Chapter 22: Thank you very much!!

Since I don’t plan on TLing another chapter today, I decided to merge the last paragraph with the next chapter because it’s a better place to stop. (It changes POV for the last paragraph and ends with a cliff-hanger). There’ll probably only be 1~2 chapters tomorrow cos I’ll be cramming for exam the next day, but I’ll be picking up the pace after that for my Mid-sem break ~^^~

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Thank you very much!!

“……t, …st!”

……Who is it..? I was sleeping so soundly……
With the events from yesterday, even if I’m not that bad with mornings normally, it was hard for me today.

“Nest, wake up!”
“……mn. So it’s Aura. I still want to sleep……”
“It’s not the time for that!! Lily has gone……”

Seeing me still sleeping, Aura snatched my blanket away.

“……Hey? Why would Lily be in Nest’s bed, I wonder?”

Her voice was chilly. In that instant, my sleepiness was blown away and was instead replaced by cold sweat flowing down my back.


I timidly look at the bed and see Lily sleeping. And furthermore, she was clinging to me.
Thinking back to last night, I certainly did feel like Lily had crawled into my bed……

“……Th-this LOLICOOONNNN!!!”
“I-I’m sorrrryyyyy!!!”

Luckily, Lily was still clinging to me so I passed through that situation unharmed.
Lily, thank you very much!!
……Well, this was also all Lily’s fault though.


We were in the middle of sightseeing in the capital. Since we were already here, we followed Lily’s idea of playing around a little and were thus walking around aimlessly.
On my cheek was a bright red handprint. Needless to say, it was Aura’s doing.
While I was feeling relieved about not being hit, Lily woke up and separated from me. Then I was suddenly hit.

“Jeez, don’t you know how to hold back?”
“It was my bad, okay? But you two suddenly sleeping together really surprised me.”
“Hmm.. So it was that sort of thing?”

We were strolling around the capital while chatting nonchalantly. As one would expect of the capital, it was more crowded than the town. There were plenty of street stands and the inn was also spacious.

“Lily, Tré, is there anything you guys want to eat…. They’re not here!?”
“Eh, no way!?”

Looking back over my shoulder, I notice that Tré and Lily were gone.

“But well, it should be fine since Tré is there. They should be returning to the inn when it gets late anyway.”

If Lily was on her own, we’d immediately turn around and look for her but fortunately, Tré was smart and carried some money on her.

“Then let’s just go around with just us two.”

It seemed like Aura’s face turned slightly red, but I can just use my recovery magic if she gets a fever.


Aura and I had fun touring around the capital while partly searching for Lily and Tré.
It was soon midday and I felt it was a good time so we decided to have lunch.

“……Come to think of it, I never asked before but how did you end up becoming a slave?”

It’s already been quite some time since Aura and the others became a slave but I still haven’t heard the details.
With it suddenly on my mind, I boldly decide to ask as we waited for the food we ordered.
……There was a short period of silence, and then Aura started to speak.

“The reason I became a slave was――”