Chapter 51: Actually, it’s my first time.

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Actually, it’s my first time


I am currently humming while preparing breakfast.
For the sake of not repeating yesterday’s tragedy, breakfast duty was switched from Tré and now I am in charge of cooking.

“G-good morning.”

When I turned around because of the beautiful, clear voice I heard, it appeared that the saint had awakened and she was standing there.

“Ah, good morning Saint-sama.”

Although I was surprised at the sudden appearance of the saint, properly returning her greeting was good etiquette.

“Um, I’ve been thinking for a while, but you stopped using honorifics in order to conceal that I’m the saint, didn’t you…?”
“Eh, well, I guess so……?
“Then, wouldn’t calling me [Saint-sama] defeat that purpose?”

Now that you mention it, that’s certainly true. Or rather, what was it that I wanted to do?

“Er.. Well then, Luna……?”

I frantically tried to recall the saint’s real name, that she had supposedly told me yesterday, from the depths of my memory.

“Yes, please use that.”


On that note, I realise that I haven’t introduced myself yet and so I do so in a rush.

“M-my name is Arnest. Those who I’m close to, or rather, recently nearly everyone has been calling me Nest.”
“Understood. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Nest-san.”
“Ah, yeah, nice to meet you……”

She seemed to have said my name cheerfully but as expected, her beauty could compete for the first or second position among the people I’ve met until now, so I unintentionally averted my eyes when replying.

“Um.. And so, what are you doing now, Nest-san?”

Since we were able to verify the manner of calling each other’s names, I thought she would leave just like that. But the person in question, Luna, looked at my cooking figure with a very curious look on her face.

“…… ask what, but I’m just cooking though.”

I replied as such, with the implication of ‘to think you really didn’t know?’

“……I-I do know that much, and even I can do it!”

Maybe because she noticed me slyly implying such a meaning in my words, Luna did a complete change from the cheerful mood she had until just now and scowled at me.

“Heh, then do you want to try?”

By all means, I’d like to try the cooking made by the saint, Luna.
After I promptly cleaned up what I was making just now, I turn the kitchen over to Luna.


And then she started cooking in silence.


……I wonder what she’s going to make here.
I watched from behind as Luna was cooking, but I couldn’t understand what she wanted to make at all.
It wasn’t something that that could be seen from its appearance, and yet it wasn’t something that could be grasped from its aroma either.
Thinking that I might not be able to taste it when she’s finished cooking if I look any more than this, I quietly sat on a chair and laid my head on the table.

“…… t-san…… st-san.. Nest-san.”

When I opened my eyes, a dazzling light entered my vision.
It seems that I had fallen asleep while waiting for the cooking to be finished.

“I-it’s done.”

Saying that, Luna put the plate, on which she probably served the cooking, on the table.
……I wonder what it is.
I couldn’t grasp what it was during its creation, but even now I am unable to guess what she has made.

“Th-then I’ll have a bite.”

Though I felt nervous, I slowly ate a mouthful of Luna’s cooking.

“H-how is it……?”

Luna requested my impressions but, this is……terrible……
And what’s worse is that unlike Tré, it’s not at a level that can’t be eaten.

“……Luna, the things you’ve cooked until now are……?”
“I-I’m sorry. This is.. my first time…”

From the looks of that cooking, whether it be fact or whatever, it could be immediately understood that this was a beginner’s level of cooking.

“Sigh, then it would have been fine to just say that from the start.”

While feeling despondent, Luna timidly takes a bite of her own cooking.

“Uu, this tastes really bad……”

And just from eating one mouthful, both of us avoided eating any more of it.
However, it might be due to her being greatly frustrated at the results of her own cooking, but even now she had her head cast down while staring at her cooking, with a mood like she was going to burst into tears.

“Sigh, Luna.”

While breathing a sigh, I called out to the gloomily sitting Luna.

“……What is it?”

Finally taking her eyes off her own cooking, she turned her weepy-looking face towards me.

“Ah, if you’re fine with something simple, I can teach you to cook, but will you try?”

This was probably the best consolation I could do for the sad Luna. Luna can decide for herself whether she will do it or not.

“Is that true!?”

Just now, her face brightened up with the hope of possibly being able to become able to cook while looking at me. It seemed like it was a success.

“Well even though I said I’ll teach you, we first need to clean up.”


“I-I did it……!!”

That was the nth time since I first started teaching Luna to cook.
Laying on the table in front of our eyes was, a misshapen and yet something that could properly pass as cooking was sitting there.
Even the scent entering my nose, was aromatic.

“Th-then let’s try eating it.”

And then, we both simultaneously had a bite of it.
After fully savouring it with our tastebuds, we finally swallowed.

“……It’s normal.”
“……It is normal.”
“Which means…..?”
“…………It’s a success!!”

To be honest, it was probably below-average.
However, Luna, who has never cooked until today, has grown this much.
We were both filled with delight as we ate all the remains.

“Haa, isn’t that good, you’ve come to be able to cook.”
“Yes!! It really is good!!”

Luna nodded while smiling her biggest smile to date. This time I didn’t turn away and managed to return the smile properly.

“Well then, it should be alright to leave the other two’s portions up to you, Luna.”
“Yes, please leave it to me!!”

Having left the cooking to Luna, I stood up from my seat and was about to head to the room to wake up the still sleeping king and Tré, but when I realised, Tré was already standing behind me.


Tré continued standing silently.

“Oh, well if isn’t it Tré. You happened to wake up and come at the right moment so I was surprised.”

Even though she should have heard my voice, Tré was looking down silently.

“Er… Tré……?”

I timidly call out to Tré who was unlike usual.

