Chapter 13: If that was a lie….

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If that was a lie…..

“Hey Nest, wake up.”
“I-I’m tired today so I’m sleeping….”

I’m sorry for Aura who came to wake me, but I’m tired from yesterday’s matter so I want to sleep more.

“You can’t. We have work today, everyone in the subjugation party is waiting for you.”
“I’ll take a day off work.”
“I already said you can’t. Look, stop being so irresponsible and get up!!”

Aura takes away my blanket. With no other choice, I go to work today as well.


Yesterday I fought an army of goblins. I thought that detaining them was the best action I could take but in the end, the goblins were so weak that I annihilated (?) them all.
I had my face covered by the hood so I don’t think I’ve been exposed though.
However, there is something bothering me about what I’ve been hearing from the voices in the vicinity.

“Hey, did you hear!? The story about the one who annihilated the monster army single-handedly!”
“I know! The [Jet-black Saviour]-sama, right!”

Who’s that!? No, the [Jet-black Saviour]-sama is obviously me but….. even so, it’s so uncool!! What’s with that [Jet-black Saviour] title !!
Whild groaning, I hear of someone’s suspicions.

“Um.. That [Jet-black Saviour]-sama wouldn’t happen to be Nest, would it?”

Come to think of it, I never told Aura and the others. I wanted to keep it a secret if possible….

“Eh, it might be Nest, really?”
“Hmm, I wonder. He did leave the town for a bit though.”
“Sigh.. You don’t have to hide it. It’s not like anyone is criticising you….”

I decided that it wasn’t good to continue hiding it from Aura and the others so I told them the story while removing some of the facts.
By ‘some of the facts’, I mean the part where I’ve been constantly cutting off my arms or legs. After coming to this town, I learnt that that was abnormal so I stopped doing it recently but I can still do it whenever I want.
But I can’t let Aura and the others worry so I stayed silent about it.
Everyone promised to keep my secret, so it shouldn’t be discovered.

There is one person I underestimated though. Who? Asha-san, of course.
Awaiting us at the guild wasn’t the injured subjugation members, nor was it the housewives. It was a smiling Asha-san.

“Arnest-san, can I have a moment?”

Ah, she’s totally angry. She’s being all formal and calling me Arnest.

“Arnest-san, do you know why I called you?”

The reason Asha-san is calling me over should be because I went home without doing anything yesterday, huh.

“Err.. because I didn’t help the subjugation yesterday?”
“No? It has nothing to do with that.”

Asha-san refutes my words with a smile still on her face.

“Um.. then….”

What else did I do to be called out like this? It shouldn’t be that I went to assault the goblins alone yesterday….. eh, it shouldn’t be, right…?

“You don’t know? Then shall I tell you?”

This Asha-san has a smile fixed on her face. It’s seriously scary.

“Then I’ll get to the point, that [Jet-black Saviour]-sama is you, right?”

I-I was exposed!! H-how come!?

“N-no? I-Ith’s no’ me!?”

Ah, I bit my tongue again. This feels like déjà vu.

“Really, is that so? I’ll believe you then but if that was a lie….. You understand the consequences, right? (smile)”
“I-I’m sorry!! It was a lie! It was me!!”
“Good. Ah, I just wanted to make sure. You don’t have to worry about it, okay?”

A-Asha-san is too scary….
Let’s not make her angry….. I’ll take this to heart.

“B-but how did you know it was me?”
“I know that much. Because in this town, the only one at that level is Nest.”
“Eh, but I’ve never fought monsters before though?”
“When I watched you cut off your hand last time, I had thought you were very good with a knife.”

S-so she thought such a thing. That’s incredible, Asha-san…. Even though I didn’t notice it at all…

“I know that Nest-san is strong but don’t be too reckless! Because even I will get worried….”
“Ah, yes. I’m sorry.”
“Jeez. Do you really understand??”

She glares at me with upturned eyes. I was surprised by Asha-san’s unusual actions.

“S-so even Asha makes that kind of face. Honestly, it’s unexpected but it’s c-cute, you know?”

