because we’re going on a two night, three day trip. Do you have any recommendations?”

The three behind me watched our exchange with curiosity.

“Hmm, how about this? There’s also that, and this, and that one too.”

The storekeeper steadily arranges items on the store counter.

“Ah, this time I’m going in a party so please prepare enough for 4 people.”
“Oh, is that so? Then there is more.”

In the end, she continued to pile on the goods until the table was full. Well, this much should be reasonable for a two night, three day trip with 4 people.

“Err… Then I’ll take them.”
“Alright, it comes to 5000 En.”

It’s obviously discounted but that was most likely a service.

“Thank you as always. Tell me if you get hurt or anything, okay?”


…….The food we bought would be a burden so we left it to be picked up later.
The three were really surprised though.

Chapter 29: Black Cloak, you say!? Identity Unknown, you say!?

How does one GIF search efficiently?

Black cloak, you say!? Identity unknown, you say!?

“The dude over there, do you wanna party with me?”
“……eh, Me?”

The day after I started exterminating goblins by myself, a spritzy-looking guy invited me to form a party.

“To tell you the truth, I accepted a subjugation quest for the Goblin King but the guys I was meant to go with suddenly disappeared…… And then you came along with so many goblin ears. I’ve only just come to this town so I don’t really know my way around.”
“Ah, if you’re fine with me then okay.”

After all, the guys from the adventurer class won’t party with me anyway……

“Oh, really!? That really helps. I heard it’s hard to fight the Goblin king with just newbies so it really helps!”
“I’m also a new recruit who just registered yesterday though……”
“………Eh, but you defeated so many goblins yesterday though, right?”
“Yeah, I went to fight them right after registering yesterday.”

His voice was obviously filled with dejection.

“……I’m sorry?”

With this, there’ll probably be no more talk of forming a party. Even though I thought I would finally get to do a quest in a party……

“Then we’ll need two, three more people.”
“……Are you still continuing the talk of partying by any chance?”

I was thinking about maybe taking the goblin quest again but the boy spoke in an extremely natural manner.

“Er… If it’s alright, I’d like your help.”

Come to think of it, he said he also just came to this town recently so as fellow rookies, I’d like to get along.

“I’m fine with that, so let’s go find a few more people.”

We started to search for the remaining members of our party.

――――――[King POV]――――――――――――――――――――――――――

“Sigh.. Is there someone who can heal my wife and daughter anywhere……”

It’s been a few days since I summoned the top recovery magic users, and I have been continuously doing my job as King.
In the end, those people couldn’t heal my daughter, and I now have my subordinates searching for other recovery magic users.
However, I don’t believe someone else can heal a disease that my daughter wasn’t able to cure.
With a heavy hand, I grasp my pen and continue working again today.


*Knock Knock*


Suddenly, there is a knock at my door.

“……Who is it.”

I’m on guard against the one coming at such a late hour but I still call out anyway.
It could be that they found an excellent healer.
Filled with both uneasiness and hope, I await the response.





Just now.. Whose voice was that?
I’ve had her conversing beside me over the span of many years. Right, that voice was――




Wait, am I hearing things?
It can’t be, I’m familiar with this one as well. This voice is――――――――


I rise from my seat and open the door with a trembling hand.


I’ve been constantly worrying. About the possibility of the two of them dying as they were.


Right now, before my eyes were my beloved wife and daughter――.


“Wh-what happened!? Is your illness alright!?”

The two look to be in good health no matter what, but I still ask.

“Yes, it’s fine now, darling.”
“Right, as you can see, we’ve been cured.”
“That’s great!! That’s rea-lly great!!”

My vision blurs.
I can’t show my subordinates this appearance of mine but at least for today…. No, today I will allow it.
I embrace the two and continue crying in a loud voice――
Hearing my voice, the guards come running.
Seeing our figures and guessing that my daughter and wife were cured, everyone also starts crying and shouting together.