“…………What I wasn’t able to manage so far, is indeed possible normally……”

Hearing Tré’s words, I finally understood the reason for Tré’s strange state.
Tré, who had been continuously practicing until now, felt down about the fact that Luna easily surpassed her.
We probably didn’t realise, but Tré might have been watching our situation from even earlier on.
……N-now then, how should I console her…….
If I say something clumsily then it might have the opposite effect.


Having found the words I ought to say right now, I gently grasped Tré’s shoulder.


Tré also stares back fixedly at me.
The words I ought to say right now are――

“Everyone is suited for different things, so it can’t be helped.”



Tré confined herself in her room for quite a while.

Chapter 50: My Beloved Little Sister

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My beloved little sister

“Shit, Shit!!

Currently, I was cursing in a long corridor, shrouded in darkness.

“……Princess, we have secured the criminal suspected of treason. We’re waiting for your next order.”


Suddenly, a part of the darkness was distorted, and out of it, my own subordinate appeared and reported.

“I’ll head there immediately.”

In the room I was brought to by my subordinate, there was a single man constricted by sturdy chains.

“Hey you, where did you take my little sister.”

I grabbed that man by the lapels and shook him with force.

“Like hell I’m going to tell you!”

I lifted up the man’s body while giving him a chilling glare to show that I could kill him any time I wanted.

“…..I-I just did it because I was ordered to……”
“I didn’t ask about that!! Hurry up an’ tell me where my little sister is!!”
“S-she’s in the humans’ country!!”

In front of the enraged me, the man all too quickly leaked the information and desperately struggled to distance himself from me, but on top of being restrained, he had been grabbed by the collar so it was all in vain.

“The humans’ country, you say……?”

In the past, I have been brought along several times to the humans’ country.
Even now, I remember the good public order they had despite the huge amount of people there. Upon hearing that my little sister was located there, it was only a little but I was able to feel relief.
If it’s the humans’ country, even my oblivious and innocent little sister is likely to be safe.

“……And so, you sent her to the humans’ country?”
“Ehh…… Ah……uU.”

However, the man seemed hesitant to say any more, he tried to talk but by no means did anything come out afterwards.

“Aren’t ya gonna hurry up and speak!!!!”

At that time, the man’s collar rips.
I probably put too much power in my grip by mistake, losing my patience at the man who seemed to continue not talking like that indefinitely.

“A-actually, when I sent her to the humans’ country, I.. I made her take a poison designed to put her to death……”
“What’d ya say!?”

Then I don’t have the time to be doing this now, do I!?

As fast as possible, I must locate her and somehow cure her.

“Princess, what shall I do with this fellow.”
“……We might still be able to get some information from him. Leave him as he is for a while. After this, I must head to the humans’ country for a while.”

After I left word with my subordinate who was handling the treatment of the man, I made my preparations and departed from the castle towards the humans’ country within the day.



I’m coming to save you soon, so just wait a little bit longer!!


My beloved little sister, Lily――

Chapter 49: The Saint’s Recovery Magic is a Degraded Version of Mine

Next chapter is a new arc.

The Saint’s Recovery Magic is a Degraded Version of Mine


When the saint’s gaze met with mine, she let out a frightened voice and prepared to scream.


Before she could do that, I rotate my body and immediately close the room door.
Well, how should I put it…… I never thought the guest Tré told me about referred to the [Saint]-sama.
Nevertheless, I wonder if she perhaps came her from the capital by herself.

“……U-um… Might you still be there……?”

While I was thinking about one thing or another, a small voice called out from within the room.

“A-ah, yes. I’m here, more or less.”
“……Ah, um.. I’ve finished changing so it’s alright to come in now.”

Having received permission to enter from the Saint, I cautiously open the door.
……However, there is one thing I must be careful of when talking to the saint.
That is, I mustn’t let the Saint realise that I know her true identity.

“Um.. Nice to meet you. My name is Luna. I am serving as the current [Saint].”

……Oblivious of that needless anxiety of mine, the Saint unexpectedly divulges her own identity at once.

“H-huh, is it alright to simply reveal that you are the [Saint] just like that?”

I thought for sure that the attire she wore for the charity work in the past, was to hide her identity though……


Hereupon, the Saint sunk into silence and started to pale.

“W-was that no good, perhaps…………?”

And then asks me with a pale face.

“Ah, indeed, it might be better not to say it from now on. I won’t tell anyone so you can rest assured though.”
“Th-thank you very much. B-but I was also going to ask that of you anyway.”

I took her into consideration when I said that, but it seems this saint might have a strong competitive spirit.
In that case, I wonder if there’s any means of making use of that in reverse……

“Then it’s better that I don’t use honorifics either, right? Since I don’t know what might cause you to be exposed.”
“Well, I don’t mind.”
“And so, how did you come here? From the looks of it, you don’t have any escorts or anything.”

Having received the Saint’s acknowledgement, I promptly ask what was on my mind, without using any honorific speech.

“……That’s.. I did bring several escorts in the beginning, but they were attacked by a crimson dragon en route.”

Ah.. Huh? That crimson dragon, it couldn’t possibly be the one we saw, right……?

“Normally there shouldn’t be any reason for a dragon to appear in such a place, so it might have been that the dragon had just finished recuperating from an injury by some chance and we just happened to be unlucky to encounter it.”

Yup, that was probably the one I healed.

“I-it must have been tough.”

I frantically feign calmness so she wouldn’t sense my trembling.

“My escorts played the decoy and let me go on ahead so I was able to come all the way here, but I’m worried about my escorts so……”
“I-is that so.”

Really, I pray for the safety of those escorts from the bottom of my heard.

“Also, speaking of which, why did you come here?”

I asked her how she came here some time ago, but I didn’t get to hear her reason for coming.

“Th-that is……”

When the Saint attempted to say something, the king’s yell was heard from outside the room.

I completely forgot about it, but I’m sure he started to eat Tré’s cooking just then.

