Chapter 53: It’s payback for before

Exams are finally over, and the welcome summer break means I’m back to making regular releases. Ganbarimasu~!!

Editors: Elemintabni, Hakubruh

It’s payback for before

“Everyone’s gone home now~”

Lily and I are the only two left now that Luna and the king have returned to the capital.
We had plenty of free time once we finished cleaning up the remains of our breakfast.

“Ah, speaking of which, a number of things happened and Tré’s feeling down at the moment. I’m sorry, but can you go comfort her?”

Lily should have more success, and I want Tré to cheer up as soon as possible.


Heeding my request, Lily races towards Tré’s room.
……I expect it to go well with Tré with that attitude, but now I’m left by myself.

“……Sigh……Today was a rather busy day……”

Those words unintentionally spilled from my mouth.

“Oh, did you really have that much trouble?”

I hadn’t been talking to anyone in particular and had simply been talking to myself just then, but suddenly there was a response from behind.


When I timidly turned around, standing before me was the one who always took care of me at the guild, Asha-san.

“Yes, it’s me, Asha. It’s been since yesterday, hasn’t it.”

I don’t know how she came all the way here without making a sound but as one would expect, I was very surprised.

“Err…S-so can I help you with anything……?”

It was only after I asked about helping that I remembered what Asha-san had done to me before.
I felt my face heat up slowly.

“Yes. Actually, it’s about Aura-san but……”

Asha-san informs me, while I was in such a state.
Although it may seem rude to Aura, my heated face gradually cools down when I hear it.
Calmly thinking about it, Lily did tell me about Aura talking to Asha-san, so it’s reasonable for Asha-san to be seeking me about that. I guess she had some funny misunderstanding.

“Um… Nest-san, you… did you do that… with Aura-san……?”

Asha-san asks somewhat hesitantly, turning her face away.


I doubt Aura would have told her that much, so without knowing how much Asha-san knows, I found it difficult to confess and succumb to embarrassment.

“As I expected, even Aura-san finds it embarrassing so……”

As expected, I should have stopped playing dead sooner back then……
Then the situation wouldn’t have become like this.

“And so, like this… f-for me as well… it might be difficult to continue our usual livelihood so――
――Please forget about it.”

The moment I heard Asha-san’s words, my head was struck from behind.
When I try look wondering what it was, Aura was there, holding some kind of hard-looking  blunt weapon.

“Wha!? Aura, what are you……!?”
“To make someone forget, the best method is to hit their head… is what I heard so……”

W-who taught Aura such unnecessary things!?

“A-as if I could forget just like―!?”

While I was talking to Aura, my head was struck from behind again.

“E-even Asha-san― ! ?”
“I’m sorry, I also ended up doing something a little audacious so please forget everything.”
“I-is this for real…….”

My head wasn’t accustomed to getting injured, but luckily it didn’t hurt.
Nevertheless, I couldn’t concentralte on healing very well, perhaps because my head was being swung at with all their strength.

“H-how about we calm down for now?”

I frantically try to escape from the demonic hands of the two holding blunt weapons.

“Don’t run and be hit obediently!!”
“No way, that’s unreasonable! There’s no way I would forget just like that, right!?”

I aim for for an escape route upon being driven to the wall.


It was at such a moment. I was caught from behind by a separate pair of hands.

“It’s payback for before……”

Who knew Tré would join the battle? I was caught by the enemy.

“Fufufu… Just accept it Nest……”
“Nest-san, please be at ease. We’ll be as gentle as possible……”

And starting from those words, I could hear the voices gradually growing softer and eventually becoming completely inaudible――


“Oh, you’re awake?”

It seems I fell asleep without realising it after the king’s party returned, with Aura returning in the meantime.

“Yeah, welcome back Aura.”

I don’t know why, but I feel as though it’s been a while since I talked to Aura.

“I’m home. Hey Nest, that…… d-do you have any recollection of doing something with me that seemed embarrassing……?”

Aura asks me, her face turning slightly red for some reason.

“……No? I don’t remember anything though……”
“Th-that’s good then. You don’t have to worry about it then.”

Aura makes a somewhat relieved face when she hears my words, her hand patting her chest.

“Th-then I have something to do now so……”

Eventually she started talking and then left immediately afterwards, heading off somewhere.
…………I feel like I had gotten mixed up in something, but nothing stood out with everything the same as usual, so I guess it was just my misunderstanding?
I suppose the feeling of my face being a little swollen was also――


――just my imagination, right?

54 thoughts on “Chapter 53: It’s payback for before

  1. i remember a scene in jitsu wa watashi wa when i read this chapter xD didn’t know that really works.

    Thanks and enjoy your summer!


    1. Technically brain trauma can cause your short term memory–>long term memory brain circuits to not work properly, but that’s about as probable as throwing a piece of string in 0g and successfully threading it through a needle 10m away. AKA highly improbable, but can still be done with ridiculous skills\luck.


      1. Anything that causes retrograde amnesia is almost guaranteed to cause anterograde amnesia, and is likely to fuck up a bunch of other things, too. You can forget skills, like riding a bike, driving, or even your language.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. but for them to actually select a part of his memory to be erased, that’s some skills they got.