After a while, we finally manage to calm down.
The guards returned to their posts and only my wife, daughter, and I were left in the room.

“S-so how is it that your disease is cured? Did it go away naturally?”

Having shown them such a disgrace sight I was now a little embarrassed.

“No, it wasn’t cured naturally.”
“Then how was it cured?”
“It was [Recovery Magic].”
“……That’s.. your own?”

I can understand if the one who cured that was my daughter who was the best healer in the kingdom.

“No, it wasn’t me.”
“Then who was it? The healers I summoned all left.”

I think there was one person who remained, but he should have left in the end as well.

“Previously, there was an intruder in the castle, right?”
“Ah, yeah there was certainly an intruder. He somehow showed the guards an illusion of their arms being cut off so they couldn’t catch him though.”
“I’m afraid that person was the one who healed us.”
“……No, wait. That would mean you were healed a few days ago.”

The report about the intruder had come a few days ago.

“Yes, that’s right. However, we couldn’t be sure that there wouldn’t be a relapse so we waited for a few days in our room. In the end, we understood that we were completely recovered so we came here.”
“Hmm, in that case it couldn’t be helped. So, the one who healed you?”
“It seems that he left the castle right after healing us.”
“And this girl seems to have given him one of her earrings.”

My wife revealed what my daughter omitted.
The earring my daughter had was the one meant to be given when one wanted to marry.

“Wh-what did you say!? No, I did think of rewarding the one who healed you with something that but…… No, of course I would affirm your feelings first!?”

The two of them looked at me scornfully when I brought up the topic of marriage so I explained in a hurry.

“You see, it seems this girl didn’t know the significance of that earring and gave it to the one who healed us with the purpose of [meeting again].”

Seeing my daughter look down with embarrassment, I did not say any more. My wife probably made enough fun of her already.

“…… Well that’s fine. In the worst case, I’ll just have to prepare something else.”

That was something there had been passed down through our royal family for generations, but I still wanted to choose my daughter’s partner carefully.

“Come to think of it, who was the one who healed you?”

I couldn’t not thank him for healing the two.

“……I don’t know.”

But my daughter said something I did not expect. She was probably sworn to secrecy.

“You don’t really have to hide it, you know? Considering your circumstances, he could have infiltrated the castle to target you two. He did expose himself to danger to heal you.”
“No, that’s not it. He left without giving his name.”

What a surprise. I can’t even thank him.

“What was his appearance like? I can have everyone search for him.”

I suppose I can put up after a search request at the guild. He probably won’t be found immediately but they should be able to find him eventually.

“Well you see, he wore a black cloak and was covered with a hood so I don’t even know his face. His voice was male but……”

H-he concealed his identity with a black cloak, and saved the princess, you say………?
T-that kind of――――――――――



My wife and daughter were somewhat surprised but I didn’t care about that!!


That guy is a genius!! He understands a man’s romance perfectly!!!

“AAAhhhh!! I want to see him at least onceee!! I want to meet him and become his discipleee!!”
“P-please calm down, Father.”
“How can I calm down!! Black Cloak, you say!? Identity unknown, you say!? This won’t do!! I must get everyone to gather information on that Black Cloak immediately!!”

The guards come running again at my shout.

“Your Majesty!! Did you call us!?”
“Everyone!! Search for that [Black Cloaked Man] at once!! However, do not investigate his identity at all!! I only want information about where he is and what he is doing and such!!”
“Y-yes!! Understood!!”

With that said, I had them start immediately.
……Damn!! If only I knew about this sooner……
I didn’t realise because nothing was written in the reports. Who wrote this report!! I’ll demote you right now!!!

Chapter 28: You’re our enemy!!

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You’re our enemy!!

A week has passed since the start of our training where we are primarily being hit by Dude-sensei. I have recovery magic so there are no injuries left on our faces.
So far there hasn’t been a single person who has been able to avoid Dude-sensei’s attacks, but everyone has experienced their respective growths.