“Just now, that was… Father!!?”
“Ah.. Hey!”

I chase after the Saint who swiftly flew out of the room, and head to where Tré and the king were.
When I caught up to the saint, on the floor of the room was the saint, who was casting recovery magic on the collapsed, with the whites of his eyes showing, king, and Tré was sitting in the corner of the room, hugging her knees.

“Heal! ……As I expected, Heal won’t do…… In that case, Death Poison, Refresh, High Heal!!”

It seems as though her wave of three consecutive healing spells succeeded, and although the king didn’t regain consciousness, his expression looked more at ease.

“Haa, with this I can rest assured. ……Oh?”

After the healing, it seems Tré’s cooking had been projected in the Saint’s gaze.

“Come to think of it, I still haven’t eaten anything. It looks like Father has also partaken, so I will also partake as well, okay?”

If she thought about it calmly, she should have realised the reason behind the king collapsing, but the saint had it tough, having been worn out and her judgement also faltering.


Before I could stop her, the Saint had a taste of the cooking and followed the same path as the king had before.
Even her especially beautiful eyes had rolled over, and I once again felt the horror of Tré’s cooking……


Knowing that she was the one to cause this situation, Tré had stayed in the corner the whole time.

“……Tré, everyone makes mistakes. I-it’s okay to try again n-next time.”

After comforting Tré, I approach the collapsed saint and perform healing on her.


Tré’s cooking was so potent that the Saint’s recovery treatment couldn’t handle it.
However, the saint, whose eyes were rolled over in pain with the whites of her eyes showing, calmed down and returned to her original beautiful face the moment I cured her.

“Sigh, as expected, it becomes like that…….”

As I expected, it only took me one try.
In regards to the Saint’s recovery magic being a degraded version of mine in all appearances,
Someone tell me the meaning of this!!
And while you’re at it, do something about this situation!!
While looking at the two on the floor, I grumble in secret―――

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Chapter 48: Yeah, sorry. That’s impossible.

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Yeah, sorry. That’s impossible.

The king was still standing with his hand extended out to me.
I didn’t know what’s what, but I can’t leave the situation as it is, so I timidly grab that extended hand in return.


The moment I grasped it, the king’s body shook with a start, and he grasped my hand tightly for several seconds before slowly releasing it.
The king finally straightens his back as well, and his eyes overflow with joy like a little kid as he looks at his own hand.

“Err… Why did you……?”

I asked the king, who showed no signs of returning from that situation no matter how much time passed.
In reaction to those words, the king slowly looks back at me.

“Th-that earring……”

……Ah, come to think of it, I received this earring from a servant girl at the castle when I healed her, but perhaps the king knew of that girl.
In that case, the fact that I possess the earring that the [Jet-black Saviour] who infiltrated in the middle of the night should have had meant that I was the [Jet-black Saviour].

“……My daughter.”

Wh-what did he say just now? The king’s daughter. In other words, the Saint……?

“Y-you’re the [Jet-Black Saviour], right……?

……Should I answer honestly here, or should I play dumb?
To be honest, if it’s just the servant girl’s earring then it might be fine to say I bought it from a shop near there, but if it was possessed by the Saint then there’s no way I could have bought it from a shop near there.

“No, I understand it!! That saving people without exposing your identity is a man’s romance!! I’m sorry for just now!! But I won’t reveal your identity to anyone, so please don’t worry!!”

But while I was troubled about whether or not to say it, the king enthusiastically started talking for some reason.

“C-calm down for the moment!”

Despite it being the middle of the night, he was talking in such a loud voice so I obviously had him stop.

“Ah!! My apologies, for me of all people to have lost my composure like that……”

Well, if someone you admired to even go so far as to attach -sama to their name appeared before you, everyone would probably become like this no matter who they were but……

“Ah, well, I guess so. It’s true that I’ve been called the [Jet-black Saviour] but I’m not really such an amazing person. Please don’t use formal language either.”
“Wha!? For an insect like me to speak to the [Jet-Black Saviour]-sama informally is……”

No, aren’t you the king!?

“Well, er.. Look, just like your majesty said before, I don’t want to be so conspicuous. And yet, if the king starts using honorifics for me just from using mere recovery magic, wouldn’t I stand out no matter how much I dislike it? Therefore, consider it for my sake, okay?”

However, it might be that the king greatly deifies the [Jet-Black Saviour] deep inside, but he doesn’t seem to acknowledge it no matter how much time passes.
But I can’t leave it like this is either……

“W-well then, if you stop speaking formally, then I’ll listen to any one thing you ask.”

The king reveals an even larger reaction than during the handshake before.

“I-is that for real!?”
“Yeah, it’s real. Well, it’s only if you stop with the formalities though.”
“I-I will stop!! I will stop speaking formally!!”
“You’ll stop……?”

The king finally assents, but I corner him further.

“I’m stopping!! I won’t use formal language!!

After much difficulty, I managed to succeed in making him completely stop speaking formally to me.

“So, what do you want from me?”

And thus, I was about to listen to one of the king’s requests like I promised, but the king’s face was covered in a large smile.
Ah…… something bad is coming.

“P-please make me your disciple!!”
“Yeah, sorry. That’s impossible.”

Just now, the king’s face steeped with despair.


Well no matter what, you are the king, right? Where would you find someone who would take in a king as a disciple……

“A-at least think about it a little!! After all, I finally stopped the formalities, you know!?”
“Mnn, that’s true……”
“U-until tomorrow morning at least!! Think about it until tomorrow morning!! Because I’ll ask you again then!!”

Due to the king’s strong wishes, I was made to think about the matter until tomorrow.
However, if I refuse and the king reveals the [Jet-Black Saviour]’s identity then it would be terrible. Ah, it’s too troublesome to think about it now so I’ll just think about it just before bed……
Reaching a pause in the conversation, we head towards my house.
It’s annoying to go back to the guild now so we decided on my house, which was relatively close.

