Teaser: The Haunted Duke’s Daughter

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The Haunted Duke’s Daughter
Author: 龍翠 [Ryuusui]
Raws: http://ncode.syosetu.com/n5708cr/

This is a story about the eldest daughter of the duke’s family, the one who is engaged to the prince.
This eldest daughter always acted as she pleased, but one day, she was suddenly able to hear a strange voice. It was a voice that only she could hear. That voice said,
“In two years, you will incur the wrath of the prince and be hated.”
This is the story where this eldest daughter is guided by the voice that she alone can hear and tries to reform.


Chapter 58: I would like to see

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I would like to see.

“Haah, we have finally arrived……”

We have now, after going to the town to meet Father, finally managed to return to the capital.
Unlike the trip to town, there were no dragon encounters or monster assaults during our return home; it was a favourable journey.
With our escorts encircling us, we have finally managed to reach the castle somehow.

“Y-your majesty!!”

When we enter the castle, one of Father’s subordinates approached us.

“Hmm, what’s the matter?”

Father calls out to him.

“Th-that is……”

Apparently, according to his report, the princess of the demon country has come to the royal castle, only bringing a few escorts along with her.
Fundamentally, they are not much different from us despite being called demons.
Their appearance also resemble humans.
The sole difference in their outward appearances would be that demons grow wings on their backs, and tails from their buttocks, when they reach adulthood.
From what I heard, it seems the wings on their back are small and can be stowed away.

Incidentally, the relationship between demons and humans hadn’t been that great.
In the past, the current king of demons came to this country to bind a peace treaty, and we maintained a favourable relationship after that.
Of course, I believe that there are also people who hold dissatisfaction in their hearts even now, but I’m grateful that the majority of people readily assent to this alliance with the demons.

Ah, come to think of it, demons possess an aptitude for the dark attribute, and I’ve heard that they can all use at least a little dark magic.
And apparently, they possess physical strength that humans are no match for, which I would certainly like to see.

“I wonder if there is some urgent matter or something…….?”

I, together with Father, headed to the room in which the demon princess was waiting.


“I’m sorry to keep you waiting.”

When we enter the room, Father turns towards the demon princess and apologies.

“No, the one who came so suddenly was I. There is no need for apologies.”

The demon princess seems to use quite an old-fashioned manner of talking, or so I thought as I stood behind Father.

“My name is Parfeq. Please call me that from now on.”
“So, does Parfeq-hime have some business or…..?

Father gets straight to the point without delay.

“……Actually, it seems someone from the demon country brought my little sister to the human country……”
“…..? Is there some kind of problem?”

I feel like there is nothing wrong in particular but……

“The demon in question was one of the rebels opposing my father, the current king. And so, when he brought her along, he apparently made my sister drink poison……”

…..Certainly, if that’s the case then it’s not unnatural for her to be worried.
Parfeq-hime also grimaces, looking vexed.

“Thus, I came here to request aid in searching for my little sister.”

Parfeq-hime stares fixedly at my father’s face.

“……I understand. We’ll use every method we can, to find her without fail!!”

Father consents to it immediately.


“For our search, it would help if you could advise us of her appearance and name.”

Father inquires about the necessary details in order to assist.

“Firstly, in regards to her appearance, she is a blue-haired little girl. She usually has a cheerful disposition, but now that she was made to take poison, that might also be hard for her but……”
“Wh-what name does she go by?”

Seeing Parfeq-hime appear to become increasingly sadder as she relays the information, I panickedly continue the questioning.

“……It’s Lily.”

Father and I both react to the name given by Parfeq-hime.

“……? Could you possibly be aware of her whereabouts!?”

Noticing with a discerning eye, Parfeq-hime presses us with a query.

“Umm… There is an acquaintance of ours who is able to use recovery magic. There is a child accompanying him who is known as Lily, but……”

If I recall correctly, the child with Nest-san was called Lily.

“But that child was fairly lively though?”

