Chapter 3: You’ll accept? (with implications)

Arnest is very tsundere, all these double negatives.
Name change: Asher -> Asha (because Asher sounds like a male’s name)
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You’ll accept?

I had been severely scolded by the innkeeper, but now I was full of anticipation.
Why? That’s obvious. It’s because I can meet ‘Saint-sama’. It seems her medical treatment is available to the public so it’s easy to see her.
What’s important is the extent of recovery magic that ‘Saint-sama’ can use.
And what’s even more important is how beautiful ‘Saint-sama’ is. How beautiful the Saint is!!

The town was full of energy. There were many people opening stands on the street. It’s like a mini-festival already.

“Hey, did you hear? Apparently Saint-sama is coming to town!”
“Oh, you’re quick! When will the medical treatment start?”
“It seems Saint-sama will start right after having a short rest.”

I kept my ears open and gathered information. Heh, it’s not like I don’t have any friends because I only recently came to this town!

I head there early to take a position as far forward as possible so I would be able to see. Luckily there were only a few people so I could take up a position easily.
It appears there’s still some time before it starts. I made a mistake, I could have bought something suitable to eat. I haven’t even eaten breakfast so I’m hungry…..

“Er.. Nest-kun? G-good morning.”
“Ah!? Wh-who are hyu?”

I couldn’t not bite my tongue! Because in front of my eyes was a woman with an hourglass figure!?

“It’s me, Asha.”

I-I never thought it’d be Asha-san…..

“Ah, good morning. I didn’t recognise you without your uniform.”

Because I’ve never seen Asha-san in plain clothes before….. Or rather, she really is a beauty!

“Er.. so what are you doing here, Asha-san? Did you come to see Saint-sama too?”
“Y-yeah. There’s that too but I thought I might run into you so……”
“Eh, what was that?”

Her voice lowered half way through the sentence so I couldn’t hear it.

“Come to think of it, have you eaten? It’s fine if you haven’t but to be honest, I made a lunchbox… How about it?”

B-by ‘how about it’, is she talking about eating together?
I thank Asha-san and feast on the lunchbox.


What the heck, it’s super tasty!! So Asha-san was good at cooking….. And she’s a beauty! A major beauty!! If she was my wife……


Nevertheless, I can only dream. No matter how hard I try, I won’t be a good match for Asha-san. It’s too bad I wasn’t born handsome but I can continue living with just this lunchbox!

“This really is delicious, it’s already at a level you can’t buy. I envy the one who will become your husband!”

If I was handsome, I would probably be able to eat this cooking for breakfast, lunch and dinner but it’s too bad……


Asha-san’s face suddenly turns red. She’s become flustered for some reason.

“Th-then Nest-kun will accept (me)?”
“Eh, of course I’ll accept (the lunchbox)!”

What’s the matter, Asha-san? I wonder if I did something bad.

“So.. I can’t have the lunchbox?”
“Eh, lunchbox?

Asha-san questions, suddenly freezing. She has already become ghastly.

“Y-you weren’t talking about the lunchbox…..? To accept or not…..”

When I said that, Asha-san turned bright red with an inaudible *poof* and ran away. Wh-what should I do with this lunchbox….. Would it be alright to eat it….?

People have gradually assembled by the time I finished the lunchbox. Obviously, there were a great number of injured people.
From what I hear around me, it seems it’ll start soon.

People in the vicinity cheer loudly. It looks like the Saint-sama I’ve been eagerly waiting for has appeared. Come, beauty!!
Saint-sama appeared before us. She’s covered by a thick hood.
A commotion gradually spread through the area, like the others also thought it was strange.

“Good morning everyone.”

A single statement, spoken in a clear voice. It wasn’t said very loudly but it resounded in the vicinity. Even the commotion settled down because of it.

“Now then, I will start the medical treatment.”

As expected of the Saint, she heals injuries in a twinkle. However, they were all just grazes and such, so the amazing magic I was looking forward to was not seen.
I could only strengthen my resolve and then approached the Saint as a patient. As one would expect, I covered myself with a hood so I wouldn’t stand out in the future.

“Hello, what would you like me to heal?”

Hearing it from up close, she has an even prettier voice. And then I took a fleeting peek into Saint-sama’s hood to see her face. I could tell she was a beauty even with the small glimpse.

“Um.. I want to have you heal my arm but….”
“? Your arm doesn’t look like it’s injured though….”
“Ah, I’ll do it now, so please.”

And then I cut off an arm.

“!? What are you doing!? I’ll heal you now so please stand still.”

