Chapter 41: It was a joke, teehee

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It was a joke, teehee

Wh-what should I do no……?
This is not the mood to just say ‘it was a joke, teehee’ after all this time.
No matter how I think, it’s become a worse state that before though……


Even now, she had her face pressed to my back and continued to cry.
I want to remove the sword and heal myself some time soon but……

“……I’m sorry……!!……I’m sorry……!!…..It……It was my fault so……!!”

I don’t understand what Aura was thinking and why she was apologising to me.
But I do know that if I didn’t tell her it was a joke soon, it would get seriously bad later.
……Alright, I should say it now!

“………uu… Nestt……!!”

I was about to say it was a joke, but she called my name at that moment and in the end I wasn’t able to say it.

“……I’ve……!! …been so…… mean…… until now……!!

Really. Is she talking about the day I brought Tré home?

“……I’ll apologise so…… …….I…. I was wrong.. so…….so……..come backkkk……. …..!!”

Returning or whatever, I never went anywhere from the start though.
Ah, this is also really bad. It may be as bad as her possibly killing me later if I don’t tell her soon.
However, that I didn’t know when I should make my move was also a fact.

“……Even today…… when I heard you would release us from slavery…… I …….be abandoned…….”

……I never thought it’d be like that……
I just thought it would be inconvenient to be a slave so I said such a thing……
Huh, but thinking about it clearly, if it was Aura, I feel like she would be fine even without me though.

“……I just…. wanted to… stay by your side…….!!”

……Why [Me], I wonder.
I really had no intention of doing anything, and only thought to do normal things.
To want to be with someone like me, I wanted to know why.

“………Even after this…… ……together……wanted…….Nesttt…..!!”

Aura continued to nuzzle her head against my back.
I couldn’t even say that the sword stabbed in me was dangerous , and could only continue to play dead.

“……Don’t leave me…… I’ll say anything……………..even the things I never said until now…… I’ll say them all so……!!”

……The things Aura was unable to say to me, I wonder what the heck they were.
I-it couldn’t possibly be that my nostril hairs were coming out, right……? Eh, it’s different, right!?”

“……I……. ………”

H-huh? This, something okay to hear just as I am? I-it’s not something bad, by any chance, right……?


“―――――――I like you…… Never…… I was ever able to say it but…… I…… like…… You!!”

――――Aura.. likes.. me……?
I was Aura’s master, and Aura was my slave. What reason would she have to like me……
Or rather, this was the first time a girl told me they liked me――

“……I like you….. …….I like you I like you I like you I like you I like you I like you I like you I like you I like you I like you I like you I like you I like you I like you I like you !!”

I-it’s the first time someone told me they like me――.
After that, as if calming down a little, I felt her weaken the strength with which she clung to my back.

“……I said I like you so many times so…… wake up already……!!”

So I had thought, but the power increased again.
But if I get up now, I will be scolded by Aura when I’m awake……
However, even if I continue playing dead for longer, I might be unable to catch up to Weiss.
In addition, I also want to heal myself soon.
I should just resign myself to be scolded already.
Just when I made that decision, Aura extracts the sword stuck in my chest for some reason.

“…… …If this is the end then……just once…… Let me indulge in this bit of selfishness, okay……”

I didn’t know what Aura was thinking but she started to turn my body face up. By the way, my eyes were closed.
……What was this final bit of selfishness――?


……She called my name but there was no sign of anything happening in particular.
If I’m to get up then it should be now, huh……
And then, the moment I quietly opened my eyes――――――



―――――――I was kissed by Aura.
It wasn’t on the cheek like with Asha-san, but the lips.
Aura had her eyes shut, and didn’t realise I was awake.
……The kiss lasted tens of seconds and still continued without end even now.
I didn’t understand how or why it turned out like this, only felt confusion.
And then another tens of seconds.
At last, I saw a sign of the kiss ending.
……Aura opens her eyes.
Naturally, our gazes cross――


Aura was froze up noticeably. Similar to me, she was making a face like she didn’t understand what was happening.


We couldn’t stay like this forever so I timidly call out.


Aura’s face flushed red and she separates from me.

“W-why!? I-I did say to wake up but……eh, wh-what does this mean!?”

It seems she didn’t know what she should do in regards to my being alive.

“Calm down, Aura. This was……”
“Th-this was……?”

I decided to say the words I needed to now, to calm Aura down.

“――A joke, teehee.”

Chapter 40: I tried imitating the ogre.

Weiss pulled a Quirrel D:

I tried imitating the ogre

“Kukuku, you having no sense of pain was true.”
“……Hey Weiss, stop with the jokes.”