Lily-chan had been overflowing with spirit, so much so as to even have pulled at Father’s hair.
Considering this, it’s true that she seems to have similar characteristics as the Lily that Parfeq-hime spoke of.
Perhaps, there is also the possibility of Nest-san having cured that illness, but the chances of that are slim.

“A recovery magic user, is it……”

Parfeq-hime also looks grim.

“……Recovery magic isn’t very effective on demons, you see……”

That is true. Demons are suited for the dark attribute, but because of that, the light attributed recovery magic has a low compatibility with them.
As such, most recovery magic users know that recovery magic have a weak effect on demonic beings.

“Nevertheless, there is still the chance of that, so we should contact them just in case. Right, Father?”

Perhaps by some chance, the Lily beside Nest-son really is the Lily that Parfeq-hime is referring to, and recovery magic might have succeeded in some manner.


Father freezes for some reason.

“Mn, that is appreciated. However, I will also make a search.”

I exchange greetings in place of my petrified father, and then Parfeq-hime departed from the castle.
I feel like he gazed this way during her departure for some reason, but it may just be my imagination.


Let’s leave Father, who remains unmoving even now, and report our return to Mother now――


NF: Chapter 12

Chapter 12 is brought to you by Firebird.

This chapter introduced a name that was quite difficult to translate, because it contained a combination of implications. My editor and I had a bit of fun brainstorming puns for it but alas, Firebird decided to go with the  pronunciation given by the author.

I’ll share it with you anyway (time for another mini Japanese lesson):

The pun was thus: 赫ん坊 ‘akanbou’ (given pronunciation: Baby Scarlet)
This is a play on the word 赤ん坊 ‘akanbou’ (baby), where 赤 ‘aka’ means red/scarlet. It is replaced by the character 赫 (also pronounced ‘aka’) which means bright. Please also note that 赫 is made up of two 赤.

And so, my editor and I tried to think up words that combined ‘bright’ + ‘baby’ /+ ‘red’
Here’s some of the things we came up with:- Flaming Baby (since his mother does use fire)
– CrimSon (also, connotations of ‘criminal’, but his mother is the Flame PRISON Witch)
– Infant-red (infant + infrared)
– Son-guine (son + sanguine)
– (r)Ed-dept (red + adept, + Edgar)
– (r)ediSon (red + Ed/Edison + son)
– Prof-infant (proficient + infant)

If you guys think of any thing we might be able to use, feel free to share~

Chapter 57: Doooon!!

A Japanese lesson: “Do―n” is an onomatopoeia that is sometimes added to a scene for dramatic effect, to show that something astonishing or important has happened.



“Huh? Arm wrestling championship?”

Naturally, I stayed indoors after the previous incident, but Asha-san purposefully came to my house to invite me, so I had to go.
Asha-san lead me to the guild, where there was a sign with large writing standing at the entrance.

“Yes, actually it has been arranged for the guild to organise it, so I was told to bring Nest-san for the sake of the people fighting continuously.”

Well, you know? I already knew that much.
Asha-san especially coming to my house to invite me had been somewhat suspicious.

“N-no, I was actually thinking I might enter this as well…… or something.”

While I was silent, Asha-san brought her face close to mine so I inadvertently let something unexpected slip out of my mouth.

“That’s a good idea! I will be cheering for you!”

In my panic, I said it as a joke but Asha-san seemed to show an unusual hint of excitement, making a fist in the air.
……Yeah, with this, I’ve no choice but to enter.



“Now, for the next challenger!! Here he is!!”

As the conversation progressed rapidly, my participation ended up being decided unknowingly.
My debut is after this current challenger.
This is where a contender challenges the arm wrestling champion of the previous session, and the contender becomes the champion if he wins. But of course, that’s not the end.
As long as it’s within the appointed time limit, people are able to challenge the new champion.
If they win, the champion will change again.
This will repeat until time is up.

However, on the assumption that the person who becomes champion will have a series of battles, I will need to use recovery magic to restore them after each battle.
That is also one of my roles.
Incidentally, the current champion still the one from before.
Making the opponent surrender with an overwhelming strength making the opponent surrender, as yet, no one else was able to become the champion.