“Alright, from today we’ll be doing a different training!! For one week, I will have you guys take on quests from the guild!!”
“The guild……?”
“Yea, I’ll have ya guys defeat monsters like goblins an’ such. Ya can go alone or make a party. It’s fine as long as ya defeat a monster.”


……And thus we came to the guild.

“Nest-san, good morning!”

When I enter the guild, Asha-san approaches me as usual.

“Huh, have the adventurer classes ended?”
“No, we’re supposed to take on guild quests for a week……”

The people I have been happily chatting with before we came to the guild, now looked on silently while I was getting along with Asha-san.

“Well then, when you decide on a quest, please bring it over.”

Saying that, Asha-san returned to the reception desk. I feel the gazes at my back and slowly turn around.

“I was thinking of partying with you but I’ve changed my mind”
“””Me too.”””

Sure enough, they said that sort of thing.

“Hey, we don’t have that kind of relationship, okay!? I’ve been such a bother to her too, and I can’t help it because of my work.”

And I made such a bad first impression too……

“I-is that so…… That’s good then. We really are comrades!”
“That’s right!”

My words succeeded and the feelings of not partying with me seemed to mitigate.

“Ah, but this guy always has three girls accompanying him. And they’re quite the beauties.”
“”””You’re our enemy!!””””


――In the end, there wasn’t a single person remaining and I was left to take on quests by myself…..

Although I was alone, I couldn’t just do nothing after all, so I check the bulletin board to see what quests there were.
The quests ranged from [Herb Picking] to [Monster Subjugation], and even [Cleaning the Town].
The training this time is monster subjugation, so I’ll accept the others quests again when I feel inclined.
In terms of monster subjugation, there were quests for monsters such as Goblins, Orcs and Ogres. In regards to monsters I could handle safely by myself, it would be the goblins I have already defeated before.
I’ve never seen the other monsters before, and I don’t know how strong they are.
Luckily, the goblin subjugation quest is located near the town so if I leave now, I should have enough time to finish by evening.


I bring the goblin subjugation request to the reception desk where Asha-san is.

“Um.. I’ll go with this please.”
“Understood. Nest-san should be fine if it’s just goblins, but please take care, okay?”

Asha-san warns me, almost looking like she intends to leave her post.

“This is Nest-san’s first quest so I will have to issue a Guild Card for you.”
“Guild Card?”
“Yes, this card serves as identification and denotes your status as a guild member. You can also receive a 10% discount for weapons and armour by showing this card.”
“What happens if I lose it?”
“I’m afraid you will have to reissue it in that case. It is issued to you for free the first time, but there will be a handling charge of 200 thousand En when reissuing so please be careful.”
“Understood. Umm… Is there anything else I should know?”
“There’s only one more thing. It seldom happens, but you may be summoned by the guild.”
“By summoned, you mean……”
“For example, to form a subjugation party for something like the monster attack from before. Of course, you will only be called if they believe you have the ability though.”
“By the way, is there a penalty for refusing or something?”
“No, they won’t force you to choose. You may be risking your life so they won’t say anything unreasonable…… Nevertheless, most people accept the summons and that helps a lot.”

……After asking a few more questions, I manage to obtain a Guild Card without any problems.


Around me were the corpses of several goblins.
Until now, I’ve just left the corpses as they are but according to Asha-san, ‘it’s necessary to bring part of the subjugated monster back as proof’. I cut off the Goblins ears as the proof.

“Ughh.. It really is disgusting.”

I’ve been cutting down the enemies with my arm moving automatically, but it’s somewhat disgusting when I intentionally cut them myself. Somehow my arm doesn’t react to non-living beings so I have do it myself in the end.

With my hand dyed in goblin blood from cutting off their ears, I return to town.

Chapter 27: …So, let’s do it.

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So, let’s do it.

“Alright!! We’re doing the same trainin’ today!!”

