Chapter 8: Wash the front as well….?

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Wash the front as well….?

Tré, who I thought was a boy, turned out to be a girl – a so-called ‘tomboy’.
I didn’t expect to spend an hour in this derangement but I want to just forget it.


Today is a day off from working at the guild. As expected, casting in succession is harsh on the mind so we have decided to take a break once every three days.
Female clothing is expensive. For guys, you can get something for 1000 En but it’s considered good if it comes to 10,000 En for girls. And now more money is going to vanish from my wallet again.


“Master, how did you learn recovery magic…..?”

I think Tré’s been more talkative lately. Now, she will inquire like this, but she hardly spoke in the beginning.
I asked about Tré’s circumstances before and therein I also found out how she learnt recovery magic.

“Hm, I suppose.. through willpower!”

I wasn’t actually taught by the church so it shouldn’t be a lie. I even cut my arm and stuff…
We proceed to the clothes story while chatting. They only had clothes made by professionals so I thought every one of them was good.
I had the shop assistant pick out some clothes and chose from those.

“Master, does this suit me….?”

Tré emerged from the dressing room shyly. I think the cute red & black dress she’s wearing suits her a lot.

“Yeah, it’s cute.”
“Then, I’ll take this…”
“Eh, but you haven’t tried them all yet?”

There were a lot picked out but she only tried on one.

“This is.. good.”

In the end, I bought the dress that Tré wanted. She didn’t want to dirty it so I didn’t forget to get it in a bag.

Now then, next is the hairdressers. Tré’s hair had become unkempt, likely because she lived as a slave for so long.
I wander around the store until Tré’s haircut is over. I saw a stylish accessory shop en route so I bought some bracelets as souvenirs for Aura and Lily.
When I returned to the hairdressers, Tré had turned into a girl. No, she was a girl from the beginning but now she was adorned with the feeling of THE girl.
Her unkempt hair was now adjusted and she looked very feminine.
Tré herself looked very pleased with the change and had a small smile on her face.

Sure enough, Aura and Lily were surprised by Tré’s transformation when we returned to the inn but their attention switches to the bracelets when I bring them out. Then Tré grabs my sleeve.

“Hm, what’s up?”
“M-mine is….?”

Ah, crap. I thought she’d be satisfied with the clothing so I didn’t prepare anything.

“I-I’m sorry! I forgot to prepare one! ….In exchange, I’ll do anything you want so please forgive me!”

Having avoided a repeat of Aura’s situation, I felt relieved.

“Then, I want to enter the bath.. together….. Because I didn’t get to be washed last time……”

A larger bombshell dropped. But I can’t refuse because I did say ‘anything’.


So now Tré and I were in the bathroom.

“I’ll wash you so p-please undress…..”
“Mn, I got it..”

Saying that, Tré stripped without hesitation. I was careful to avert my eyes as much as possible.
Directly touching her would be unreasonable so I wash her body through a towel.
During tha time, Tré, whose back I had been washing, suddenly turns her body this way.

“Wash the front as well….?”

In that situation, I would naturally see Tré’s chest…. It was a child’s, but there were hints of the curves of women….. Uwaahhhh!

“As expected, today is no good!!”

I ran out of the bathroom, my nose dripping with blood.

――――――[Tré POV]―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――

I couldn’t get him to wash me again…..


With this and that, I managed to get Master to wash me.
Because I didn’t get washed last time, I felt really good when he washed my back.
Soon, he will finish washing my back. I turned my body to face Master when his hand stopped for a moment.
Master washed my back so I thought it was natural that he wash the front as well but he left while screaming.
I wonder if it really is my chest….
After my chest grows a little more, I wonder if he will wash me then….?
While washing my body, I massage my breasts so they’ll grow a little bigger.
Wait for it, Master…..! I’ll soon grow bigger and show you……!

Chapter 7: A.. A Tomboy!?

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A.. A Tomboy!?