“Ah, come to think of it……”
“Hm, what is it?”
“Would it be better to remove this earring?”

Until now, I didn’t think anything special of it and just put it on, but it did cause my identity to be revealed……

“Hmmm, there are only a few people in the kingdom who know about this earring.”

If it’s just living a normal life, I would hardly be worried, but I’m not guaranteed to be the only exception.

“If you’re worried, then I suppose taking it off just in case is also an option.”
“Understood. Then I guess I’ll remove it.”

I also agreed with the king’s advice so I remove the earring attached to my ear, and put it in my pocket.


“I’m home, Tré.”

When we return to my house, had come to the entrance to greet us.

“Welcome home, Master……And that person is…?”

It seems she never met him when she was still a noble, and meeting the king for the first time and not knowing who he was, she tilts her head in puzzlement.

“Ah, he’s an acquaintance from town.”

It might be found out later anyway, but thinking it didn’t really have to be so late at night, I told a lie.
Since I didn’t hear anything from the person himself, the king probably didn’t mind.

“I see, is Master and his companion hungry……?

Tré asks me, but luckily I had eaten before coming so I wasn’t hungry.
The king, however…

“Actually, I haven’t eaten anything so I’ll be grateful if I could have something to eat.”

……As I expected. After all, he never appeared at the banquet.
But, my condolences. Since he’ll be eating Tré’s cooking.
……Tré went to the cooking classes, and it’s true that she continued to improve.
That was, the unappetisingness of her cooking did――

“Th-then I’ll be returning to my room first, so……”
“Ah, Master!!”

When I try to hurry to my room, Tré called out to me.
……Wh-what is it?

“Actually, a guest came just now, but the guest was tired so I put them in the largest room, Master’s room, because I thought Master wouldn’t return home. Was that okay…..?”
“Ah, it’s fine. Thanks for dealing with them.”

As a reward, I pat her head.
Recently, this is what I’ve been doing to reward Lily and Tré. Somehow she seemed happy with that, and closed her eyes in pleasure.

……Nevertheless, it was good. It was really good that she didn’t say to eat together or something.
I think I might have heard a shout from behind me, but I opened the door to my own room to grab new clothes in order to change my dirty clothes for the time being.


I did indeed hear from Tré that there was a guest, but I forgot to ask whether they were male or female.
Inside was, perhaps she was in the middle of changing clothes or something, but there was a naked girl.
Moreover, that girl was someone I recognised.

“Uhh, you……”

The one there was the girl I healed in the one room I found when running about the castle.
In other words, it was the [Saint]-sama――

Chapter 47: The Jet-Black Saviour has Arrived!!

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The Jet-Black Saviour has Arrived!!

“In commemoration of the ogre subjugation, Cheers!!”

Right now, I was participating in the party held at the guild.
When I first returned to the guild after the battle with Weiss, I was scolded by Asha-san for following the enemy to a place we would be alone. After that, I healed all those injured, not as the [Jet-Black Saviour], but as [Arnest].
Then, we cleaned up the blood-stained guild and have now reached this point.
In reality, the matter with Weiss is yet to be settled, but we should just enjoy ourselves for now.

“Hell yeah guys, let’s do a lotta drinkinggggg!!”

As expected of adventurers, the way they get excited at these times is different.
Ah, by the way, although I said I’m participating in the guild’s party, I still haven’t eaten or drunken anything.
……What am I doing then? That would be [cooking].
The events this time were unknown to almost everyone but the adventurers, so they weren’t invite.
Thus, the number of people who could cook were inevitably few so…..
It’s true that sort of thing would be considered typical in regards to whether it is adventurer-like though.
The ones cooking were two groups: Lily and I, and Aura and Asha-san.
Asha-san was quick in sensing the awkward atmosphere between Aura and I, and made these groups.
T-Tré’s inability to cook was.. well, it’s like that. She’s currently at home.
In other words, Lily and I were cooking as a pair but……

“Together with Nest~”

I didn’t know what there was to be so happy about, but she stuck to me every time she found spare moment when cooking. Well when I think about it, it might be that I’ve been too busy lately and haven’t been playing with her much.

“Lily is a cute one.”

I pat Lily’s head, who was sticking to me.
She was being obedient like this, unlike a certain somebody.

“Lily isn’t holding a knife behind her back, right~?”

Her little head tilts at my words.
That action is also very adorable!!
After that, having enjoyed myself patting Lily’s head, I resume cooking together with Lily.

We finally managed to obtain food when the cooking was almost finished.

“Oh Nest!! I heard you made this!! It’s super delicious!!”

Yup, that’s the one Asha-san made.


Gradually, all the adventurers drunk themselves into a stupor, and started laying down on the floor of the guild.
Lily was also taken away by Asha-san and Aura.
At last, staying awake was just me alone, so I decided to go sleep soon.

“Before sleeping, toilet……”

If I remember correctly, I saw one in the middle of the guild corridor.
When I walk down the dark hallway, I saw the room I thought to be the restroom.


I think I heard it from the room next to the lavatory.
……Did Weiss return perhaps?
If so, it would be trouble. I timidly extend my hand to the door.
Inside the room was.. [a black cloak]――
However, it was dark so I couldn’t see any more than that.


“The Jet-black saviour has arrived!!”
“Hey, who are you!!??”

Who could blame me for unintentionally retorting.


When the self-proclaimed [Jet-Black Saviour] realised I was there, he tried to hide himself in great haste but honestly, I couldn’t help thinking it was too late.


I should catch him and check his identity just in case.

“……Your Majesty!?”

The identity of the self-proclaimed [Jet-Black Saviour] turned out to be the king.

“I-I’m sorry!!”