I only realised that I was saying something embarrassing halfway through but I couldn’t leave my sentence unfinished! Or so I had thought, but I was so overcome by embarrassment that I ended up turning the last part into a question.

“W-what are you saying!? Please don’t say such strange things!!”

Leaving behind those words, Asha-san ran away. I really can’t match up to her, huh…..


I forgot to mention but the medical treatment for the subjugation party kept me so busy that I thought I’d die.

Chapter 12: It looks like…. I did it.

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It looks like…. I did it.


Spread before my eyes was an army of goblins.
I plunged in crazily by myself, but it’s not like I had no strategy.
I have my [Recovery Magic]. And it’s extraordinary.
Even if I get injured, I can just heal myself.

I approach within reach of the goblins.
There, I experienced a strange sensation. My hand.. seemed to be moving on its own.


When I look closely, my hand was thickly plastered in what appeared to be goblin blood. And behind me were the remains of a goblin that was split in half.
Somehow, it seems like…. I did it. But I don’t have time to think about that right now. Thousands of goblins had their attacks aimed at me.
They tried to attack me but I’ve been cutting my arm since forever so these attacks were all of no concern to me.

“H-huh!? Goblins are this weak!?”

I simply heal myself when my injuries pile up and then cut down goblins again.
I no longer pay attention to my hand moving by itself. I simply trace out the bodies of the goblins nearby. The goblins die just from that.


After many Heals, finally that appeared.
It clutched some kind of club in its gigantic hand.

“A Goblin King, huh….”

The other goblins attack simultaneously when the Goblin King’s roars.

“!? You bastards!!”

I cut down the oncoming goblins with my knife.
And again, more goblins die.

Finally, all that’s left there is the Goblin King and me.
I don’t know whether I killed all the goblins or whether the surviving goblins fled, but now the town should be fine.
Nevertheless, how was I able to kill all the goblins?
I never experienced fighting monsters before, even back at the village. The only think I can think of is that it’s the result of my special recovery magic training.

Because I always mangled my body, I forgot the [sensation of pain].
Because I always mangled my body, I learnt [how to use a knife].
Because I always mangled my body, I learnt [how to kill living things].

Most likely, it’s that sort of thing.

“Recovery magic is so useful. Heal.”

I heal the remaining bites and gashes on my body.
There’s only one enemy left: the Goblin King.
It took me by surprise with agile movements that did not match its large frame and I received a blow. My body flew into the air from this attack that normal goblins could not compare to, and yet I still didn’t register any pain.
I stand up while using Heal, and stare at the Goblin King.

“I feel bad for you guys, but I can’t let you pass. And so, please die.”

“Haa.. It’s good that I defeated them but how should I explain it?.”

I look towards the dead Goblin King lying on the ground and think about the subjugation party heading this way.

――――――[Adventurer POV]―――――――――――――――――――――――――――

When news of the monster outbreak came to be known, I joined the subjugation party as an adventurer.
Just the fact that I was among the adventurers boasts of my talent as it is. Even the subjugation party entrusted me with the important frontline.
The monster subjugation was unexpectedly difficult. And yet an unthinkable announcement came from the rear.

“Emergency! Emergency!! Another group of monsters have appeared on the opposite side of town!! It looks to be on the same scale as this one!!”

What!? These circumstances were tough enough already and now there’s the same thing happening on the opposite side!?
Nearly all of the skilled adventurers have come here. In other words, the town is practically defenceless.

“After we exterminate the army here, we’ll go rescue them!!”

That was what the commander said but I don’t see how we can make it in time.

We finished the extermination after a while so we head to the opposite side of town.

“Whoa, what kind of joke is this?”

When we arrived on the other side of town, the monsters were no longer there.
There was just a cloaked figure with a black hood. On the ground was what appeared to be a countless number of goblin corpses. When I looked closely, there was even the corpse of a Goblin King!
That indicated one thing. The army that took us tens of people to defeat was wiped out by a single person.
Even I got goosebumps.
That fellow suddenly opened his mouth.

“I’m indebted to this town, so please treat this as returning a favour.”

He returned to the town, leaving behind this one line.
Everyone in the subjugation party were left unable to move.