Since we started, we’ve just been getting hit every day. After knowing that I can use recovery magic, Dude-sensei has been hitting us even more.
It was actually supposed to be training for dodging practice but until now, there have only been 2 or 3 people who managed to dodge by fluke.
Line up, get hit, line up again. Only repeating this.


“Alright, we’ll end the trainin’ here!!”
“Eh, it’s only noon though……”

Usually we continue until evening but today we ended at noon.

“Everyone thought this trainin’ was just about bein’ hit by me, right!”

……It’s not what we thought, we were actually just being hit.

“Okay! Now everyone form a pair an’ try exchanging blows!! Then ya should understan’ the results of yer training!”

We pair up as per Dude-sensei’s instructions, still harbouring some doubt. My partner clearly looks like an adventurer.

“……So, let’s do it?”
“Alright, you’re always healing me so I’ll hit lightly.”
“Ah, kind regards.”

Well, it won’t hurt even if he hits hard though…..

“Right, it looks like everyone has paired up. Then, let’s start!!!”

Our sparring started at Sensei’s signal.
Speaking of which, this guy said he’d go easy but his shout just now was full of determination.
My opponent stepped forward with his left foot, so――

What’s coming is his [right fist].

I calmly see through my opponent’s movements and respond with a counter. My opponent seemed to have expected it, dodging it and retreating to a distance.



“…..Huh? What happened just now?”
“Well, it seemed I could clearly see your movements….”
“Me too. After my attack missed, I somehow knew a counterattack was coming.”

Looking around use, it seemed that everyone experienced the same thing; they had all stopped moving.
Dude-sensei alone had a satisfied expression.

“This.. is tha results of yer training!”
“Eh, but we never managed to avoid? We were always being hit……”
“Didn’t y’all start thinking of ways ta reduce the force of my attacks? My attacks are quite somethin’, if I do say so myself, an’ can’t be compared ta those adventurers. You’ve been accustomed ta the speed of my attacks an’ so, ta you, those ordinary attacks of yours are easy ta avoid.”

To think there was such a deep meaning behind those practices where we just get hit……!!
This must be Dude-sensei’s resourcefulness as an adventurer.



My sparring partner suddenly makes an attack. However, it seems the results of our training is really showing and I still manage to avoid the danger perfectly.

“This is amazing.”

……Yeah, it really is amazing. I never thought we would manage to do this much in this short period of time.

“Also! You’ve still only become accustomed ta my movements temporarily, so tomorrow we’re gonna continue practicin’ ta avoid my attacks for a li’l while!!!

Everyone had been complaining about ‘only being hit again’ a short time ago but now we had complete faith in Dude-sensei.


“”””Thank you for the instruction!!!””””

…………I think that was probably the loudest of all our greetings until now.
I also continue to cry out like an idiot along with everyone around me.

Chapter 26: Then, they were hit.

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Then, they we hit.

“We’ll be startin’ with the basics of defence, an’ that’s [not getting hit by the enemy]. Cos if ya just pointlessly take their attacks, you’ll just wear yourself out! It’s important ta see through your enemies’ attacks an’ avoid them as much as ya can.”

Under Dude-sensei’s guidance, we commenced the adventurer’s class. The adventurer class started under Dude-sensei’s guidance. He told us that [defence is the best offense] and taught us to defend immediately.
The training method was simple.
Everyone would stand in a line. One-by-one they head to Dude-sensei. Then, they get hit. Finally, they return to the end of the line.
That’s it.
We were really supposed to avoid the hits but as a famous adventurer, his attacks weren’t that easy to avoid.

In the beginning, everyone tried to dodge but now we think of ways to soften the blows.
In that sense, Dude-sensei’s attacks hurt and were unavoidable.
Although I say that, it didn’t really hurt when my face was struck. However, I thought it would be troubling if I was the only one not hurt and it raised suspicions, so I let out an ‘urg!!’ sound, practice dodging earnestly and continue to be hit.
By the end of training, everyone’s faces were red and swollen, and there were even people with bloody noses.