In a panic, I lower my head and apologise. However, the king also seems to be in a fluster.

“N-no, you’re mistaken!! I-it’s not like I was trying to pretend to be the [Jet-Black Saviour] or anything!!”

If he’s trying to hide it then I should probably start with not attaching -sama……
Perhaps the king also didn’t think he concealed it well now, but his face was pale.

“……Shall we head outside for the time being?”

If someone was to see us when we’re discussing here, it might trouble the king who had apparently come incognito.
Luckily, it was now late at night, and if we
speak outside then we shouldn’t wake anyone with our talking either.
With me in the lead, we were able to come to
the vicinity of my house without anyone seeing.

“……Er, first of all, do you remember me, Your Majesty? We’ve met once before.”
“Yeah, I remember. You were one of the
healers brought along to heal my daughter.”

I’ve only met with the king once, so I thought for sure he would have forgotten me but, unexpectedly, he remembered.

“Yes, we met there. And as far as it goes, I’m also Aura’s master.”

I heard from Asha-san that Aura guided the king when I was away, so I added that as well.

“Oh, so you’re Aura’s master. Please tell her I’m indebted to her this time. Also, I also said this to Aura, but it’s fine not to use honorifics when it’s just the two of us.”

It looks like he said it in passing, but that’s usually no good.
Well, I’m poor at using
polite language so I won’t if I don’t have to.
Using it with Asha-san
is because it has already become a habit so it can’t be helped though……

“Understood…….And so, just what did your majesty come to the guild to do!?”

When I ask that, the king comes before me and grasps me strongly.

“This is my once-in-a-lifetime request!! Please don’t tell anyone about the thing just now!!”

With the king pressing closely in desperation, I nod in a panic.

“I-I understand. So please let go for now.”

However, the king’s state seemed to be strange for some reason. Sinking into silence, he was staring at me with his eyes wide open
……No, that’s wrong. Certainly, it’s true that he turned this way, but our eyes didn’t meet.
Then where was he looking……?
If I follow the king’s line of sight then.. my [ear]?

“Umm.. Your majesty?”

Despite being surprised by his abrupt change, I call out to the king.

“………I-I’m sorry but may I make another once-in-a-lifetime request?”
“Uh, well it’s fine but……?”

The king still had his gaze resting on my ear as he said that.
I wonder just what that second once-in-a-lifetime request is.
I didn’t think that he’d say something difficult, but I was still a little nervous anyway.
……Several seconds later, the king finally gave me his request.

 “P-please shake my hand!!”

 Bending his waist deeply, he held out both his hands before me, while―――

Chapter 46: A stick being so sharp

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A stick being so sharp

“Haa……haa…… I’ve never heard of.. a stick being so sharp……”

Weiss, who had collapsed onto the ground after having both arms cut off by me, said while gasping.

“……Haha. That’s why I said I’m going to cut you up instead, you see?”

……Well, to be honest, it was a high-stake gamble for me as well, but luckily I succeeded.

“……Really, you exceeded my expectations.”

It seems Weiss had already lost his fighting spirit, and wasn’t even trying to stand up.

“And so, isn’t it okay to tell me what your intentions for doing this kind of thing are soon?”

He even assembled ogres to do such a thing, so there should be a reason for that in itself.

“……Haa, haven’t I said it a number of times already? It was an order from above……”

However, the reply was something I had already heard before.

“Even so, you should still know a little, right? Anything is fine, just tell me. Then I’ll even heal you too.”

If Weiss’s injuries are neglected at this state, there’s a high chance of them leading to his death.

I’m sure that’s the one key for negotiations that I possess right now.


It seemed as though Weiss also understood the seriousness of his own injury, as sure enough, he unabashedly looked away from me.

“Look, you also understand it, right? It’s fine even if it’s not everything you know, so just tell me what you can now.”

Weiss probably has his own circumstances. I’m sure there are also things that he really can’t say.
There might be slight problems with me healing him if he just tells me what he can say, but to my knowledge, Weiss hasn’t killed a single person yet.
In that case, I don’t want to go so far as to kill him.
Well, I’m not sure about the safety of the adventurers who are fighting the ogres, but Dude-sensei and his party should be there, so I probably don’t have to worry.
But for some reason, Weiss seemed to hesitate indefinitely and didn’t speak.

“Hey, tell me a little. After all, I beat you.”

Well it was mostly due to luck though……

“…………No, somehow it’s not quite decided yet, you know?”

He finally spoke after a long time, but he said such a thing all of a sudden. Not really understanding Weiss’s intentions, I unintentionally let out a questioning sound in response.


“――I never thought Weiss-kun would ever lose.”

Before I knew it, [that guy] was standing behind me.
In complete contrast to me, he was wearing a white cloak with his face concealed and gave me a somewhat nostalgic impression.
I immediately distance myself from that spot and take a stance with the stick in my hand, but [that guy] ignores me and heads to Weiss.


[That guy] cast recovery magic on Weiss.
I wonder if he was thinking to at least stop the bleeding……?



In the next moment, Weiss’ arm which was supposed to have been cut off by the stick, newly regrew.

“Sigh, it really hurt. Didn’t you come too late?”
“Not at all. Even like this, I rushed quite a bit. I didn’t think Weiss-kun would lose so I certainly might have taken my time for part of it though……”
“I-if I’m told that, then there’s nothing I can say.”

……They were chatting on good terms for some reason, but I didn’t care about that.
More than that, what was that recovery magic just now?
It seems familiar. It was.. exactly the same as my recovery magic.

“Y-you.. Could I possibly have met you before……?”