“The Enddddd!!!”

For the results of this match, as expected, the previous champion had a complete victory.
Next is, of course, my turn.


Finished with treating the other party, I sat down on one of the seats by the table.

“Nest-san~ Do your best~!”

I could hear Asha-san’s cheers of support from behind.
……I have to win――!!
I have come this far slowly, but it’s not as though I haven’t thought of any strategies.
My strategy has been properly prepared. For me, by me.

“Heh, I won’t lose to Mister Lolicon Pervert, you know?”

……Fufufu, you have lost already.

“Well then, REEAAAADDDYYY!!”

The referee gives the signal.


At that moment, our match started.

“……Heal, heal, heal…… Heal….. Heal.”

From the commencement of the battle, I continuously cast recovery magic on myself, in a voice inaudible to others.
By doing that, I was able to always fight with a perfect constitution.


However, just that was tough on me as well. No matter how perfect my constitution was, we differed in nature.
Well, what could I do. It was simple.
Up until now, I haven’t actually cast recovery magic on the champion.
I pretended to cast it, but I had actually cast them all on myself.


And then, at the end of a long battle, I seized the victory admirably.

“……A-amazing, he brought him down……”
“……That lolicon pervert…… I see him in a new light now……”

There was some noise from behind, but I was satisfied. With this, the bad rumours about me may abide a little, and above all, I was able to show Asha-san my good points.

“The New Champion!! NESTTTTTT!!!”

When the referee yelled out my name loudly, the guild overflowed with the cheers of the adventurers.


“Now then, the next challenger is……? Oh, it actually hasn’t been decided yet!!”

When the voices in the guild quietened down, the referee made an outrageous announcement.
At this rate, I will be the new champion without anyone coming out, but there should only be a short time left until the end.


I unintentionally let out a laugh.
Nevertheless, it was almost completely settled.

“Lily wants to do it too~!!!”

Just when I was thinking that, I heard such a cry from among the spectators.
And then, the one who was brought out to me was Lily herself.

“Err…… By the looks of it, this should be the final match because time is running out……”

Even the referee seemed to be unsure as to how to liven up this match with such a small challenger.
I was also surprised, but it was fine like this.
That is because, my victory has already been decided.
I feel bad for Lily, but I’ll have her let me win. As one would expect with Lily as an opponent, I should be more than enough.


“W-well then, Ready!! Start!!”

Finally, the match started.
To finish it immediately is also… you know, so I’ll start off lightly.

“Nest? This is a win if you bring down the opponent’s arm?”
“That’s right~”

I told Lily, who apparently didn’t even know the rules.
Now then, let’s finish it soon――




And then, the moment after hearing that sound, it was settled.


The table used for the match was splendidly split right in half, and I was thrown to the ground as I was.

Right, I lost―――
I don’t know where it had been hiding in that small body, but due to Lily’s unbelievable strength―――

“Just because he’s a lolicon, to go that far……”
“……To throw himself and break the table……”

Those quiet murmurs entered my ears.

“T-THE WINNER IS… LILYYYYY!! The arm wrestling champion this time is LILY!!”

The guild was enveloped in the loudest cheer of the day.



Alone, I headed home, crying as I continued to run――



Chapter 56: Can we enter the bath?

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Can we enter the bath?

“We’re back~”

After Tré and I went shopping, we had lunch at a shop reputed to be delicious, and then killed some time.
When it became evening, it seemed like the perfect time to return home.

“Welcome back~!”

Lily came to the entrance to greet us.

“Huh, where’s Aura?”

If it was like usual, Aura would come to the entrance despite being later than Lily. But today she didn’t, for some reason.

“Aura-oneechan is cooking at the moment.”
“Ah, come to think of it, Aura is in charge of dinner today.”


“Aura, we’re home.”

I say to Aura who was in the middle of cooking, after having come here from the entrance.

“Ah, welcome home.”

Aura replies, simply turning her head this way.
Having conveyed our return to Aura, I retreat to my room for the time being.


