Chapter 49: The Saint’s Recovery Magic is a Degraded Version of Mine

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The Saint’s Recovery Magic is a Degraded Version of Mine


When the saint’s gaze met with mine, she let out a frightened voice and prepared to scream.


Before she could do that, I rotate my body and immediately close the room door.
Well, how should I put it…… I never thought the guest Tré told me about referred to the [Saint]-sama.
Nevertheless, I wonder if she perhaps came her from the capital by herself.

“……U-um… Might you still be there……?”

While I was thinking about one thing or another, a small voice called out from within the room.

“A-ah, yes. I’m here, more or less.”
“……Ah, um.. I’ve finished changing so it’s alright to come in now.”

Having received permission to enter from the Saint, I cautiously open the door.
……However, there is one thing I must be careful of when talking to the saint.
That is, I mustn’t let the Saint realise that I know her true identity.

“Um.. Nice to meet you. My name is Luna. I am serving as the current [Saint].”

……Oblivious of that needless anxiety of mine, the Saint unexpectedly divulges her own identity at once.

“H-huh, is it alright to simply reveal that you are the [Saint] just like that?”

I thought for sure that the attire she wore for the charity work in the past, was to hide her identity though……


Hereupon, the Saint sunk into silence and started to pale.

“W-was that no good, perhaps…………?”

And then asks me with a pale face.

“Ah, indeed, it might be better not to say it from now on. I won’t tell anyone so you can rest assured though.”
“Th-thank you very much. B-but I was also going to ask that of you anyway.”

I took her into consideration when I said that, but it seems this saint might have a strong competitive spirit.
In that case, I wonder if there’s any means of making use of that in reverse……

“Then it’s better that I don’t use honorifics either, right? Since I don’t know what might cause you to be exposed.”
“Well, I don’t mind.”
“And so, how did you come here? From the looks of it, you don’t have any escorts or anything.”

Having received the Saint’s acknowledgement, I promptly ask what was on my mind, without using any honorific speech.

“……That’s.. I did bring several escorts in the beginning, but they were attacked by a crimson dragon en route.”

Ah.. Huh? That crimson dragon, it couldn’t possibly be the one we saw, right……?

“Normally there shouldn’t be any reason for a dragon to appear in such a place, so it might have been that the dragon had just finished recuperating from an injury by some chance and we just happened to be unlucky to encounter it.”

Yup, that was probably the one I healed.

“I-it must have been tough.”

I frantically feign calmness so she wouldn’t sense my trembling.

“My escorts played the decoy and let me go on ahead so I was able to come all the way here, but I’m worried about my escorts so……”
“I-is that so.”

Really, I pray for the safety of those escorts from the bottom of my heard.

“Also, speaking of which, why did you come here?”

I asked her how she came here some time ago, but I didn’t get to hear her reason for coming.

“Th-that is……”

When the Saint attempted to say something, the king’s yell was heard from outside the room.

I completely forgot about it, but I’m sure he started to eat Tré’s cooking just then.

“Just now, that was… Father!!?”
“Ah.. Hey!”

I chase after the Saint who swiftly flew out of the room, and head to where Tré and the king were.
When I caught up to the saint, on the floor of the room was the saint, who was casting recovery magic on the collapsed, with the whites of his eyes showing, king, and Tré was sitting in the corner of the room, hugging her knees.

“Heal! ……As I expected, Heal won’t do…… In that case, Death Poison, Refresh, High Heal!!”

It seems as though her wave of three consecutive healing spells succeeded, and although the king didn’t regain consciousness, his expression looked more at ease.

“Haa, with this I can rest assured. ……Oh?”

After the healing, it seems Tré’s cooking had been projected in the Saint’s gaze.

“Come to think of it, I still haven’t eaten anything. It looks like Father has also partaken, so I will also partake as well, okay?”

If she thought about it calmly, she should have realised the reason behind the king collapsing, but the saint had it tough, having been worn out and her judgement also faltering.


Before I could stop her, the Saint had a taste of the cooking and followed the same path as the king had before.
Even her especially beautiful eyes had rolled over, and I once again felt the horror of Tré’s cooking……


Knowing that she was the one to cause this situation, Tré had stayed in the corner the whole time.

“……Tré, everyone makes mistakes. I-it’s okay to try again n-next time.”

After comforting Tré, I approach the collapsed saint and perform healing on her.


Tré’s cooking was so potent that the Saint’s recovery treatment couldn’t handle it.
However, the saint, whose eyes were rolled over in pain with the whites of her eyes showing, calmed down and returned to her original beautiful face the moment I cured her.

“Sigh, as expected, it becomes like that…….”

As I expected, it only took me one try.
In regards to the Saint’s recovery magic being a degraded version of mine in all appearances,
Someone tell me the meaning of this!!
And while you’re at it, do something about this situation!!
While looking at the two on the floor, I grumble in secret―――

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Chapter 48: Yeah, sorry. That’s impossible.

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Yeah, sorry. That’s impossible.

The king was still standing with his hand extended out to me.
I didn’t know what’s what, but I can’t leave the situation as it is, so I timidly grab that extended hand in return.


The moment I grasped it, the king’s body shook with a start, and he grasped my hand tightly for several seconds before slowly releasing it.
The king finally straightens his back as well, and his eyes overflow with joy like a little kid as he looks at his own hand.

“Err… Why did you……?”

I asked the king, who showed no signs of returning from that situation no matter how much time passed.
In reaction to those words, the king slowly looks back at me.

“Th-that earring……”

……Ah, come to think of it, I received this earring from a servant girl at the castle when I healed her, but perhaps the king knew of that girl.
In that case, the fact that I possess the earring that the [Jet-black Saviour] who infiltrated in the middle of the night should have had meant that I was the [Jet-black Saviour].

