Chapter 9: Today I’m buying a house.

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Today I’m buying a house.

A few months have passed since I started working at the guild.
Lately girls from the town have come as well, not just the guildsmen.
It seems to be spread via word of mouth.
Maybe thanks to that, it’s reached the point that I’m now known throughout the town and I receive bonus service in some places.
Aura’s group have mostly opened up, and lately I feel like they’ve become somewhat dominative in regards to me.

And now I’ve hit upon a serious issue.

“Hey, I’ve wanted to say this for a while now but…..”
“Hm, what is it?”

Aura asks from across the table.

“The room is crowded.”

Right, the definite shortage of our livelihood is our dwelling. The increase in people has increased our lodging fees and I’m unable to sleep on a bed. It’s a big problem.

“That’s why……

……Today I’m buying a house.”
“Eh, you’re buying it today!?”
“Actually, I’ve already talked to the real estate agent. And I thought I’d show you guys before it’s decided.”
“B-but the money….?”

I pat Tré’s head, who was looking at me worriedly.

“We have more than enough!!”

We really do have a surplus. It seems our medical treatment profited more than we imagined, and there’s still plenty remaining even if we buy a house.

“Ya~y!! New house!!”

It looks like Lily was satisfied somehow.


And thus, we were now in front of the house in question.

“Eh, isn’t this too big!?”

I understand what Aura wants to say. Because apparently this is the former residence of an aristocrat.

“Not really. We have plenty of money and I just thought this house was nice but how about it?”
“That sort of thing.. You’re our master and you think it’s good, so we won’t say anything.”

The other two nod in agreement with Aura’s words.

“It would be good if you were always like this then……”
“That’s different. We have to watch over our master so he doesn’t do anything embarrassing.”
“Have to watch over!”

Aura says and even Lily is in agreement. Looking closely, even Tré is nodding quietly.
It looks like I have no allies here……


I inform the real estate agent about purchasing and then we return to the inn. It seems we can move in after next week so they have time to clean up the place.
It’s not like I have no thoughts about parting from the inn that I’ve been indebted to until now.
The kind lady innkeeper who has been looking after a country-boy like me.
The uncle who treats me to delicious cuisine.
And the cute poster-girl.

“Auntie, Uncle. I bought a house so I’m going to be leaving the inn……”
“Oh, so you’re leaving soon. Then let’s have a farewell party today!”

They decided to quickly have a farewell party at the inn because I was leaving.

“Drink, drink! Today is my treat!”

The innkeeper uncle slaps me on the back while laughing loudly. I’ll endure the pain…..!

“So, when are you heading to your new home?”
“Er.. next week I guess?”
“I see, I’d like you to have stayed a little longer though. We’ll miss you.”

Our clamour continued until the next morning.

――――――[Innkeeper’s daughter POV]―――――――――――――――――――――

I am the inn’s poster-girl.
One day, a boy my age came to our inn. It seems he came here from a rural village to look for work.
Apparently he was called Arnest-san.
I only saw Arnest-san occasionally when he came to the dining hall, but I accidentally cut my hand because of a mistake.
And then that Arnest-san came and healed my wound somehow. It seems he can use recovery magic.
After that, it reached the point where he’ll immediately heal me if he sees that I’m injured.

But at last, Arnest-san decided to leave the inn.
I think I will be lonely.
We had a farewell party. I know that my face heated up whenever I watched him chatting with everyone.
But I’m the innkeeper’s daughter. This once-in-a-lifetime encounter is natural.
And so Arnest-san left the inn.
That day, I cried all day long. Mother didn’t say anything.


A while after that, I went to the marketplace on an errand for the inn.
Arnest-san was there somehow.

“Long time no see, Arnest-san! What are you doing here, are you possibly staying at the inn again?”

If he does, I’ll tell him my feelings this time. Even if it doesn’t come true……

“Eh? No, I live nearby….? I told your mother and father, but did you not know?”

What. So Mother knew about this!
I wonder what kind of face I’m making now. Even I know that my face is slowly turning red.

“I-I’m sorrrryyyyyyy….!!!”


That day, I hid in my futon the whole day.