S-Saint-sama got mad at me….. Certainly, I might have overdone it. A large quantity of blood flowed out from the base of my arm even now.

“High Heal!!”

Oh, so this is Saint-sama’s magic.. Ah…..?

“Um.. Are you…finished?”

The blood has stopped. But that’s all, the arm hasn’t healed.

“You! Why did you do such a stupid thing!! To cut off an arm!! Honestly, you won’t be able to use it again, you know!?”
“Huh? Wasn’t Saint-sama able to heal an arm…..?”

The people in the vicinity watched with bated breath.

“Are you an idiot!? There’s no way I can recover it!? I don’t mean to boast but I know more than anyone else in terms of recovery magic. Even so, I’ve never heard of a spell that can regrown a severed arm.”

I stood there in shock. Eh, then what about my Heal? Who am I going to learn recovery magic from…..?

“That kind of… I’m sorry.”

I made a brief statement to the surrounding people, picked up my arm and returned to the inn in a daze.

In that case, what the hell is my recovery magic….? I can easily do something that even Saint-sama can’t manage.

“Sigh…. This can’t be anything but monstrous then…..”

I mutter to myself mockingly while healing my arm. I finally understood how strange it was for me to regrow my arm by simply casting Heal.
From here on, I shouldn’t use such excessive recovery magic as much as possible.
I etched that into my mind.

Chapter 2: Is this a Punishment Game?

I should probably be translating a Chinese novel, all my exams are for Chinese…… oh well.
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Is this a Punishment Game?

My vision is dominated by darkness. The thing that covers my body is a little cool but it feels nice.
Eh, where am I? Of course it’s inside my futon. After the grand incident at the guild, I rented a room in the inn and went to sulk in bed.

“Sigh, what should I do from tomorrow on…. But before that, I have to go back to clean up. It’ll be hard to face them though.”

I thought the door sounded but it’s the first time I came to this town so I shouldn’t have anyone to visit me.
I can hear it again….. Maybe I’m just longing for company. Sigh, let’s sleep already.
Or rather, it really isn’t me!

“Ah, excuse me! I’m opening it now!”

It was the innkeeper auntie.

“Right now there’s a guest of yours downstairs. They’re waiting below so come down when you’re ready.”

No matter what I think, it must be the guild. No, if I’m unlucky then it might be the guards coming because I caused a problem at the guild…..
…..Should I run?
With the decision made, I immediately put it into practice. I vigorously dive out the window without looking down clearly.
Below me was the receptionist lady but she was waiting with a smile.

“As expected, I thought you would come here. (smile)”

It was too late to return to my room and I fell towards the receptionist in accordance with gravity. At this rate, we’ll collide.
But as expected of the receptionist she caught me with no difficulty whatsoever. With the so-called princess carry. I’m a guy though! A guy though!? I thought it was something serious so I unintentionally….. I’m sorry.

“Um.. If possible, I’d like you let me down some time soon but…”
“Er, it’s fine to let you down, but please don’t run away, okay?”
“….So you really came to arrest me?”
“Er.. Let’s head to the guild first.”

The receptionist lead me by the hand, my tense fretting reducing. The surrounding gazes are painful.

“Joined by our hands and such, will (I) be alright…..?”
“Ah, (I’m) totally fine though? Well certainly there might be hindrances (in my work) from here on though.”
“Casualties!?” [T/N: Hindrances and Casualties had the same pronunciation]

So in the city, just holding hands with a beauty will cause casualties…… It’s too terrifying.
Now, I have come to the guild room for the second time today. Inside the room is me, the receptionist and the guild master, us three people.

“Nest, it’s good that you came. Actually, I wanted to talk about your recovery magic.
“Er.. right….”

It’s probably to announce the result, but I already know that I’m no good so it would have been fine if they didn’t summon me…..

“First of all, where did you learn recovery magic?”
“Er.. I learnt it through self-study though…..”

We’re just an ordinary household! We didn’t have that much money.

“……How did you learn it?”

Hm? How, you say..

“F-first I cut a finger. Afterwards, I also cut my arm or leg. And so, that’s how I learnt Heal.”
“I see….”

She suddenly sinks into silence with a serious face for a short while before looking up.

“And then, that’s your Heal?”
“Eh, i-it is a Heal though….?”

Maybe it was so bad that it couldn’t be considered a Heal. Self-study really is tough…..

“Finally, what do you want to do at the guild?”

Regarding what I want to do at the guild…..?