“Ahh, it was delicious.”

Now, I have returned alone to my room, after we all finished eating the dinner Aura made.
We weren’t able to cook until a little while ago, but now everyone has become quite skilful in terms of cooking, well, apart from Tré who is still like that.
The cooking that Aura made today was also delicious, and I also have high hopes for Lily who is in charge of tomorrow’s breakfast.



“……Hm, who is it?”

While I was resting on my bed, there was a knock at the door.
I turn and call out towards the door.

“It’s me, can I come in……?”

It seems like Tré has come to my room.

“It’s alright, you can enter.”

It’s not like I was doing anything in particular that it would cause problems if she entered, so I call her in.
Tré entered, with the swimsuit we just bought today in hand.

“……I have this now so..  can we enter the bath?”

Tré spoke bashfully, but she clearly conveyed her wishes.

“Ah well, I guess it’s fine.”

So far I have continued to fail when bathing with Tré, but today we bought the swimsuit for that purpose so there shouldn’t be anything to worry about..
I retrieved my own change of clothes, and headed to the bath house together with Tré.
I had Tré change into her swimsuit and go to the bath before me, then I quickly made my preparations for entering the bath.
I neatly wrapped a towel around my waist, and also made sure to bring the bathing equipment.

“……Alright! Let’s go!”

With such enthusiasm, I head to the bath where Tré was ready and waiting.



The swimsuit Tré was wearing had unexpectedly high destructive power.
The special fabric that was dyed black clung to her body distinctly and Tré’s figure could clearly be seen.
If it was when I just left the village it might be no good, but having gotten a little familiar with girls in town, at this level, I can do it――!!

“Haa… Entering the bath together is…… so nice……”

Speaking of the result, it was perfect.
There were places I couldn’t wash due to the swimsuit, but apart from that, I was able to wash her with an easy victory.
And then Tré also rinsed my back, calling it a return favour, and now we soaked in the accumulated hot water together.

“……Mn, I also feel good……”

Tré also had an expression of rapture and she submerged her body in the water.
With this, it’s fine to enter together every day.
Indeed, having a girl rinse one’s back would please any guy.

“That swimsuit is amazing~

Wrapping Tré’s body, I was staring at the swimsuit that was gradually lightening in colour.


T-the colour is lightening?
Was it just my mistake, I feel like the swimsuit’s blackness was gradually lightening somehow and becoming transparent.

“H-hey, Tré……? I feel like that swimsuit is somehow lightening in colour but……?”

At my inquiry, Tré turns towards me with a curious look.

“……? Isn’t this that sort of thing……?


“Uhh… Swimsuits lighten in colour when entering baths together, they are clothes for noble purveyors who like that sort of thing but……?”
“Some time ago, I was told by adventurer people that this sort of thing would be good for entertainment if I wanted to cheer Master up, so……”
“……A-are you serious……”

That was dangerous.
At this rate it will become completely transparent, and I might collapse like last time.

“I-I’ll be getting up first, okay?”


“I-I’m exhausted……”

After getting changed in the changing room, I headed to my room and directly collapsed onto the bed.

“A-as far as it goes, I did enter the bath with Tré until the end, right?”

It was a swimsuit with some traps but even when I think back upon it, I did properly enter the bath with Tré, and it wasn’t all bad, right?
It does look like it would take quite a bit of time before it becomes completely transparent.
While thinking about all sorts of things, I became sleepy so I shut my eyes in accordance with that drowsiness.



The next day, I heard the rumour about the “Lolicon Pervert” buying a noble purveyor’s “swimsuit” and furthermore, it was for a small kid’s use――



Chapter 55: A ‘Lolicon Pervert’

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A ‘Lolicon Pervert’

“M-master, don’t feel so down.”

Right now I am shopping with Tré.
I had confined myself at home because of the “lolicon pervert” rumour flying around.
Apparently Tré and Aura had worked hard to dispel the misunderstanding in the meantime.
This time I’m accompanying Tré as a reward for that.
But once a rumour has spread, it won’t disappear so easily.
Even now, I sense fleeting glances trying to peek over as I walk with Tré.