Rumours about that became the talk of the town.
In the rumours, that fellow became known as――――

―――[Jet-black Saviour]-sama.

Chapter 11: Well then, let’s go.

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Well then, let’s go.

That day was the same as usual, a monotonous day.. or so it should have been.
And yet, in my line of sight was an army of Goblins.
And leading them, was a Goblin King.
There was no one behind me. Aura and Lily, and Tré who usually follow me were not there.
How did it come to this?
To explain this, we’ll have to go back a few hours.

“Now then, let’s start for today!”

Saying that, I set up my [Starting medical treatment. The price will be negotiated after examining the injury] sign on the table.
Aura and Lily sort out the patients already lining up, and then Tré and I heal them.
My work has been a lot calmer since Tré came.
It seems Tré’s recovery magic is outstanding and she’s been working hard even though it’s not at my level.
Then, I catch sight of an adventurer party suddenly entering the guild. They look tense for some reason.

“Asha-san, is there something happening at the guild today?”

I ask Asha, who was passing by.

“Actually, there’s a large group of monsters near the village so today we’re putting together a subjugation party to exterminate them. I think all the guild members with the ability to will go.”

Isn’t that dangerous…? But even if I say so, it seems the members of this guild are unexpectedly outstanding somehow. I often receive monster meat from them.
By the time I could take a break from healing, the subjugation party had already departed.

“Well then, shall we have lunch too?”

Today we’re visiting the inn’s dining hall for the first time in a while. Unlike us amateurs, the cooking of a professional like Uncle is indeed a masterpiece.
Satisfied with a delicious lunch, we return to the guild but it was in disarray for some reason.

“Ah, Nest-san, so you guys were here!”

Asha-san approaches us with a somewhat flustered appearance.

“Er.. Did something happen?”
“Yes, well actually… the subjugation party came in contact with the swarm of monsters, but another group of monsters appeared on the other side of the town just now. It seems the subjugation party members are fighting the monsters and can’t return…..”
“Eh……. Isn’t that bad!?”
“It is bad!! The guild master has been discussing with the party leaders, but it looks like nothing can be done…. The subjugation party is doing their best but if they can’t make it in time…..”

Asha-san said, with a gloomy face.
Thinking about it normally, the likelihood of the subjugation party making it on time is low. They left before we went to lunch but it hasn’t even been two hours yet. Factor in the travel time and it’ll be even more unlikely.

“It would be good if we could help, but we don’t have any experience with monster subjugation….. I’m sorry…..”

Putting myself aside, I doubt Aura, Lily or Tré have fighting experience either. And we wouldn’t want to voluntarily put ourselves in danger.

“I guess.. that’s true….”

We left the guild, unable to endure the awkward atmosphere.
News of the monster swarms had already been transmitted to the masses and there were people packing their bags, people crying in front of their houses, all sorts of people.
The innkeepers who had looked after us were no exception.

“Nest, what will happen with us?”

Lily looked at me worriedly, but I couldn’t answer. Aura and Tré were also looking downcast.
With that, she probably guessed the answer. Lily had tears in her eyes.

“I don’t want that! I mean, everyone is so nice here! And yet.. and yet.. I don’t want everyone to leave! Hey, Nest, can’t you do anything!?”
“….Sorry. I want to help but there’s nothing we can do…..”

We’re just ordinary citizens who can’t fight, so all we can do is flee. If we could detain them, I suppose that would be the best action.

No, wait…..? Detaining them would be the best…..? So we don’t have to defeat them….?
……. In that case, isn’t there something even I can do?
Of course the risk is large, but if it can help the townspeople then isn’t that enough to bet on?

“Hey, sorry! I just remembered something, go on ahead of me!”

I send Aura and the others back first and quickly start preparing. My first stop is the Weapons store.
I arranged for armour that was easy to move in, and of course I didn’t forget to get a cloak to hide my face.

With my preparations in order, I head out of town. The large black dot I see in the distance is likely the swarm of monsters.

“Maybe I shouldn’t have done this…..”

I unintentionally let out a complaint.

“But if this can help the town then I’ll be satisfied, I guess…..”