“It’s to earn money, yeah.”
“Why are you trying to earn money?”
“Er.. I learnt recovery magic through self-study, but I could really only learn Heal so I wanted to learn from an expert. And I expect I need a lot of money so…..”

And if I do that, I’ll probably be able to learn a lot more recovery spells.
I don’t know if the questioning ended but the guild master and receptionist had a deep conversation after that.

――――――[Guild Master POV]――――――――――――――――――――――――

Right now I was thinking about the person before me, Nest.
I don’t know what he was thinking but he suddenly fled after performing such unbelievable recovery magic in the guild.
Asha (the receptionist) brought him back but when I inquire about it, it seems that recovery magic was Heal.
Originally, Heal only resulted in curing cuts at best. No, even that would be welcome enough but Nest’s spell didn’t just end at Heal, it was an extraordinary product.
And yet he thinks that that’s below-average and came to get lessons from an expert.

“Guild master, what do you think we should do about him? Shall I set him up in the guild?”

Asha gained trust because of the scar on her neck so she proposed that to me.

“.…..Hmm, let’s lend him some space in the guild.”

――――――[Arnest POV]――――――――――――――――――――――――

“Nest, the guild will let you use some space!”

I thought they were deep in conversation but I’m suddenly given permission from the guild.

“Eh, really! Thank you so much!”

T-that’s great. With this, I’m relieved for the time being. I thought it was certainly no good but I was surprised by the contrary.

“Also, don’t tell the others but……”

Eh, what….? Is it something bad……?

“What you used wasn’t Heal.”

Shoーーck! It’s super bad. I never thought she’d say that what I used wasn’t Heal….

“No, it’s not like it’s really a bad thing.”

No, no, it is a bad thing. Because even though I said I can use Heal, to be told that it wasn’t heal….. Is this a punishment game?

“Didn’t you know? A normal Heal is only effective for sealing cuts.”

Eh, Heal only seals cuts…..?

“Eh, but my Heal can restore an arm or leg though.”

I was sure that was normal but I was wrong?

“That’s abnormal. It’s true that I’m not an expert but even I know that’s strange.”


“Well, a Saint or someone like that might be able to achieve that level though.”
“What’s a Saint?”

I was charmed by this new word.

“It’s the title that the church in the city grants to the top excelling healer. And I hear the current generation is quite a beauty.”

A-are you serious!!! A healer like me, and also the top…… And a beauty at that!!

“As expected, Nest-san is also interested in that.”

A cold voice resounds.

“I’m Asha. I’m not Miss.”

Asha-san declares bluntly.

“R-right, Asha-san! I’m sorry!”
“No, it’s fine? You are a boy. I Understand.”

She’s not understanding at all. Because Asha-san’s smile.. is scary……

“…..returning to the subject at hand, I suppose only the Saint could possibly have the capacity to teach you.”
“Is that so. I never thought my recovery magic would be unexpectedly amazing, I seriously thought it was average.”
“Unexpected is an understatement, it’s already so monstrous you can’t compare. Ah, speaking of which, the Saint is coming here tomorrow.”

Monstrous….. Yeah, I’m not particularly happy about that.

“You said the Saint is coming!? Tomorrow!?”
“Yup, she goes around to guild to heal the injured as charity.”

Tomorrow….. I might be able to meet the Saint tomorrow. Perhaps I might be able to ask her to teach me. In terms of what I can do today, there’s nothing but sleeping early!!

“Guild master, Asha-san! I’m heading back to sleep now! And about the guild, thank you very much~~!”

And so, I planned to go back and sleep, but the innkeeper found out that I jumped out the window and I was severely scolded.
I-I didn’t cry though!!!

Chapter 1: I can only use Heal

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I can only use Heal


It’s a clear day today, good for using recovery magic.
I, Arnest, witnessed someone using recovery magic and am now completely engrossed in it.
Originally, one needed to make a huge donation to the church to be taught recovery magic. However, I understood as a child that it wasn’t an amount I could afford, being born in a family of commoners.
So what could I do?
That is, I had no choice but to learn it by myself.

“So let’s do it!”

I cut off my own arm. It hurt considerably in the past, but now it only itches a little.

“Er.. Heal!”

My arm regrows in an instant. Within a few seconds, my arm has completely emerged from my shoulder just like before.
Eh, I’ve learnt recovery magic somehow? To a point where I can manage even if someone is on the brink of death. First it was a finger, then a hand, leg, arm. Generally speaking, I did whatever was possible. But this is probably the limit with self-study. Soon I’ll have to get someone to teach me.