“Well, that’s all fer today! My teammate can use recovery magic so y’all can go ta her for healing after this!!”
“Ah, I know recovery magic so I can do the healing.”

I mean, the others will probably worry if we go back like this……

“But can ya heal so many people? It’s quite a lotta people.”
“There’s no problem if it’s only this much.”

Besides, most of the people undergoing this training were from the town so they should know that I can use recovery magic.
Everyone lines up in front of me and I heal them one at a time..

“……Why’s he here if he can use recovery magic ta such an extent……?”

At a distance, Dude-sensei seemed to be muttering something but decided to focus on the treatment.


――――――[Tre POV]―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――

“Okay, so let’s start!!
“””Thank you for the instruction.””””

We were now taking the logistics course.

“My name’s Childe! I may look like this but I can cast recovery magic, you know!

Childe says, sticking her chest out confidently.

“So Tre-chan, what do you think is the most important in this logistics course?”

Childe-san asks me, after everybody has introduced themselves.

“Um.. I think it’s to help everyone in the vanguard as much as possible……”
“Yes, that’s also important, but I believe that the most important thing in this logistics course is to [know what you can do]!!”
“To know what I can do……”
“Right! Try thinking about it, okay everyone? In front of you is an injured ally and a really strong enemy. However, you have no way to heal your ally and the enemy is targeting the town you are staying in.”

Everyone imagines the situation.
In my case, the ally would probably be Master……? Let’s pretend that Master isn’t able to heal himself……

“If everyone was in that situation, what would you guys do?”

……I wonder what I would do in that situation. I don’t think I could abandon Master but then the town would be attacked……

“Nest can heal himself so it should be okay.”

Lily exclaimed beside me.

“Oh, so that person called Nest can use recovery magic!”
“Yeah, that’s right!!”
“So if that Nest used up all his mana and couldn’t use recovery magic, what would you do?”
“Hmm.. I dunno!”

Lily says she doesn’t know while tilting her head.
The people around laugh but I can’t imagine that situation happening in real life.
Master heals so many people every day at the guild.
Everyone might think that’s normal but I can use recovery magic and yet it’s impossible for me.
Unlike other magic, recovery magic consumes a lot of mana. If I do my best, I can also heal a lot of people in one day but that’s because I take a lot of breaks.
I don’t continually heal for a whole day without rest, but I don’t think I could do it.
Furthermore, Master doesn’t seem particularly tired after healing everyone and he continues as normal the next day.
For that Master to be unable to use recovery magic…
If there was an enemy like that, it would probably be useless even if we let the town know.
Well.. I really don’t think there would be such an enemy though……

“Ah, is there anyone here who can cast recovery magic?”

Childe-san asked near the end of the class.

“I can use recovery magic……”
“Really! You can use recovery magic even though you’re so young, that’s amazing!”

There were other people who could use recovery magic, and they all assembled around Childe-san.

“Um.. you see, the reason I gathered you guys is because I expect many injured people from the combat course my teammate is running, and I’d like your help in treating them. There’ll be quite a lot of people and I don’t think I can handle them all by myself.”

That’s the course that Master was taking but as expected, there really would be injuries……

“Ah! They’re here!!”

Childe-san looks behind us and exclaims.
Approaching is a large man who appears to be Childe-san’s teammate.

“Ah, Chil. I wanted to talk about tha treatment but…”
“Yeah, there are several people here who can use recovery magic so it’s fine!!”
“About that… Actually, there was someone in my group who could use recovery magic…”
“Yea, an’ that guy healed everyone already.”
“Eh? Why is someone like that in your group!?”
“Yea, I wonder too.”

Childe-san’s expression said ‘I wanted him to come here!’ Sorry but there’s no doubt that’s Master……

Yup, Master really is amazing―――

Chapter 25: Nice to mee~t you!!