Even if I said that, what’s scary is scary and I don’t want to do what I don’t want to do.
……Nevertheless, I don’t want to see everyone in the town crying, and I don’t want to see Asha-san’s gloomy face. Aura and the others’ crying is something I want to see even less.
There are many things I don’t want to do but even so, [Regret] is the one thing I don’t want so I will [Fight].

The distance to the monsters was gradually decreasing. It looks like the monsters are Goblins. Goblins can be considered small-fries by themselves but as you’d expect, a number like this is a wonder.
In my line of sight was an army of Goblins.
And a noticeably larger Goblin King could be seen leading them.
There was no one standing behind me but everyone was behind me. I have things I must protect.

I take out my trusty knife. The knife I used to cut my own body tens, hundreds, thousands of times.
And today this knife will cut an enemy for the first time.

“Well then, let’s go.”

I run towards the Goblin army, alone.

Chapter 10: It’s Checkmate!!

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It’s Checkmate!!

“So, let’s start….”
“Yeah, alright…..”
“The initial..! Emergency Family Meeting!!”

Right now we are gathered around a table in our newly purchased house. The reason goes without saying.
I am worried about who will do the cooking, cleaning and laundry. What I can do is probably the cleaning at most. I also think I can manage laundry if I try my best.
However, I definitely can’t handle the cooking. Back at the village, I lived at home so I relied on my parents for everything.
“Among you guys, is there anyone who can cook…..?”

How about Aura? Ah, it’s no good, she averted her eyes.
What about Lily! She has question marks floating above her head so she’s no good either.
I-it’s alright, there’s still Tré!

“I’m sorry, Master….. I’ve.. never cooked before so….”

Tré looked despondent at my hopeful gaze.

“Y-you don’t have to be so worried about it, Tré.”
“But.. from today on.. what should we eat…..?”

That’s it, what should we do about this real life issue? It’s a little far away to eat in town every meal.
Besides, I’m also concerned that we won’t have a balanced diet if we eat out.

“It’ll also take time if we employ someone now.”

It’s just like Aura says. Even if I buy a slave, there’s a lot of preparation to be done first.

“It’s checkmate!!”

We have no more moves. I’m in despair! Let’s go ask Asha-san! She might even make something for us!

“Master…. Actually, I came across this yesterday…..”

While I was thinking of asking Asha-san, Tré puts a leaflet on the table.

[We’re hosting a cooking class!! Those of you who can’t cook, those of you who want to improve your cooking!! We will grant those wishes of yours!!]

I-is this from God, what good timing!!

“This is it!! Let’s all go now!”
“Eeh!? We have to go too!?”
“Of course! Because then we can have a rotation system!”


“Now then, I’ll be starting the cooking class~”

We are now at the cooking class. It looks like there are other interested parties besides us and there are quite a large number of people gathered.

“Today, we- what! The popular Arnest-san has also come today so welcome~!”

Oh, who is……i-it’s me!? I’m popular now!?
The nearby housewives’ eyes were sparkling with an ‘Oh my,’ feeling.

“Th-this is embarrassing….”


With this and that, we continued attending the cooking classes and managed to acquire a cooking skill to some extent.
Lily even makes our dinner now.
Tré was the only one who still can’t cook. I expected her to be the first to learn it but it seems she’s poor at cooking.
Tré still continues to go attend the cooking classes now so I think she will eventually be able to do it.


Today is the day we go grocery shopping. Together with Lily, I buy one week’s worth of vegetables.
I met the inn’s postergirl-san midway but we managed to acquire our food without any particular problems.
Lately, I get a lot of bonus service from quite a lot of shopkeepers. They wave their hands while laughing and say that it’s in return for all the healing. As for me, I’m very happy about it.

“Nest sure is popular! Everyone is waving their hand for you!”
“No, everyone’s just nice.”
“Even so, Nest is still a popular person!”

We were chatting happily on the way home.

“It would be good if these days last forever!”

Really, it would be great if this daily life continues for a long time.
I ended up thinking such out-of-character thoughts.
Lily was in charge of dinner that night and as expected, Lily’s cooking was delicious.


――――――However, none of us noticed the gradual approach of an oncoming  threat to our daily life.