Chapter 49: The Saint’s Recovery Magic is a Degraded Version of Mine

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The Saint’s Recovery Magic is a Degraded Version of Mine


When the saint’s gaze met with mine, she let out a frightened voice and prepared to scream.


Before she could do that, I rotate my body and immediately close the room door.
Well, how should I put it…… I never thought the guest Tré told me about referred to the [Saint]-sama.
Nevertheless, I wonder if she perhaps came her from the capital by herself.

“……U-um… Might you still be there……?”

While I was thinking about one thing or another, a small voice called out from within the room.

“A-ah, yes. I’m here, more or less.”
“……Ah, um.. I’ve finished changing so it’s alright to come in now.”

Having received permission to enter from the Saint, I cautiously open the door.
……However, there is one thing I must be careful of when talking to the saint.
That is, I mustn’t let the Saint realise that I know her true identity.

“Um.. Nice to meet you. My name is Luna. I am serving as the current [Saint].”

……Oblivious of that needless anxiety of mine, the Saint unexpectedly divulges her own identity at once.

“H-huh, is it alright to simply reveal that you are the [Saint] just like that?”

I thought for sure that the attire she wore for the charity work in the past, was to hide her identity though……


Hereupon, the Saint sunk into silence and started to pale.

“W-was that no good, perhaps…………?”

And then asks me with a pale face.

“Ah, indeed, it might be better not to say it from now on. I won’t tell anyone so you can rest assured though.”
“Th-thank you very much. B-but I was also going to ask that of you anyway.”

I took her into consideration when I said that, but it seems this saint might have a strong competitive spirit.
In that case, I wonder if there’s any means of making use of that in reverse……

“Then it’s better that I don’t use honorifics either, right? Since I don’t know what might cause you to be exposed.”
“Well, I don’t mind.”
“And so, how did you come here? From the looks of it, you don’t have any escorts or anything.”

Having received the Saint’s acknowledgement, I promptly ask what was on my mind, without using any honorific speech.

“……That’s.. I did bring several escorts in the beginning, but they were attacked by a crimson dragon en route.”

Ah.. Huh? That crimson dragon, it couldn’t possibly be the one we saw, right……?

“Normally there shouldn’t be any reason for a dragon to appear in such a place, so it might have been that the dragon had just finished recuperating from an injury by some chance and we just happened to be unlucky to encounter it.”

Yup, that was probably the one I healed.

“I-it must have been tough.”

I frantically feign calmness so she wouldn’t sense my trembling.

“My escorts played the decoy and let me go on ahead so I was able to come all the way here, but I’m worried about my escorts so……”
“I-is that so.”

Really, I pray for the safety of those escorts from the bottom of my heard.

“Also, speaking of which, why did you come here?”

I asked her how she came here some time ago, but I didn’t get to hear her reason for coming.

“Th-that is……”

When the Saint attempted to say something, the king’s yell was heard from outside the room.

I completely forgot about it, but I’m sure he started to eat Tré’s cooking just then.

“Just now, that was… Father!!?”
“Ah.. Hey!”

I chase after the Saint who swiftly flew out of the room, and head to where Tré and the king were.
When I caught up to the saint, on the floor of the room was the saint, who was casting recovery magic on the collapsed, with the whites of his eyes showing, king, and Tré was sitting in the corner of the room, hugging her knees.

“Heal! ……As I expected, Heal won’t do…… In that case, Death Poison, Refresh, High Heal!!”

It seems as though her wave of three consecutive healing spells succeeded, and although the king didn’t regain consciousness, his expression looked more at ease.

“Haa, with this I can rest assured. ……Oh?”

After the healing, it seems Tré’s cooking had been projected in the Saint’s gaze.

“Come to think of it, I still haven’t eaten anything. It looks like Father has also partaken, so I will also partake as well, okay?”

If she thought about it calmly, she should have realised the reason behind the king collapsing, but the saint had it tough, having been worn out and her judgement also faltering.


Before I could stop her, the Saint had a taste of the cooking and followed the same path as the king had before.
Even her especially beautiful eyes had rolled over, and I once again felt the horror of Tré’s cooking……


Knowing that she was the one to cause this situation, Tré had stayed in the corner the whole time.

“……Tré, everyone makes mistakes. I-it’s okay to try again n-next time.”

After comforting Tré, I approach the collapsed saint and perform healing on her.


Tré’s cooking was so potent that the Saint’s recovery treatment couldn’t handle it.
However, the saint, whose eyes were rolled over in pain with the whites of her eyes showing, calmed down and returned to her original beautiful face the moment I cured her.

“Sigh, as expected, it becomes like that…….”

As I expected, it only took me one try.
In regards to the Saint’s recovery magic being a degraded version of mine in all appearances,
Someone tell me the meaning of this!!
And while you’re at it, do something about this situation!!
While looking at the two on the floor, I grumble in secret―――

A/N: I managed to complete the up to the point I had wanted to write about (?) when I first started this series!!
I’m really grateful for everyone who has read up to this point!!
I also think that this manner of writing with a postscript here makes it seem as though it’ll end as it is, but there’s still much to continue!!
So rest assured about that!
I plan to continue this manner of one update per day so best regards.
I’ll work hard after this as well to make it a work that will live up to everyone’s expectations so please support me!!
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    1. Even if he was exposed nobody deserves to be tortured by what looks like delicious food, but is actually hell, and nobody deserves talent so bad that it’s all they can cook. I say everybody involved is a victim.

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        1. It does mean that she has a crippling inability within her wilderness survival abilities though. She’s absolutely required to be in a group with other people if she wants to eat something other than uncooked or preserved foods in the wilderness. Also, it has yet to be clarified whether or not it’s merely just oral poison.


  1. Arigatou, dont push yourself l, do it at your own pace
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  2. XieXie~! The chapter was delicious. Also, I have been waiting for the chapter with the same name as the story! I have no idea why, but I love when the title is mentioned in the story! Its so much fun!


  3. Double Kill!

    she’d prolly faint if Tre knew it was the King she just K.O.ed wwwwwwwwwwwww

    a capital punishment is in order… stake her Master! burn~~~!


  4. I can understand the lack of plot if he’s writing one chapter a day. It must be kind of hard to keep the ideas coming every day !

    And it looks like one reader who commented above thought this was a translator note at the end of the chapter xD


  5. Thanks for the chapter~ Sorry kookie I never went through with my editor app, just too much on my plate atm. ><

    Good luck to our new editors aand welcome back kookie!~


  6. “Normally there shouldn’t be any reason for a dragon to appear in such a place, so it might have been that the dragon had just finished recuperating from an injury by some chance and we just happened to be unlucky to encounter it.”
    Yup, that was probably the one I healed.
    “I-it must have been tough.”

    This dimwit… Really. I’m just here for the comedy, but even then I am starting to get pissed off because of how stupid he is.

    Oh, and that fcking saint, seems she’s also retarded. You run down, find your father collapsed by the dinner after screaming where you can hardly heal him with your all and when he manages to calm down a little bit after repeated healing, you directly turn your sights on the food in front of you and think “oh, I haven’t had dinner, let’s eat that food since I treated my dying father a second ago”… I mean, there’s a limit to going at your own pace and being foolish right? Why would she even think of eating before asking about why the king collapsed while screaming? Just how brain dead do you need to be in order to do something like this? At least the mc is even more retarded, so I guess it’s fine.


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