To be honest, I’ve practically forgotten about what happened in the past, but I remember being attracted by the recovery magic I saw for the first time, and so far I have been practicing my recovery magic by using that as a reference.
……That being the case, in regards to people who can use the same recovery magic as me, it’s inevitable that there is at least one person who can.
I also know there’s certainly the possibility of me having seen ordinary recovery magic in the past and altering it inside my mind without realising.
However, if it was really the recovery magic I first saw then it makes sense somehow.
I also can understand the nostalgia from the white cloak, and the abnormality of my recovery magic above all as well.


[That guy] silently looked this way. The conversing with Weiss also stopped, and I’m sure he was looking at me.
……I wonder how long he continued to do so.
Suddenly, [that guy] took his eyes off me.

“Weiss-kun, it seems like the ogres were defeated by the adventurers. We ought to be going soon too.”

Saying that, [that guy] retrieved some sort of spherical object from under his cloak and threw it at the ground.
Thereupon, the smoke emerging from that object starts enveloping us.


Leaving those words behind, [that guy]’s figure completely disappeared within the smoke.
The smoke was fanned by wind, and when my vision gradually improved, the two figures were no longer there and only I stood in that place.
In the end, I didn’t learn anything about their target, and only discovered one thing.
That was because, I’m sure [that guy] left these words for me.

“Well then.. you’re still not worthy. Arnest-kun.”
I have encountered [that guy] in the past――

Chapter 45: With this, it’s the end!!

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With this, it’s the end!!


Weiss and I still haven’t reached a conclusion.
My arm, which was my sole attacking method, had its attack completely repelled by Weiss’ second knife.

“Is this it?”

Amidst this repetition where neither of our attacks were hitting, Weiss utters with a light tone.
Until now, my arm has been able to cut down my opponents by itself, without my awareness, but I don’t have any other methods of attack now that it has been averted……
As Weiss was saying, my best is only at this level.

“Sigh…. Honestly, I’m disappointed. In that case, I should probably stop playing around, huh.”

The next moment, Weiss’s attacking speed clearly rose. But that wasn’t all, his strength seemed to increase as well.
I had thought for sure that Weiss had been serious before, but casting successive recovery spells and winning through stamina in the end might be tough now.

After Weiss started fighting seriously, I was kept on the defensive.
Due to Weiss continuing to attack with no respite for my arm to react, I was gradually driven into a corner.
Even those attacks I was able to avoid before, I’m not able to now and get wounded.
I’m just barely able to avoid the attacks coming at my neck. That was the situation I was in.
However, I still have my recovery magic left.

“……. Heal!”

When I get wounded, I heal myself and escape danger.
Within that cycle, Weiss suddenly stops attacking for a moment.

“……As I expected, that recovery magic is amazing. But all the same, if I go so far as to decapitate you, who knows what will happen, right?”

While looking at my neck, he grins.
I was blatantly guarding my neck but it seems to have backfired……

“Well, you might not let me decapitate you easily, but how’s this?”

He declares and simultaneously vanishes.
Where he went and such, I put off searching and use my knife to protect my neck in a panic.


In an instant, an earth-shattering shock hits my arm. I end up blown backwards, unable to endure it.


I finish healing as I stand up, and prepare myself for the next attack.
However, Weiss hadn’t moved from his spot for some time, and didn’t make a move either, as if waiting for me to finish preparing.

“…… Just now, it was like a warm-up before the real performance. From here on, I’ll be revealing my full power, so please hang in there, okay?”
“No wait, how can the attack just now not be your full strength……”

Even though I’ve been stuck in a deadlock for a while now……
However, I can’t just keep complaining.
Weiss was already preparing his next attack.
……Isn’t there something, anything to forestall Weiss just one more time?
Everything I said about me about when we encountered the dragon before is no good.

When I was looking for something, [that] caught my eye.


I picked [that] up, and threw it above me with all my strength.

“……It’s too late to become desperate at this late hour!!!!”

That moment, Weiss disappeared again. However, his target was probably my neck.
Unable to withstand the shock, my knife might end up breaking.
……But, what was with that?
Don’t I… don’t I have recovery magic that’s even more amazing than this――!!

The shock of the attack started transmitting to my arm, and I understood that my knife was breaking.
Before long, the attack had completely shattered my knife and was extending towards my neck.
With that impression, I stuck my arm out front.


I can’t feel pain anyway. In that case, I should just use my own body more――
And I can use recovery magic too. In that case, now is the time. I should just use that―――
……maybe because of the poison, I was able to easily tell when Weiss’s knife was about to enter my hand.
However, I won’t let him do it.
I just continued to use nothing but my recovery magic.

……Gradually, the attacking force disappears.

“Oi oi, is this a joke……”

Weiss’s knife was stopped by my hand.

“Hah…… This is me when I’m serious.”
“B-but Nestcchi, y-you don’t have a weapon any more, right……?”

Perhaps Weiss was greatly surprised that his full-power could be stopped, but he ended up forgetting to distance himself from me.
Suddenly Dude-sensei’s words from the other day floated in my mind.

“Try defendin’ against your enemies’ full body blows!! Ya can think of them as bein’ in a [deadlock] with just that!! Are ya gonna lose ta someone like that!!”

……Yeah, it’s true. Seriously, I have no intention of losing―――

“……Who said I have no weapon?”

I release the knife from my grasp, and seize the falling [that].
What [that] was, was a single tree branch――

“With this, it’s the end!!”

My arm reacts.
Towards the arm of the dumbfounded Weiss, the stick in my hand came chopping down――――

Chapter 44: Finish in one shot

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Finish in one shot.

“Anyway, I’m surprised you didn’t die from that.”

Weiss says to me, posed with his knife but not taking a single step forward yet.

“The poison should have been properly applied though……”

It seems he couldn’t bear the mystery of my being here even now.

“Ah, the poison did have an effect. The pain was there.”

Indeed, there was an effect, but it was merely a little.
I didn’t really intend on telling him that much though……


Once again, silence started dominating the space between us.
But even when we were talking, and now when it was silent like this, we continued to stand with our knives pointed at each other.
It’s just that we were both awaiting our opponents’ move.