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Nice to mee~t you!!

“Ah! Welcome back, Nest-san!”
“Um.. I’m back, Asha-san.”

We have once again returned to the town where our home is.
According to Aura and the others, Asha-san had been worried about me so I first showed up at the guild.

“It’s good that you look healthy.”

Asha-san checks me over for injuries.
I appreciate her concern but she’s been patting my whole body in the middle of the guild. The surrounding gazes are painful…….

“Er.. Asha-san, has anything been happening lately?”

Since she has been worrying about me, I can’t just tell her to stop so I change the subject instead.

“Ah, that’s right. Some famous guild members have come to town and will be holding adventurer classes while they’re here.”

Asha-san clapped her hands together as if remembering. Achieving my goal, I feel like the gazes around me have softened.

“Adventurer classes……?”
“Yes, it seems an active party has come from the capital and there will be a combat course, a logistical support course regarding healing and item management, and a control course that will point out the characteristics and weaknesses of various monsters.”

Oh, in that case……


“Yo! My name’s Dude! I’m sayin’ this myself but I’m the vanguard of a party that’s surprisingly pop’lar. From today on I’ll be mostly teachin’ ya ’bout combat so best regards!!”
“””””Nice to mee~t you!!”””””

I’m currently in the adventurer course specialising in combat. Incidentally, Aura and the others aren’t here.
As a healer, Tré took the logistics course, and the apparent genius of studying, Aura, took the control course. The one I was most worried about, Lily, ended up taking the logistics course with Tré, as she was good at cooking and seemed fairly dexterous.


“Then, first is how ta defend yourselves!”

Dude-sensei said this with an extremely natural expression, but everyone in the class just looked at him puzzledly, including me.

“Sensei, are we starting with defence instead of attacking……?”

One person voiced what we were all thinking.

“Yea, we’re beginnin’ with defence! Some people might say ‘offence is tha greatest defence!’ but I think that’s wrong! I think that defence is tha best offence!”

……Defence is the best offence?

“Try defendin’ against your enemies’ full body blows!! Ya can think of them as bein’ in a [deadlock] with just that!! Are ya gonna lose ta someone like that!! Ya won’t, right!!

I’ve never thought that before. But it might be true. Even I don’t think I can win if I come across someone my knife is ineffective against.


As expected of an adventurer, this kind of mood is really great. I also go along with the flow.

“Then I’ll be teachin’ ya how ta defend now!!

Our feelings were all in sync.

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――――――[Aura POV]――――――――――――――――――――――――――

“Well then, let’s start the command course. My name is Mist. Best regards to you from here on.”

Right now I am taking the control course. The others have gone somewhere else, but I wanted to do what I can so I’m participating in this one.

“Then, let’s have you introduce yourselves starting from over there.”

There weren’t a lot of participants, but the number wasn’t little either.
The introductions finished one by one and came around to me.

“Um.. I’m Aura. I may be Nest’s slave but please treat me well……”

As expected, people will have something to say when I introduce myself as a slave. Nest didn’t treat me like a slave, but a slave generally receives a lot of scorn just by not having their master around.
I understood this from the matter at the capital.

“Hm? ……Ah! Well if it isn’t Aura-chan!”

It was one of the wives from the cooking class .


I thought they were all strangers but when I look closely, many of them were the townspeople to whom I’m obliged.

“I haven’t seen you around lately so I was worried.”
“Right, you haven’t been coming to the shop either.”
“Ah, I’m sorry. We went to the capital for a bit………ah.”

I had forgotten to talk politely because they were people I knew.

“It’s fine, there’s no need for formalities. If we force you to do such a thing, Nest-chan would stop treating us.”
“That kid’s magic is amazing!”

…………In this town Nest saved, everyone really are nice people.
It’s because Nest has been trying hard.

“Umm… Why did everyone join the adventurers class?”
“Hm.. It’s because we couldn’t do anything last time when the monsters attacked and had to leave it all up to the men. We’ve also got to work hard.”