It doesn’t really hurt, but having a sword stick out from my chest isn’t a good feeling.
Much less he was mimicking the expression of the ogre from before, just what was he thinking?

“That’s right. I should certainly stop playing around soon.”

Saying such a thing, he suddenly brings out something he had hidden behind him.


With both arms and legs bound, and a cloth stuffed in her mouth so she couldn’t talk, it was [Aura].


She frantically struggled to get away from Weiss. However, there was a clear difference in power between the two.
One side was active as an adventurer. The other, someone who simply built up her knowledge of monsters every day.
Furthermore, Aura had all her limbs bound and couldn’t move her body sufficiently.

“If you remove that sword, I will kill this girl so please be warned.”
“Ah, I also laced that sword in poison used for torture to amplify the sense of pain. It should come into effect soon.”

……Just what in the world is happening?

“Ahaha, you’re making a ‘what is happening’ face. Do you still not understand? I was a traitor, that’s what it is. I was also the one who summoned the ogres.”
“……So what is your objective…..?”

I don’t even know how he manipulated the ogres to start with. He could be considered to possess such mighty strength, but I feel his goal was not clear at all.

“Hmm.. objective, is it. If anything, it’s because of an [order from above].”“About making ogres attack the town like this……?”
“That’s right. I need to completely destroy the town in the end, you know? Or rather, I sent a goblin army before the ogres this time, but they were done in by [you-know-who].”

No doubt, that’s referring to me.

“Oh, it should be time for the pain to kick in now, I think? It seems even the strong guys scream from the tremendous pain when I use it, so hang in there, okay?”

……Indeed, I feel a tiny bit of pain.
Until now, it was only a little itchy but now it felt as sore as I did when I fell over before I learnt recovery magic.
However, it means the poison doesn’t end with just this.
When I glance over, Aura was looking this way with an ashen face.
……If it was going to turn out like this, I should have talked with Aura more. At this rate, it will end without me being able to release Aura from slavery.
I definitely want to prevent that at least, but I don’t think I’ll be allowed to.
……Do I really have no choice but to die like this――

―――Huh, it doesn’t hurt any more than this though……?
Could it be that this amazing effect was delayed?

“It should soon be too painful for you to talk, I think? Well, that can’t be helped though.”

……What to do. I’m definitely the strange one here……
It looks like he misunderstood my silence on his own, but the pain continued to remain at this level since some time ago.

“That recovery magic is a bother, you see. I expect you won’t be able to concentrate on healing because of the pain.”

……I see, it seems his aim was that. In the meantime, he probably intends to attack the town.
Some time passed, and indeed the pain still didn’t increase any further.
I thought that perhaps the effect might just be delayed and put myself on guard, but there was no sign of the pain increasing.
……But even if I stand around like this, it doesn’t mean something will happen.
I could also gamble on the subjugation squad to come this way but honestly, I couldn’t really expect it.
Besides, the longer they took, the more likely that the ineffectiveness of the poison would be exposed.
……Then what should I do?
The sword was still stuck in my chest with my blood flowing out.
Even if it’s just this, I want to quickly heal it.
Isn’t there.. Isn’t there any way to break this state of affairs……?

――There is.
……But honestly, I don’t really want to do it.
However, it’s also no good to missing this moment falling into an unrecoverable situation……
I must prepare myself――


……It’s too embarrassing.
Right now, I was screaming with all my strength while crouching.
When I tried imitating the ogre’s cry from before, I feel like I managed to make it sound like that.
If asked why I was doing such a thing, it was because I hit upon Weiss’s brief comment.

“It seems even the strong guys scream from the tremendous pain when I use it, so hang in there, okay?”

……even strong guys would scream from the pain.

“Ahaha, as I expected, even someone with no sense of pain will become like this.”

I couldn’t see his face because I was squatting down but I dare say he’s making a terrible face.
Aura may have turned as pale as a sheet, but I can only have her endure it.


Finally, I raise a magnificent scream, and then collapse on the ground as I was.
I might have overdone it a little but I hope doing this much makes it more intense.

“……Huh, did he die perhaps? Well, he did have a sword stabbed in him for this long so if it’s inevitable then it can’t be helped.”

For the moment, my playing dead strategy is a success!!

“Then, I won’t need this person any longer, huh. Let’s kill her.”

……Wh-what did he say!?
Crap, I didn’t think of that.
I desperately think of even more plans to break out of this situation but nothing decent comes to mind.

“Ah, but it’s not good to head into town all bloody so I should just leave her as she is. She didn’t even respond to Nestcchi’s death anyway.”

Even by chance, it was fortunate that he ended up overlooking Aura.
……Weiss’s footsteps drift away. It seems he headed towards the town.
I can’t get up immediately so I maintain this collapsed state for a while.
Thereupon, I felt the sensation of something nestling close to me.