“……My daughter.”

Wh-what did he say just now? The king’s daughter. In other words, the Saint……?

“Y-you’re the [Jet-Black Saviour], right……?

……Should I answer honestly here, or should I play dumb?
To be honest, if it’s just the servant girl’s earring then it might be fine to say I bought it from a shop near there, but if it was possessed by the Saint then there’s no way I could have bought it from a shop near there.

“No, I understand it!! That saving people without exposing your identity is a man’s romance!! I’m sorry for just now!! But I won’t reveal your identity to anyone, so please don’t worry!!”

But while I was troubled about whether or not to say it, the king enthusiastically started talking for some reason.

“C-calm down for the moment!”

Despite it being the middle of the night, he was talking in such a loud voice so I obviously had him stop.

“Ah!! My apologies, for me of all people to have lost my composure like that……”

Well, if someone you admired to even go so far as to attach -sama to their name appeared before you, everyone would probably become like this no matter who they were but……

“Ah, well, I guess so. It’s true that I’ve been called the [Jet-black Saviour] but I’m not really such an amazing person. Please don’t use formal language either.”
“Wha!? For an insect like me to speak to the [Jet-Black Saviour]-sama informally is……”

No, aren’t you the king!?

“Well, er.. Look, just like your majesty said before, I don’t want to be so conspicuous. And yet, if the king starts using honorifics for me just from using mere recovery magic, wouldn’t I stand out no matter how much I dislike it? Therefore, consider it for my sake, okay?”

However, it might be that the king greatly deifies the [Jet-Black Saviour] deep inside, but he doesn’t seem to acknowledge it no matter how much time passes.
But I can’t leave it like this is either……

“W-well then, if you stop speaking formally, then I’ll listen to any one thing you ask.”

The king reveals an even larger reaction than during the handshake before.

“I-is that for real!?”
“Yeah, it’s real. Well, it’s only if you stop with the formalities though.”
“I-I will stop!! I will stop speaking formally!!”
“You’ll stop……?”

The king finally assents, but I corner him further.

“I’m stopping!! I won’t use formal language!!

After much difficulty, I managed to succeed in making him completely stop speaking formally to me.

“So, what do you want from me?”

And thus, I was about to listen to one of the king’s requests like I promised, but the king’s face was covered in a large smile.
Ah…… something bad is coming.

“P-please make me your disciple!!”
“Yeah, sorry. That’s impossible.”

Just now, the king’s face steeped with despair.


Well no matter what, you are the king, right? Where would you find someone who would take in a king as a disciple……

“A-at least think about it a little!! After all, I finally stopped the formalities, you know!?”
“Mnn, that’s true……”
“U-until tomorrow morning at least!! Think about it until tomorrow morning!! Because I’ll ask you again then!!”

Due to the king’s strong wishes, I was made to think about the matter until tomorrow.
However, if I refuse and the king reveals the [Jet-Black Saviour]’s identity then it would be terrible. Ah, it’s too troublesome to think about it now so I’ll just think about it just before bed……
Reaching a pause in the conversation, we head towards my house.
It’s annoying to go back to the guild now so we decided on my house, which was relatively close.

“Ah, come to think of it……”
“Hm, what is it?”
“Would it be better to remove this earring?”

Until now, I didn’t think anything special of it and just put it on, but it did cause my identity to be revealed……

“Hmmm, there are only a few people in the kingdom who know about this earring.”

If it’s just living a normal life, I would hardly be worried, but I’m not guaranteed to be the only exception.

“If you’re worried, then I suppose taking it off just in case is also an option.”
“Understood. Then I guess I’ll remove it.”

I also agreed with the king’s advice so I remove the earring attached to my ear, and put it in my pocket.


“I’m home, Tré.”

When we return to my house, had come to the entrance to greet us.

“Welcome home, Master……And that person is…?”

It seems she never met him when she was still a noble, and meeting the king for the first time and not knowing who he was, she tilts her head in puzzlement.

“Ah, he’s an acquaintance from town.”

It might be found out later anyway, but thinking it didn’t really have to be so late at night, I told a lie.
Since I didn’t hear anything from the person himself, the king probably didn’t mind.

“I see, is Master and his companion hungry……?

Tré asks me, but luckily I had eaten before coming so I wasn’t hungry.
The king, however…

“Actually, I haven’t eaten anything so I’ll be grateful if I could have something to eat.”

……As I expected. After all, he never appeared at the banquet.
But, my condolences. Since he’ll be eating Tré’s cooking.
……Tré went to the cooking classes, and it’s true that she continued to improve.
That was, the unappetisingness of her cooking did――

“Th-then I’ll be returning to my room first, so……”
“Ah, Master!!”

When I try to hurry to my room, Tré called out to me.
……Wh-what is it?

“Actually, a guest came just now, but the guest was tired so I put them in the largest room, Master’s room, because I thought Master wouldn’t return home. Was that okay…..?”
“Ah, it’s fine. Thanks for dealing with them.”

As a reward, I pat her head.
Recently, this is what I’ve been doing to reward Lily and Tré. Somehow she seemed happy with that, and closed her eyes in pleasure.

……Nevertheless, it was good. It was really good that she didn’t say to eat together or something.
I think I might have heard a shout from behind me, but I opened the door to my own room to grab new clothes in order to change my dirty clothes for the time being.


I did indeed hear from Tré that there was a guest, but I forgot to ask whether they were male or female.
Inside was, perhaps she was in the middle of changing clothes or something, but there was a naked girl.
Moreover, that girl was someone I recognised.

“Uhh, you……”

The one there was the girl I healed in the one room I found when running about the castle.
In other words, it was the [Saint]-sama――