NF: Chapter 8

Chapter 8 is brought to you by Firebird. You can read it HERE.
It’s somewhat shorter than usual, but Chapter 9 should be out sometime today or tomorrow~

❤ Expecting many extra chapters today!!~

46 thoughts on “NF: Chapter 8

  1. Happy Birthday!!!!!!

    I think this is my first post in this webpage, haven’t started NF yet, I’m going to do so tonight!!


  2. Happy Birthday Kookie (here from shadow rogue). Ive been reading since Tate no Yuusha and Im following the OP healer’s story right now.Thanks for the hard work and hope you have a nice day


    1. Same here but from HJC. Thanks Zen for information.

      Happy Birthday Kookiedreamer, may you live a long and beautiful life and make many many translations 🙂 God bless you


  3. Happy birthday!
    Now where’s that ad for passively donating you money?
    Many thanks and that you can have a life free of worries.

    Yours anonymous reader since 17 december 2014


  4. Happy birthday!

    Per Lord Alyschu’s will, I thank thy for being born on this day, years ago.
    Do take care of your health and live a long prospering life.


  5. I am most grateful for having being born during your lifetime, master kookiedreamer!
    It is both an honor and a pleasure being able to enjoy even a small part of your work.
    Live long and prosper!


  6. Happy birthday~ (OwO)/
    May you live longer than anyone else and have a lot of beautiful things happening to you during your long life


  7. Happy birthday! I’ve been interested in this story but I was reluctant to start reading it due to how its chapters are in the single digits. After a while, I couldn’t restrain myself anymore and got addicted! Thanks to both you and Firebird for translating this!


  8. I should follow the stream of spammers, I mean birthday greeters.

    Happy Belated Birthday~
    And for one reason or another, I do believe having a birthday in the month of Christmas is the absolute best~ Other than the whole Christmas atmosphere, you can potentially get two presents in a short amount of time or one biiiiiiiiiiiiig present. Let’s just forget the possibility of just one normal present, kay? ^^


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