“…… …..! …..uU, Nesttt…………wake uppp…..!!”

――It’s Aura.
It seems she came over here with her arms and legs bound.
………N-now then, what to do?

Chapter 39: It’s incomparable

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It’s incomparable.

I closed the distance to the ogre.
Contrary to my running, the ogre walks towards me slow and steadily.
I don’t know whether that was an indication of composure or something, but I once again affirmed its big frame at this close distance.
Its size could probably rival the dragon from before.
If I continue at this rate, I should be able to start my battle with the ogre in a remote location away from the town.
In that case, the chance of exposing the townspeople to danger will be lowered, and I’ll also be able to focus on the battle.


The distance to the ogres grew even shorter.
I was already at a range that the ogre could reach if it extended its arms, or rather, the ogre actually tried to capture me with its arm.
But it’s slow. Dude-sense is much faster.
Well, normally, it would be limited to this speed at a size like this, which means I can dodge as much as I like.


And yet, I saw it.
The ogre was grinning―
In the next instant, it did an about-face from its previous speed, with an obvious increase in speed.
Completely unprepared, I was unable to deal with that speed and was sent flying like that.
I was grateful for the fact that I really felt no pain, and immediately cast Heal despite tumbling on the ground.
The arms and legs bent in a strange direction returned to normal in an instant, and I recovered to a flawless state.
Thereupon, the ogre’s expression changed from a smile to a look of bewilderment.
The opponents it faced until now were probably sent beyond recovery with this one blow, or otherwise died instantly from it.
Even I think I could have an instantaneous death from this one blow if the location was bad, but luck was on my side this time.

“……Ha. As expected, it’s incomparable to the others before now.”

But it was the same for the ogre; I was not one of the opponents it could just kill off like before either.
I psych myself up, and face the ogre once more. The ogre also seemed to realise I was different from its previous enemies, and looked at me as if to examine my state.

“The real performance starts now……!!”

I won’t be negligent any more. I’ll deal with it completely, with all my strength―
I switched my knife to an underhanded grip, and the real fight between the ogre and I started.

While watching the ogre’s fist approaching, I recall what we learnt in practice and handle it with composure.
The ogre was also a humanoid type, and I soundly slip under the ogre’s boson, freely capitalising on the fruits of my training.
I was able to come to within reaching distance for my arm.
My arm starts to move―
Usually I would cut off the opponent’s arm or leg just like that, but unlike the goblins’ slender arms, ogre’s arm was as thick as my torso.
I was able to make a gash as deep as my knife but it was unable to reach the point of severing it.
In that case, it should be more efficient to use the beginners sword I purchased beforehand despite not being accustomed to it.
I thought to bring it just in case, and now it was worthwhile. I retrieve the sword hidden under my cloak and start amputating the arm.
But the ogre obviously wouldn’t let me do so easily, and it swung its fist around.
I crouched down and succeeded in avoiding the danger, and my arm even used the opportunity to stab at the ogre’s fist that was passing overhead and managed to lop off the arm just like that.


The Ogre’s scream resounds.
To this date, most of my opponents lost their fighting spirit when I cut off their arm, but as expected of an ogre, it instantly regains its footing and rushes at me.


While casting recovery magic on myself, I elude the ogre’s charge.
I fear my arm wouldn’t be able to endure if I tried to ward it off without recovery magic.
I smoothly evade its charge and my arm perceives the ogre turning its back on me.
I trace a line from its back to its neck with my knife.


A scream arises, even louder than before. Looking at the ogre desperately trying to get away from me, it seems like it’s already lost its fighting spirit.
Nevertheless, I have no intention of stopping here. I can’t let it escape and harm the town again.
I seriously put my strength into my finishing blow and trace the gap between the ogre’s head and torso―
Thunk. The ogre’s head fell to the ground with a dull sound.
………I-is it over……?


For now, I cast recovery magic on myself to cure the fatigue from the battle.


I look at the headless ogre collapsing before my eyes.
That was when it finally was aware that it had been killed.
I wonder how long it continued to stare.
I hear footsteps behind me. Weiss probably came to find me on his own because I was too slow.

“Ah, sorry Weiss. I was delayed in telling you to leave when I saw the ogre……huh?

However, when I turn my head, no one was there, only a lukewarm breeze was blowing.


I’m sure I heard footsteps. And yet no one was there.
I thought it strange but I reconsider – it might be me mishearing – and then lower my gaze unintentionally.


A sword sprung forth from my chest, dripping with blood.
I spin around at once, and there―



Grinning like the ogre from before had been, was Weiss――