          A memory-wiping tool so convenient that it can even reduce a lot of calories, anger and stress at the same time, just swing it down on anyone’s head and they’ll forget you even hit them. it can also be use for revenge without them knowing they’ve been through a massive series of beating. xD


        2. Healing magic allows for a lot of trial and error. Presumably, brain damage could be healed, but the memories held in the tissue would be lost.


    1. I feel it escalated beyond that, I think Yandare’s are making there appearance. That said I thought slaves couldn’t harm the master, ignoring Asha, I think the other 2 are supposed to be his slaves.


      1. They can harm him yes…

        It’s because Nest has giving them freedom, but haven’t released them (because plot device they do not want to get abandoned)

        They can harm him, but they cannot kill him…


          1. If I can remember correctly, yes. They didn’t have anything to do with [blood contract], [slave collar/mark], or [oath].

            I think they even can run away without getting penalty like heavy headache or something.


  2. It would have been hilarious if they actually killed him by beating him over the head with blunt objects. Would have been an amazing twist.


  3. Ok that’s it I’m dropping this. The lack of any character or plot development for so long was bad enough, but to then undo development once it finally DOES happen?!
    Not to mention the fact that most of the characters are just empty cliches, the few characters that ARE interesting keep being pushed aside. -sigh- don’t want to bash this so much because I used to love this so much. I hope the rest of you can continue finding enjoyment out of it. :/

    Liked by 3 people

    1. It’s about when she told him that she liked him because he was pretty much dead(from her viewpoint) and she got desperate. She also stabbed him that time too. It’s retarded as usual, but this is not funny at all.


  4. Thank you very much.

    So the author chose the easy way out instead of developing the story. Disappointing. I guess it’s time for me to stop reading this WN. Thanks again.


  5. Now the story just got kinda stupid for me. Why confess if it embarrasses you? Than they try to brain him for it, I sure as hell wouldn’t want anything to do with crazy bitches like that.


  6. “Um… Nest-san, you… did you do that… with Aura-san……?”
    Asha-san asks somewhat hesitantly, turning her face away.

    Yeah, because you have to be so ambiguous about someone saying they like you. Fcking retards, would’ve thought that he raped her or something if I didn’t read the previous chapters.

    Getting sick of this. Slaves assaulting their master, hell, people that love him are bashing his head in for no plausible reason, enough to possibly kill him. Because of what? Because they’re embarrassed or find it wrong that he should remember something that she did/said by mistake. So they go ahead and hope to cause a memory loss that might or might not erase his entire memory or important parts of it, but isn’t likely to cause him to forget only the needed parts. Even if they could, I don’t find it funny at all, these slaves are way too outrageous, they’re nothing more than whiny, snotty, selfish and retarded brats that doesn’t understand their position or the thing called consequences. I mean, even if you were equal or above him in social standing, something like this would be unacceptable and enough to incarcerate you for being a psychopathic maniac. But they do it even if they’re mere slaves.

    I really wish he’d forget all of those girls and they’d break down and cry because of it. To let them know that actions have consequences and one wrong step can ruin a friendship forever. It would also be nice if it twisted his personality and he’d start acting as the real master of his slaves, not just some softhearted nanny that condones everything. I wish the author could learn to write stuff of a bit more quality than this subpar crap, it’s still somewhat interesting but there’s too many crappy mistakes and parts that are supposed to be funny but just makes you want to burn his house down for being so fcking retarded. Some measure of realism is needed in order for the readers to be able to relate or think that it’s possible or funny. You can’t just go ahead and use common clichés like in this chapter all of a sudden and hope it’d make the readers laugh.


    1. Even the quiet and subservient tré turned into a psychopath that hit his head in… For what? For “revenge” because the mc told her that different people have different things they’re good at out of good faith. Repaying kindness by shutting herself in a room and then bashing his head in just because it’s funny, what the fck happened to her head. She doesn’t even have a reason to do so, even if she did she wouldn’t because her personality is supposed to be pretty docile and really loving the mc a lot. Not caring about the set personality for the character is another retarded mistake from a subpar author. I can somewhat see Aura doing something like this since she had a retarded personality like that from the beginning, asha is possible too since she’s kind of like a yandere stalker or something, but tré? no.


  7. *sigh reading different comments … i can say that this is kinda …. boring?… no like irritating .. for me atleast … haven’t notice character development .. and seeing comments like Aura and the others were supposed to be slaves … but don’t act like one .. i know the Mc is kind to them making them forget that they were slaves but still… acting so violent to him just becuz of :”That”..*sigh… Im also thinking of dropping this…


    1. And yes, I am a cross-trained all-rounder. I can do basically anything well if not perfectly on my first try. So I can guarantee that what you are saying is nonsense as someone is good at both poetry and prose or any literature for that matter.


    2. Basically, you don’t like it because you’re reading the wrong genre. For me, I’m fine with any and all genres. Wide reading broadens your world view. Which is why I read from any field that I consider to be useful.


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