I breathed a second sigh to relieve some of the depression caused by that.


“Master, I want to go there.”

Saying that, the place Tré pointed to was the store in which we bought clothes before.
Which reminds me, until now I still haven’t seen her wearing those clothes.
I wonder just when the time will come……

“Alright, then let’s go there.”

But because we came as a reward for Tré, I need to do my best to satisfy her!
I thought enthusiastically, as I was led by the hand by Tré.


“Err, Tré……?”

As we entered the store, Tré gazed at all the different commodities set out as if she was looking for something, but she didn’t choose any clothing at all.
I call out to her but seeming to be in deep concentration, she didn’t even respond to my voice.
Since it seems as though it will take time, I decide to pick out clothing to give to Aura and Lily, and reluctantly drift away from Tré for the moment.
Last time, it was due to this reason that I had to proceed to this store a total of two times, so this time I decided to return with clothes for them purchased beforehand.

“Hmm, I don’t know……”

Maybe it was because I am male, or perhaps it was simply that I was ignorant of this kind of fashion because I was just a hillbilly, but I didn’t know what would be good to buy for Aura and Lily at all.

“Excuse me, do you have clothing that is recently in fashion for girls?”

I’ll make no progress if I continue like this, so I resolutely ask the shopkeeper.

“Huh, in fashion……?”

The shopkeeper’s face cramps a little as she verifies with me.
The reaction just now was just her being surprised because a male was buying women’s clothing, but it definitely shouldn’t appear as though I am guilty of the rumoured ‘lolicon pervert’ or anything by any means.
Yeah, absolutely.

“I-I wish to buy presents but……?

That’s why this definitely doesn’t mean I was thinking of explaining the misunderstanding or anything either, okay?

“I-in that case, lately the commodities over here have been popular with everyone.”

The shopkeeper tells me, indicating the location of the clothing which are recently in fashion with her hand.
When I examined the price, they seem to cost a decent amount, but I, who is earning money at the guild, can afford it.

“Thank you very much. I will have a look.”

After saying my thanks, the shopkeeper leaves in a big hurry.
……I’m sure she’s just busy with work……


“Hm, how about this?~”

I tried looking for various items in the area where the shopkeeper told me the recent fashion were, but nothing distinctly caught my eye.
Perhaps my senses were strange, but I don’t really understand why this stuff is popular.
With this and that, it seems quite some time had passed without us realising, and soon it will be lunch time.
On Tré’s side, she still appeared to be searching so I look around inside the store


Suddenly, I happen to see a shelf with clothing set up in an inconspicuous location.
Curious about those clothes which seemed to have some unnaturalness, I draw closer.
Unlike the fashion I’ve seen until now, there were clothes that caught my eye somehow placed there.

“…………Let’s go with this.”

Even therein, I pick up another piece of clothing that catches my eye.
……This will be Aura’s share, I guess.

“……And maybe this one for Lily.”

I rapidly decide, as if my wavering just now was a lie.
In the end, having come this far, I select one more piece of clothing, thinking it will be Tré’s share.
Having finished choosing, I head towards the counter but on the way there, Tré hands me something saying, “this is good,” as if she had finished deciding as well.

“Umm… This is?”

What Tré handed to me was made of a thin fabric, looked a little blackish on the whole, and yet was clothing that looked like the top and bottom parts of women’s underwear.

“This is clothing to be worn while in the water called a ‘swimsuit’, apparently. It copes with both cold water and hot water so with this we can enter the baths together……”
“Oh, that’s amazing.”

In that case, I’ll be able to enter the baths with Tré without any worries.
I bring to the counter, the swimsuit I received from Tré, and the clothes I bought for presents, totalling to four pieces.

“…………S-so you’ll be buying this, I see……”

For some reason, the shopkeeper uttered something when I was when paying the bill, but well, I managed to buy some good items so let’s ignore that.
And thus, we left the shop, holding the paper bag containing the clothes.