“……Um, can I say something?”

Weiss released his stance, and said such.

“……What is it?”

I didn’t know what Weiss’s aim was so I kept up my stance without neglect.

“Since it seems like we’re finally going to fight seriously, wouldn’t you like to fight in a more spacious area instead of a cramped room like this?”

No, of course I understood what Weiss was trying to say. But he said it in a light tone unbecoming of this tense atmosphere, so I was a little surprised.

“W-well, I don’t really mind if it’s just that though……”

If we can fight in a wide area then it’ll be easier to move around, which I’d also appreciate more.

“Is there a good place around here? The outskirts of town where we were before is also okay but I don’t want any interferences…..”

……A nearby place that’s spacious and easy to fight in. If we’re talking about a place like that but still won’t have many interruptions then……
It’s that place――


And so, we have come to a place where we could fight seriously.
That place was where I, and the other adventurers would be countlessly be hit, and continue to be hit ― the place where our adventurer classes were held.
If it’s here, the adventurers won’t come because they’re busy with the ogre subjugation, and the non-adventurers shouldn’t have any special business here and won’t come either.

“Hmm, so there was this kind of place in town……”

As I expected, Weiss only just came to the town recently and didn’t seem to know about this place.

“Then, let’s really start this time.”

At those words, I point my knife at Weiss once again.

“Ah, even though I say start, standing at a standstill and not moving like before is bothersome so let’s throw a stick and both strike when it falls or something, okay? Then it won’t take very long.”
“……If you’re alright with that then I don’t really mind either.”

Indeed, I suppose Weiss’s proposed method really wouldn’t waste time pointlessly.
Furthermore, I can go heal everyone as [Arnest] if I finish quickly.

“Then we’ll go with that.”

If I was asked whether the words of a traitor like Weiss could be believed, I’m not sure I could say it’s completely fine.
However, when I think about the king and the other guys I encountered on the way here, whose gazes never met mine but trailed behind me, I somehow feel like it’s alright.

Weiss picks up a fallen branch from hereabouts.

“Don’t be defeated so easily, okay?”
“Yeah, don’t worry. Because I’m going to cut you up instead――”

After saying such, Weiss flings the stick with all his strength, right above his head.
At the same time, he moves further away from me and continues waiting for the stick to fall.
While we check the whereabouts of the stick, we take our eyes off each other.

The stick approaches the ground while spinning.
After I confirm that, I promptly lower my body, preparing to move under Weiss.
……At last, the stick falls to the ground.
When I heard the clear sound of it clattering, I and Weiss had already broken off running towards each other.
My hand was tightly grasping my well-accustomed knife and I simply focused on the enemy before my eyes.
I’ll finish this in one shot――――!!
Our respective distances had already reached within arm’s length.
Weiss made a move first.
While I held my knife in my right hand, a strike came at me.
Indeed, that attack was fast….. However, it’s not at Dude-sensei’s level!!
The attack was truly dangerous but there wasn’t anything in particular to do after I avoided it.
……Because after that I’ll let my arm finish it on its own.
As always, my arm extends towards Weiss.
And then, the clasped knife slashing down at my opponent――


――didn’t happen.
My knife was blocked by the additional knife Weiss had hidden in his other hand――

Chapter 43: Admire the [Jet-Black Saviour]-sama

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Admire the [Jet-black Saviour]-sama

After parting with Aura, I ran towards the town, where Weiss had headed to some time ago.

Unexpectedly, the town was no different and was operating normally as usual.
The one thing that varied was that everyone was looking at me.
Then again, I was in my [Jet-Black Saviour] outfit so it probably couldn’t be helped.

“U-um…… Might you be the [Jet-black Saviour]-sama by any chance……?”

Among the people watching me, one inquires timidly.
……I suppose I better not tell them that I’m the real one.
If they know I’m the real deal, my actions might be impeded in the future.

“No, I just admire the [Jet-black Saviour]-sama, you see?”

Even though I’m the real one, it seems to be better to lie here.
When I say such, I could hear voices of agreement saying, “as expected,” from the people around.
However, my outfit was still as such, so people couldn’t help peeping over here to catch a glimpse.
It’s probably better to temporarily head to the guild for now……
Right now all the adventurers have been recruited for the subjugation party so there shouldn’t be many people there.


I tried to take a route that lead me out of the public gaze as much as possible, and finally managed to arrive at the guild.
Just in case, I open the guild door quietly.


The guild was dyed in blood――
The guild master who had taken care of me in the past, and many familiar people wearing armour were lying on the floor.

“!? Hey, are you alright!?”

I imagined the worst case scenario of everyone possibly being dead, but then the guild master gave a moan.
When I looked closely, everyone seemed to be injured but fortunately there wasn’t a single person dead.
I immediately start healing everyone.
Apart from the guild master, no one else regained consciousness even after I healed them, so I go to the sole conscious person, the guild master, to confirm what happened.

“Guild master, what happened……?”
“……I thought an adventurer came, but he suddenly assaulted us with a sword. Close combat isn’t really my forte, and I fell behind when I made a blunder……”

It’s just a guess, but she’s probably talking about Weiss.

“……And so, where is that adventurer now?”

If I don’t catch up to Weiss as soon as possible, the damage might spread even further.

“Yes!! That’s right!! He should be heading to the room inside the guild right now, but Asha and the king are on standby there!!”

If by any chance the king gets killed, it won’t just end in a serious affair.
And Asha-san’s there as well?
The moment I heard that, I single-mindedly ran to the guild’s interior without even asking about the guild master lack of movement.

