Chapter 54: It’s really big so it feels good

Dedicated to Scrya, who may or may not be a lolicon…

It’s really big so it feels good

“Alright, we’re starting~!”

We’re providing medical treatment at the guild now, for the first time in a while.
……At any rate, I was surprised before.
I saw my face in the mirror when I went to wash my face in the morning and it was swollen red for some reason.
Surprised, I tried asking the knowledgeable Aura-sensei about it and was told that I was bitten by a blood-sucking bug during the night.
Well, it was immediately fixed by healing so it wasn’t very serious.

“Yeah! We’re counting on you for today as well!”

Now then, our first customer of the day has come, so I should concentrate on healing――


“Haa……finally, we’re almost done……”

We finally managed to finish treating most of the people in line by lunchtime.

“Aura, Tré, you two can go ahead and get lunch~”

Tré or I need to remain in case there are customers coming urgently, so this combination was inevitable.

“Okay, but we’ll come back as soon as possible.”

Saying that, Tré and Aura leave the guild.
The one who remained, Lily, sits on my lap and closes her eyes in pleasure.

“Then next person, please~”

And so, I resume the treatment once again.


“Hey, thanks for the good work, kiddo.”

When there was a rare pause in customer traffic, as if everyone was having lunch, a few of the adventurers who often come for treatment came and started a conversation.
I don’t see any injuries at a glance, so they’ve probably come just to chat.

“Mn, I’m going off to pick some flowers for a bit!”

At that moment, Lily gets off my lap, using the secret code she recently learned from Aura.


Thinking that they’ll be able to talk about more things without Lily there, the adventurers see her off too.

“There we go…….so Kiddo, who’s your favourite after all……?”

One of the men down leans forward while beginning to talk.

“Err, for what……?”

But unfortunately, I didn’t understand what he meant at all.

“……I don’t really know what you mean about favourite though?”

The men make a shocked face, but I don’t know what I don’t know so it can’t be helped.

“Sigh. In other words, it’s that. I’m talking about who you’d like to do the most.”

No wait, it’s odd. I don’t know why he’d suddenly talk about that.

“Cos you always have three cute girls with you, ya see? Well, two still look like kids so it seems as though you’ll only be able to milk one of ‘em, but according to the rumours, you’ve even gotten pretty close to Asha-san from the guild, right?”
“W-well certainly, I can’t deny that everyone is cute but……”

Nevertheless, the conversation didn’t advance so well.
I’m no different from the commoners around here, and they won’t let me do it anyway.

“Huh!? Are you even a man, Kiddo? Y-you couldn’t be……do you prefer men……?”
“That’s wrong!?”

I hurriedly deny to the men who were backing away as they assumed incorrectly.
What will I do if a weird rumour starts from that?

“Hahaha, isn’t it obvious that I’m joking?”
“Give me a break……”

Really, it doesn’t sound like a joke.

“I’m back~!!”

As I sigh, Lily returns after picking flowers and sits on my lap.

“Ne, what were you talking about~?”

She smiles innocently while asking us, but I can’t tell her about the current conversation.
As I expect, the men should be restraining themselves in front of a child.

“I was asking about the relationship between Lily-chan and this Onii-chan.”

One of the men gallantly inform Lily
……It was almost immoral, but that should barely be on the safe side.

“Hm? Relationship with Nest?”
“Th-that’s right. These uncles are quite obstinate, you know. Please tell them.”

Lily probably won’t say anything strange, or more precisely, I haven’t done anything in reality.

“Let’s see~ Lily is.. on top of Nest~?”
“On top of Nest is, you see, it’s really big so it feels good~”

W-wait a minute?
What is Lily saying?
Could she be referring to ‘on top of my lap’……?

“……To think Kiddo was that kind of guy.”
“Th-then, even about liking men is……”
“How fearsome……”

Gradually, the surrounding men distance themselves from me.
The agile ones have reached the guild entrance already.

“Then, I-I’m going ahead.”
“G-good luck, okay……?”

And then they each scatter about, each saying as they please.


But it was too late, there was no one to respond to my shout――



By the next day, rumours had spread about me being a lolicon pervert.



48 thoughts on “Chapter 54: It’s really big so it feels good

      1. Tnx for the chap~

        I just started playing Sleeping Dogs, the first food i see is Pork Buns, seeing it i immediately buy some then im reminded of our fellow reader Meatbun… I kept searching around for some meatbuns but i can them… I wonder where theyre hidden?


        1. You can easily find Tua Pao (Big Bun), Bak Pao (Meat Bun, usually pork), Chai Pao (Vegetable Bin), Huanchu Pao (Potato Bun, basically plain bun without filling), Tao Sar Pao (Sweet Red Bean Paste Bun), etc. at most Chinese coffee shops or food stores, or Dim Sum stores, etc. They’re very common here, but I’m not sure about your area though.


    1. I think she meant the difference in height when sitting on his lap vs sitting on a chair or something.

      Maybe his mana pool is big and when she sits on him she can feel it’s big and it’s nice?


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  1. Thanks for the chapter XD

    Just started this series and love it XD

    Btw, for these posts where the previous or next post isn’t the same series, maybe you should add links at the bottom going to the previous and next chapter….


  2. I’m no different from the commoners around here, and they won’t let me do it anyway.
    “Huh!? Are you even a man, Kiddo? Y-you couldn’t be……do you prefer men……?”
    “That’s wrong!?”

    Really, if you were just a little bit forceful, they’d give in instantly. Asha, tré and aura. You would barely need to say “let’s sleep together” to Asha or tré for them to agree readily, at least if we think of their personalities thus far.

    Luckily there’s only 13 chapters or so left translated, I wouldn’t be able to handle much more than that since I’m getting more and more irritated by how retarded most the author is making the characters. It’s not funny to just throw around random gags that doesn’t fit at all in the situation, this chapter too, there’s absolutely no reason for lily saying such shit. It’s as if she’s intentionally being ambiguous, but she clearly isn’t old enough for that yet…


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