It seems recovery magic is deemed highly valuable just with its aptitude to be used on everything. I think that I’ll be able to save enough for the donation by working hard and doing a little medical treatment in a large town.

I’ll be 16 today. It’s the age where I’m considered an adult. I’ve been patient until now, but that ends today. Today, I’ve already received my parents’ permission to leave the village.

“Hey Nest! You’re going already?”
“Pops! I’ve already finished my preparations so it’s fine!”

I hitch a ride with a merchant caravan and travel with them to town.

The town was massive. Something like my village can’t compare. But the capital is even bigger, which is quite startling.

“E-excuse me.. This is the Adventurers’ Guild, right?”

Currently I’m at the Adventurers’ Guild. I don’t plan on becoming an adventurer.

“It is, are you a new recruit by any chance?”

The reception is full of beauties but this one having long, brown hair down to her waist is impressive. It’s a bit intense for someone like me, who isn’t used to women.

“N-no. I’m not here to register but I wanted to borrow one of the guild’s tables.”

Speaking of the guild, there are many people gathered. Rather than getting my own place, I think it’s better to do it at the guild.

“Err.. What are your plans for that?”

It might just seem that way but I feel like she’s being rather cautious. P-please don’t glare at me like that. I’m afraid to say it so bluntly.

“I-it’s.. like this. T-that.. as work surface…..”

I stuttered too much. But she’s a receptionist. As one would expect, she understood what I wanted to say.

“Oh, so that’s it. I’m sorry. I think it’s alright if it’s that but it’s part of the regulations so I’ll have you meet the guild master, okay?”

To think I’ll see the guild master. Eh, isn’t this a bit hasty?

“Guild master! It’s me, but are you free at the moment?”
“Yeah, it’s fine.”

The receptionist brought me to a room. Inside, was a child.

“H-huh? Why a child…..?”
“Oh, it’s because I’m an elf. We age slowly no matter what. I may look like this but I’m already over 100.”
“A loli-granny!? Ha! Sorry, I came from the countryside so…..”

That’s right, if don’t straighten up, I might not be able to borrow the table.

“This time, this is.. er……”
“Ah, my name is Arnest. Close friends call me Nest though.”
“Understood. So Arnest-san here said he wanted to borrow one of the guild’s tables so he could do some medical treatment.”

Ah, she didn’t go and call me Nest without hesitation. Well it’s true that I wouldn’t be a good match for her, but still!! My appearance score!!! The one that lets everyone say it!!

“So it’s that sort of thing. Er, so you were Nest, right? What recovery magic can you use?”
“Er.. only Heal but is that okay?”

Right, I can only use Heal. I don’t know whether my magic pool is considered large but I think I can use it enough times. Before, I tested how many times I could use it in a day but in the end I cast it from morning to night and still had so much surplus. The magic consumption for Heal might be considered small.

“Hmm. Only Heal, huh…..”

As expected, she’s making a serious face. Who was it! Who said that just being able to use recovery magic is highly valued!

“Actually, there isn’t anyone who can use recovery magic in this town right now. Even if you can only use Heal, there’ll probably be many customers coming to you but I’m wondering if you can handle all that. Also, apparently there are individual differences between healers as a rule, even for Heal.”
“Ah, I should be fine with the number of people. I have plenty of surplus even if I cast throughout the whole day.”
“?.. The magic consumption for recovery magic should be pretty extreme though….? Could it be that Nest isn’t talking about Heal…? He did say he came from the countryside….”

For some reason, she looks down and mutters. Sigh, maybe it really is no good. I can’t just return to the village like this either. Sigh, really, what should I do?

“Hey, Nest. Can you show us your recovery magic? There’s something I want to check.”

Oh, is this perhaps my last chance!? If I fail, there’s no more. I have to do my best.

“U-um, then I’ll cast it now so which should I cut off, both of my arms or both legs? I can’t really use a blade very well so…”

The receptionist and guild master’s voices overlap. Eh, is that not enough…..? Perhaps, my head!?

“Ah, I’m sorry. As one would expect, the head is impossible! I’m sorry!”
“N-no, that’s not it? Or rather, will you be fine with both your arms or legs?”

The guild master and receptionist look at me doubtfully. Hm, what does she mean? It’s not like I would die if I cut off both legs.

“Er.. I’m okay with both arms or legs though….?”
“Guild master, perhaps he’s talking about haemostasis. I’m certain Heal can cure injuries of that level….”
“Hmm, maybe he’s thinking that he can get his arm healed later or something. That’s still quite pitiful so we’ll have him make a little cut at most. It’ll be appreciated if he can cure even that much….”