When I was about to turn the corner in the guild’s long corridor, I heard some kind of loud noise from the interior.
Thinking that something was happening, I put myself on guard and a familiar person came flying from around the corner at that moment.
It was Asha-san, dressed in a receptionist uniform――
I cast a heal right away and catch her by a hair’s breath.

“Eh!? Nest-san!?”

Even in a black cloak, Asha-san immediately recognises me.
I thought her face flushed a deep red when she was in my arms, but then she immediately extracted herself from my embrace.

“Asha-san, where’s the king!?”

The fact that Asha-san came flying out probably meant that Weiss was already there.

“I-inside the room.”
“Got it!!”

I headed towards the room Asha-san had been in with full speed.
When I entered the room, Weiss was already swinging a knife down at the King.
……Damn! At this rate, the knife will hit him!!
I slip my body into the space between Weiss and the King on the spur of the moment, and stuck my arm out towards the descending knife.
It might be because the poison was still in effect, I could tell that a foreign object had entered my body unlike before.
It seems that I was able to protect the king.

“Your majesty!! Please take this chance to escape now!!”

Weiss been taken aback at my appearance, whom he should have killed, and still hadn’t grasped the current situation


At my words, the king fled out the room in a hurry. I can be relieved for now……


“……What’s the meaning of this? I’m sure that time.. I thought I killed you but……”

Finally Weiss opens his mouth.
And I guess I should say I expected it, but he asked about the incident.

“Right, about that…… Yeah, I was playing dead.”

Weiss became shocked speechless at that.

“Well, that’s irrelevant right now, right?”
“……That’s true.”

Weiss and I quietly took a stance with our knives――

Chapter 42: What might you be doing?

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What might you be doing?

I feel like an extremely hard-to-talk atmosphere was currently hanging between Aura and I.
With Aura having said such a thing, she seemed to have difficulty facing me.
Being as I was, I was also tense about whether I would be scolded after this.


There was no progress so I decide to finish healing myself first.

“…Th-the things I said just now.. y-you heard it all, right……?

The things just now, probably referred to the ‘I like you’s from not long ago.

“Y-you heard everything.. f-from the beginning, right……?”
“Ah, yeah. I heard it all.”

……I had ended up hearing everything from start to finish.

“I-is that so…… So you heard it……”

Originally, it was Weiss’s betrayal at fault so I don’t think I was to blame.
Nevertheless, I’m sure that I was also wrong for continuing to play dead for so long, so I still apologise.


……However, we can’t just stay like this forever.
All joking aside, it’ll be bad if I don’t catch up to Weiss soon.

“W-well I have to get going soon……”

When I start, Aura suddenly starts moving from her spot.

“U-um, Aura-san, what might you be doing……?”

――Then why were you picking up the fallen sword?
And why were you coming here whilst holding that sword?

“C-calm down for now, okay……?”
“……I am calm though?”

――If that’s the case, why did you have teary eyes and a flushed face?
And why were you trembling?

“……Nest should just shut up and stand there silently.”

I unintentionally obey the command of my own slave, Aura.
……Approaching me with the sword in her hand, Aura once again stabbed me in the place I just healed, her face bright red.


Aura and I both just stay silent.
And then a short while passed, Aura gently releases the hilt of the sword and separated from that spot without a word.
I thought she might be in danger by herself, but the place Aura headed to was near the town so I suppose she will be fine.
Since Aura is smart, she ought to be well-informed of the dangerous locations.


After Aura left, I extract the sword that Aura stabbed into my body and heal myself.
I don’t know what the hell she was thinking for a slave to stab her master, but from my point of view, I think it was nicely settled with just this.
I thought she might do something even more violent because it was Aura, so I was honestly relieved.
……Well, I can’t stay here forever.
I reaffixed the cloak that had various holes everywhere, and ran to the town where Weiss was.

――――――[King POV]――――――――――――――――――――――――――

I was in the guild.
Apparently some dangerous monster had appeared, and as the king, I was requested to stay in a room of what was known as the safest place in town ― the guild.
Incidentally, one of the receptionists who was a former adventurer was left behind to guard me just in case.
……I actually wanted to watch the gallant figures of the adventurers fighting for the sake of the town, but it couldn’t be helped with my position as the king.
Nevertheless, I wonder if the [Jet-black Saviour]-sama was also fighting.
If I learn that my true target for coming to this town was there, I plan to head there even if it’s unreasonable.
In that case, I will ignore my position.
If my admired person was there then who on earth would be able to stop me. No, I suppose no one would be able to, or rather I won’t let them.
The time ticked away, little by little.
I didn’t know how long it continued for, but then there was a knock on the door.

“Yes, who might it be?”

The receptionist responds to the knock.

“I came to report about the subjugation, but is that okay?”

……A fair amount of time passed so I suppose the subjugation should be over soon.


However, the receptionist’s reaction wasn’t very favourable. She was making a sour face.
While I was thinking that, she turns to me and whispers into my ear.

“If it’s a report, usually they make it to the guild master instead of here…… It’s possible it might be an enemy targeting you, your majesty, so please be on your guard……”

I was told to be on guard but in this room, I could only run from place to place……
The receptionist gently opens the door.
There, was a man with clothes stained with blood――


Seeing that, the receptionist immediately attacks but that man lightly parries and stabs with a knife he had hidden in a pocket, and flings her away behind him just like that.

“Kukuku…. Good grief, everyone is just too weak. The ones I heard from my superiors didn’t give me much trouble either.”
“Y-your aim is……”
“Sigh…… That again? All I can tell you is it’s an [Order from Above].”

Saying that, the man approaches while pointing the knife towards me.
I know I must escape, but my body doesn’t listen to me.

“Now, it ends here.”

The man says that and swings down his knife――

I shut my eyes, preparing myself for the pain to come.
However, there was no matter how long I waited. I timidly open my eyes.


Wrapped in a tattered black cloak, was [him]――