A few days passed since I started doing medical treatment at the guild.
As should be expected of the guild, it had the most patients.
I was pressed to deal with patients today as well. The injuries themselves were healed in an instant but unfortunately there were so many patients that I was shorthanded.
Aura and Lily were helping out as well but it still wasn’t enough.

“Ah! I’m so tired! Isn’t this a little too many!?”
“What are you saying? If you have the time to say that then quickly get back to work!”
“But still, there’s a little under 1000 people a day!? It’s tough all the same.”

This is most likely happened because there were too many injured patients.

“That’s all for today!”

We were finally released from this hell at dusk.
Today’s earnings were approximately 1 million En. It’s a fact that I made a lot of profit. Actually, I have earned several million in just these past few days…..

“It would be much easier if we had another Nest!”

I wonder how much easier it would be if Lily’s words turned into reality. If there was another me.
…… If there was another me……?

“What! It’s simple!”

The people around us looked over at my sudden exclamation but I didn’t care. Let’s implement my idea immediately.

“If they’re not here then all we have to do is get them from somewhere else.”

And so I’ve come to the slave market. I had Aura and Lily return ahead of me so I could search freely.

“Well, well, it’s been a while, Nest-sama. What kind of slaves would you like today?”
“It doesn’t matter as long as they can use recovery magic.”

When I tell my request to the slave merchant, someone’s bitter face comes to mind for some reason.

“To be honest, there aren’t many who can heal, and currently this store only has a single one. Would you like to know the price?”
“I brought all I have just in case, but I wonder if it’s enough.”

If it’s too expensive then I just have to earn some more but…..

“It comes up to 5 million but how about it?”

Hmm, it’s a little expensive. But I can afford it.
I was debating on whether I should buy them or not, but apparently that slave was smart and could do office work so I decided to buy them.
It seemed the slave in question was a boy around Lily’s age and could cast an ordinary Heal without difficulty. He had brown hair but it was quite ruffled.
The boy didn’t say a word until we finalised our slave contract and even then he only said, “I’ll be in your care, Master.”

Right now I was kneeling in the inn. Aura snapped when I brought back a new slave.

“What’s the meaning of this, Nest!? You looked very serious so we came back first, so why did you return with a new slave!!”
“I-I’m sorry…..”

While I was being scolded, the boy watched on submissively without interjecting.

“Furthermore, you used 5 million of the money we finally saved up!”

You are quite right. However, I really believe it is a necessary expense when thinking about the future.

“I certainly used a lot but I don’t regret it!!”
“Why are you being so defiant!!”

The scolding continued endlessly after that and I ended up sleeping outside the room that night.
I’m supposed to be the Master though……
Ah, I didn’t get any dinner either.

――――――[Tré POV]―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――

My name is Tré. My family was more affluent than most.
My parents made a large donation to the church and let me learn recovery magic.
However, things happened after that and our family fell to ruin. I don’t know where my parents went. I was sold as a slave in the midst of it.
I was originally quite an introvert, and I came to talk less after becoming a slave.
One day, I was bought by a man. That man was someone who ended up being told off by his own slave and chased out of his room.
I was introduced to everyone the next day.

“I-I’m called Tré…..”

I haven’t spoken in a while so I don’t know if I managed to say it properly but everyone smiled and welcomed me.

And today, I was to enter the bath with my master.
I was to wash Master’s body so I undressed. But I didn’t end up washing his body no matter how much time passed. He had turned to stone in shock for some reason.

“H-hey, Tré. W-weren’t you a boy……!?”

I wonder what Master is talking about.

“U-m… I’m a girl though…..?”

I questioned why, but Master became petrified again.
In the end, he remained unmoving so I washed my body and got out of the bath by myself.
A while later I heard Master’s voice coming out from the bathroom.

“A.. a… a tomboy!???”

I’m in your care from now on, my master.

T/N: Tré refers to herself using ‘Boku’ (usually used by boys), so Arnest calls her a Bokukko [Girl who uses ‘Boku’].