Chapter 16: M-my hand is reacting!?

It looks like Nest isn’t worried about his manlihood….

M-my hand is reacting!?

After leaving the castle, I first headed out of the capital.
I walk for a while outside the capital and then check to make sure no one is around.
Since the matter with the goblins, I haven’t had a proper chance to test out my new skills.
Even if I’m going to sneak into the castle later, I have to make sure of my own strengths to some degree.

My first test was [supposing that that is the result of my special training in recovery magic, can I really use it?].
A number of monsters were living in the outskirts of the capital. Right at that moment, a small group of goblins appeared. They appeared to be transporting something and stopped when they noticed me.
Confronting these goblins, I prepared my trusty knife.
……… Little by little, the feeling of my arm moving by itself appeared, just like last time.
In that instant, a goblin came charging at me and I separated its arm from its body with my knife.

Thinking that this response could be due to the fact that goblins had a humanoid figure, I found other monsters to test it on but I was able to cut off their limbs as well.
Like this, I understood that the answer to my first question was [I can use it].

Next is testing [whether that sensation will respond to non-living things].
I picked up a relatively large rock and threw it overhead.
The rock fell but that [reaction] didn’t appear at all.
The result: it didn’t react to [non-living] things.

After that was [can I use something other than a knife?].
I first tried wielding a sword dropped by the goblin I killed. I fought a number of monsters and discovered that I can use it somehow, but using my knife is easier.
Then, I tried using a tree branch that fell. I stare at the goblin in front, thinking that it was probably impossible without a blade of some sort.
….Huh? M-my hand is reacting!?
Being oblivious to this, the goblin charged at me like the goblin from before.
……My hand moves on its own.
I had thought there was no way a tree branch could defeat them, but behind me were its severed limbs and the dead goblin collapsed onto the ground.
As one would expect, even I was surprised. A tree branch with no blade was able to do this sort of thing.
I attempted it several times after that but the results were the same, I could cut off the limbs of goblins and other monsters with just a tree branch.
Even I had no idea how that came to be, but I’m honestly very pleased that I can fight with a tree branch if the time comes to that.
Afterwards, I went a little overboard and did in all the monsters……

What I concluded from these experiments was that I could certainly use other weapons but my knife was the easiest to use, and I can fight with a tree branch in the worst situation.


The final test was [the extent of pain I feel].
Although I had only been moving my [hand] when fighting the monsters just now, my body wasn’t at that level and I occasionally received a few attacks.
I didn’t feel any pain then but I’m experimenting with it just to make sure.
Just like in the past, I started with my finger but I only felt a little itch.
Next, I cut off my arm – this was also done in the past – and because it only itched a little, I also cut off my leg. It was the same as well.
Cutting my head or neck would indeed be scary so I left that alone but I cut everything else with no exception and still only felt itching.
As a result, I understood that everything else was fine, but the head and neck were unknown.


With this, I had finished all my tests for the time being so I cleaned up while healing myself and returned to the district.
I didn’t know what to do with the monsters’ corpses though……

61 thoughts on “Chapter 16: M-my hand is reacting!?

    1. Why not though? The best kill is overkill, and where you can’t get overkill you should at least try to make something horribly degrading and mocking for your enemies to receive happen to them whenever you can!

      Liked by 5 people

      1. What are you talking about, There is no such thing as overkill! 😀 As long as you make sure your enemy is dead, going over the top makes it even better! >:D

        Liked by 2 people

        1. That’s overkill. When you go over the top even though you know your enemy is going to die anyways just to be flashy it’s overkill, and overkill is the best kill! There’s nothing like fucking around with enemies you know have a 0% chance of survival and striking despair into the very depths of their being!


      1. I read that “Surgeon Simulator.” I kind of want to see the gif changed to a tacky surgeon simulator gameplay gif of slicing everything to ribbons.


      1. However remember that Shiki’s version also destroys the soul and can sever even existence, although wouldn’t that cause some weird problems with time streams?


  1. i hope there will come a point where mc stops cutting himself up to “test” things. after cutting himsef up so much, he should know what it feels like already.


  2. So… He chopped off his D? And he’s still fine after that? And it healed? This… This guy is a MONSTER! *screams in a girly voice while flailing wildly*


  3. It wouldve been funny if the author addes some things like

    Next i suddenly felt my d* becomes itchy, i tried cutting it off, but of course that itchy feeling is the same as well. Ive healed it and cut it off again and again but The i get the same result, but suddenly my b*lls got itchy now and of course i cut it as well, i got depressed cos I got the reaction as well. But I suddenly realize i looked like some bisexual person. Seeing my d* scattered around the place and my b*lls there on the ground i left the place

    This would lol’d me for seeing such a maso mc to a crazy level 🙂


  4. I attempted it several times after that but the results were the same, I could cut off the limbs of goblins and other monsters with just a tree branch.

    Really? Did he infuse some chi or magic into it unconsciously? Haah… I’ve seen some protagonists do that before.

    Really though, the next guys that arrive at that location is going to get seriously creeped out. Shitloads of dead monsters with their limbs cut off cleanly and even some legs, arms and fingers from a human, perhaps even the D if he really cut off everything except for his neck/head.


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