So it’s the same as me…… I’ve also got to do my best so I can help Nest!!

“……….Umm.. May I start soon?”
“”””Ah, we’re sorry!!””””

Come to think of it, we’re in the middle of the adventurers class. Mist-san resumed the class with a wry smile.

……Wait for me, Nest, I’ll work hard so I can be helpful.
………I could hear some sort of warcry from far away, but I’m going to do my best!!

Chapter 24: I AM.. LOLICON

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Finished with our lunch, we leave the restaurant.
The unpleasant atmosphere from before faded and we resumed our sightseeing once again.
……Nothing particular happened and we just conversed as usual.


“Ah! You’re finally back!!”
“Oh, Lily.”

When we arrived back at the inn, it seemed Lily and Tré had already returned. When I opened the door, Lily came flying at me.

“Jeez! To think the two adults would both get lost!!

No matter how I think about it, Lily is the one who got lost. I almost said these immature words, but I’ll endure. I apologise with a strained laugh.

“I’m sorry master, Lily dragged me away…..”
“No, it’s fine. Aura and I were able to talk about a lot of things.”

Tré looked downcast at my words.
……Huh? Did I say something bad?

“Y-yes? What’s the matter?”
“……You slept with Lily last night and today you spent the day together with Aura, right…?”
“That’s right?”

Uh-oh, I have a bad feeling about thisー

“Then next should be my turn……?”

Tré looks at me with anticipation.

“…………Yeah.. It’s Tré’s turn.”

Tré may be smart, but she’s still a child and should also have times when she wants to be spoiled by an adult. I was a little worried but Tré shouldn’t be that bad……

“Err… Then what do you want to do?”

Tré answers with no hesitation.

“……eh, what?”

I must have heard wrong. I’ve been tired out from all the trouble today, I’m sure… Yeah.

“I want to enter the bath together. Besides, this is the third time I’ve asked……”

Of course, I haven’t heard those words before, but I can’t really turn her down now.
Huh? I feel like this has happened before……

“Then let’s go, Master.”

She dragged me to the dressing room.
The inn was spacious so naturally the baths were huge as well, but I never thought that would backfire on me now….!!
…….Wait, I did sleep with Lily today so maybe I can do it!?
While I was pondering, Tré finished removing her clothes and headed into the bathroom.


I saw Tré’s hair and back. But my gaze didn’t just stop there……
I saw two mounds――




Stripping off my clothes, I slowly make my way to the bathroom where Tré was waiting.

“Tré, I’m coming in~”

I wore a towel around my waist of course, but Tré didn’t care about that as a child and didn’t have anything to cover her body. I approach Tré while trying my hardest not to look.

“Master, please wash until the end today, okay?”

Tré hands me a towel which I wet, then lather with soap.
That’s right, I can just cover Tré’s body in bubbles!!
With that decided, all that’s left is to do my best to create bubbles. Tré stood there waiting, wondering when I would start.

“Then let’s go.”

Thanks to my efforts, there were now quite a lot of bubbles. I start to wash Tré, covering her in them.


Tré let out an embarrassing voice. My soul was wounded with just that one sound.


――And then I finally managed to finish washing.
Everything had been washed, except for one part of her body. I was fully satisfied and proceeded to rinse off her body.

“How was it, Tré? Did it feel good?”
“Yeah, Master’s washing technique was good and it felt really nice……”
“I see, I see. Then I’ll wash you again some.. time…. ah?”

The bubbles covering Tré’s body had disappeared. Or rather, I washed them all away while being praised.
I tried to look away in a fluster but it was already too late. Unlike the hills I saw just then, before my eyes were two small mounds, but they were definitely there.

“What’s wrong, Master……?”

With me in a daze, Tré moved her body even closer in concern. Naturally, the two mounds also drew nearer……






By the time I realised, I had already fallen asleep on the bed.