NF: Chapter 7

Chapter 7 is brought to you by yours truly.

The author keeps switching between various forms of address for the MC’s parents which may be confusing:
[Father 親父殿 | Alfred-tousan アルフレッド父さん | Alfred-papa アルフレッドパパ | Papa パパ | Dad 父さん]
[Mother 母さん | Julia-kaasan ジュリア母さん | Mum 母 | Mama ママ]
Should I standardise it or continue to differentiate them?


For those who are awaiting more SRM chapters, I’ve decided to actually read the raws and evaluate it to see if it’s worth continuing. If I deem it no good, I’ll release my tiny stockpile of 2 chapters (currently yet to be edited) and then drop it, promoting NF to main project.