The two seem to be in deep conversation for some reason. Maybe I’m too incompetent for the guild to use or something…..

“Hey, Nest. It’s fine to just cut your hand a little. You can cut it yourself in that case, right?”
“That’s true, that’s good.”

They seemed to be on the same wavelength but as expected, I’m so incompetent that even cutting is unpleasant…. The guild master really is too unreasonable. Let’s finish quickly and head to another place….

“Er.. A little of my hand, right….? Understood….”

Who’s to blame for the low tension! No, I can’t blame anyone!

I cut off my hand. The hand fell to the floor.


The two made a surprised face. Was my cutting technique really that poor? I was never bothered by it until now though.

“Oi! What are you doing! We only said it’s fine to cut your hand a little, you idiot!! What are you going to do, cutting off your hand!?”

Huh? ..Did I upset her somehow?

“Guild master, focus on treatment rather than that! Nest-san, quickly stop the bleeding!!”

Ah, I got the receptionist lady to call me Nest. She seems rather panicked though. Alright! With just this, I can continue living from tomorrow onwards!


My arm heals. Ah, it’s bad! I made the room all bloody! What to do, they won’t tell them to compensate for the cleaning, will they?

“Er.. I’m finished. But it’s still no good, right, with just this much.”

There’s probably no need to hear the result. Or rather, this is really embarrassing!

“I’ll do the cleaning tomorrow so please let me go home for today…..”

I turn the doorknob with a dispirited countenance.

“Wai.. wai.. wait a moment.”

The receptionist restrains me in a hug from behind. I’ll say it again. Restrains me in a hug. To put it simply, her large chest is touching my back.


Unable to endure that elasticity, I immediately wrench myself away from the receptionist and flee the area.

――――――[Receptionist POV]―――――――――――――――――――――――――

“H-he ran away.”

When I say that, the guild master finally recovered from this situation.

“W-What the hell was that? He said ‘Heal’, but if that’s a Heal then what’s to become of the recovery magic of our world? Trash?”

The Heal he used evidentially deviated from the norm. Just when I thought he cut off his hand, he recovered in a matter of seconds. A new one regrew. What used to be hand is currently lying on the floor.

“A regrettable thing happened.”

He probably won’t come to the guild any more. I don’t know what he intended but if it was going to turn out like this, I should have lent him the table or whatever from the beginning.

“Hey you. The scar on your neck, h-hasn’t it healed?”

It was something I acquired in the past, when I was an active adventurer. I took that opportunity to retire from being an adventurer and take the reception job, everyone in the vicinity felt creeped out because of it. Nowadays it’s covered by the hair I grew out but….
The guild master hands me a mirror.
Reflected was my flawless neck.
I saw that extraordinary recovery, so I could only believe that it was due to him no matter what I considered.

“Nest, huh……”

Somehow, my cheeks feel hot.

Update: New Project

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Daddy kookaburra took an interest in Kookie’s hobby and read the translation project (aka Tate no Yuusha) recently. The criticism wasn’t that bad considering the situation, but now he says I should do another project so here I am procrastinating on uni stuffs in the middle of assignment/assessment period.

I know I said that I might work on the side stories, but I got sick of Tate no Yuusha and will probably never finish…. :/
I do have draft translations for half of White Day, but they contain so many spoilers for the Valentines arc that I wouldn’t recommend you read them (but they are on the interwebs if you’re really curious)

Anyways, my new current project is 聖女の回復魔法がどう見ても俺の劣化版な件について Seijo no Kaifuku Mahou ga Dou Mitemo Ore no Rekkaban na Ken ni Tsuite [No matter how I see the Saint’s Recovery Magic, it’s a Deteriorated Version of Mine]. Saw it on Reddit, seems interesting (but I’ve only read 1 chapter so far). Let’s assume it’s going to be a teaser project because Kookie </3 commitment. We’ll see.

Synopsis (as TL-ed by LaSolistia):
Long ago, I was fascinated upon seeing healing magic. But to be taught, you need to make a huge donation. I, who came from a normal family, could never afford it no matter how much I stretched my budget. Thus, I could only study and teach myself, quite desperately even. But around the time I reached the limit for what self-study could get me, I got to see a Saint first hand performing a charitable service using healing magic.

――――Eh, that was Heal just now, right? It was only used a few times, and you’re already having trouble breathing, and not only that, your healing didn’t even do that much! You gotta be kidding me――――?