Chapter 28: You’re our enemy!!

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You’re our enemy!!

A week has passed since the start of our training where we are primarily being hit by Dude-sensei. I have recovery magic so there are no injuries left on our faces.
So far there hasn’t been a single person who has been able to avoid Dude-sensei’s attacks, but everyone has experienced their respective growths.

“Alright, from today we’ll be doing a different training!! For one week, I will have you guys take on quests from the guild!!”
“The guild……?”
“Yea, I’ll have ya guys defeat monsters like goblins an’ such. Ya can go alone or make a party. It’s fine as long as ya defeat a monster.”


……And thus we came to the guild.

“Nest-san, good morning!”

When I enter the guild, Asha-san approaches me as usual.

“Huh, have the adventurer classes ended?”
“No, we’re supposed to take on guild quests for a week……”

The people I have been happily chatting with before we came to the guild, now looked on silently while I was getting along with Asha-san.

“Well then, when you decide on a quest, please bring it over.”

Saying that, Asha-san returned to the reception desk. I feel the gazes at my back and slowly turn around.

“I was thinking of partying with you but I’ve changed my mind”
“””Me too.”””

Sure enough, they said that sort of thing.

“Hey, we don’t have that kind of relationship, okay!? I’ve been such a bother to her too, and I can’t help it because of my work.”

And I made such a bad first impression too……

“I-is that so…… That’s good then. We really are comrades!”
“That’s right!”

My words succeeded and the feelings of not partying with me seemed to mitigate.

“Ah, but this guy always has three girls accompanying him. And they’re quite the beauties.”
“”””You’re our enemy!!””””


――In the end, there wasn’t a single person remaining and I was left to take on quests by myself…..

Although I was alone, I couldn’t just do nothing after all, so I check the bulletin board to see what quests there were.
The quests ranged from [Herb Picking] to [Monster Subjugation], and even [Cleaning the Town].
The training this time is monster subjugation, so I’ll accept the others quests again when I feel inclined.
In terms of monster subjugation, there were quests for monsters such as Goblins, Orcs and Ogres. In regards to monsters I could handle safely by myself, it would be the goblins I have already defeated before.
I’ve never seen the other monsters before, and I don’t know how strong they are.
Luckily, the goblin subjugation quest is located near the town so if I leave now, I should have enough time to finish by evening.


I bring the goblin subjugation request to the reception desk where Asha-san is.

“Um.. I’ll go with this please.”
“Understood. Nest-san should be fine if it’s just goblins, but please take care, okay?”

Asha-san warns me, almost looking like she intends to leave her post.

“This is Nest-san’s first quest so I will have to issue a Guild Card for you.”
“Guild Card?”
“Yes, this card serves as identification and denotes your status as a guild member. You can also receive a 10% discount for weapons and armour by showing this card.”
“What happens if I lose it?”
“I’m afraid you will have to reissue it in that case. It is issued to you for free the first time, but there will be a handling charge of 200 thousand En when reissuing so please be careful.”
“Understood. Umm… Is there anything else I should know?”
“There’s only one more thing. It seldom happens, but you may be summoned by the guild.”
“By summoned, you mean……”
“For example, to form a subjugation party for something like the monster attack from before. Of course, you will only be called if they believe you have the ability though.”
“By the way, is there a penalty for refusing or something?”
“No, they won’t force you to choose. You may be risking your life so they won’t say anything unreasonable…… Nevertheless, most people accept the summons and that helps a lot.”

……After asking a few more questions, I manage to obtain a Guild Card without any problems.


Around me were the corpses of several goblins.
Until now, I’ve just left the corpses as they are but according to Asha-san, ‘it’s necessary to bring part of the subjugated monster back as proof’. I cut off the Goblins ears as the proof.

“Ughh.. It really is disgusting.”

I’ve been cutting down the enemies with my arm moving automatically, but it’s somewhat disgusting when I intentionally cut them myself. Somehow my arm doesn’t react to non-living beings so I have do it myself in the end.

With my hand dyed in goblin blood from cutting off their ears, I return to town.

39 thoughts on “Chapter 28: You’re our enemy!!

    1. I wonder how the king’s castle reacted to the incident. Knights showed up to stop MC, had their arms cut off, then a new one grown. They could have thought of it as a bad dream but one look at the bodiless arms on the floor would have woken them up

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      1. I know right. This guy is super terrifying when u think about it. “somehow my arm doesn’t react to non-living beings,” Are u the grimreaper?!

        Liked by 2 people

      1. Yeah, but eventually he runs out of people to heal. He never seems to run out of mana though, so he can usually keep healing. He would just need to keep one goblin alive, and keep chopping its ears off, then healing it, until he gets at all tired, which could take a really, really long time. It’s still probably not the best use of his time, since it’s tedious and ultimately pointless, since if he brought back a thousand goblin ears people would know that something strange was going on.

        That said, the reissuing fee for the Guild Card seems high, 200k? Granted, Nest can make a million a day, but I thought he was outside the norm in that respect. Tre cost 5 million when he bought her from the slave dealer.


  1. Hope you have a nice sleep kooki, thanks for the chapter and as the usual term goes, “Raijuus should die”. Petty thing known as envy and jealousy. Why not just aspire to be better to attain a similar status instead of wasting energy hating. Oops… Did that slip out of my mouth? uuu

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  2. In terms of monster subjugation, there were quests for monsters such as Goblins, Orcs and Ogres. In regards to monsters I could handle safely by myself, it would be the goblins I have already defeated before.
    I’ve never seen the other monsters before, and I don’t know how strong they are.

    Really? because I’m 99% sure that he tested out killing other monsters outside the capital when testing out what his arm reacted to and what he could kill with it. From what I understand he killed many monsters of different types there before going back into the capital. At least more than only goblins.


  3. Umm, I’m actually more curious about the adventure system in this novel. Isn’t being an adventurer a free occupation? This seems like some kind of forced conscription right?


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