Chapter 56: Can we enter the bath?

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Can we enter the bath?

“We’re back~”

After Tré and I went shopping, we had lunch at a shop reputed to be delicious, and then killed some time.
When it became evening, it seemed like the perfect time to return home.

“Welcome back~!”

Lily came to the entrance to greet us.

“Huh, where’s Aura?”

If it was like usual, Aura would come to the entrance despite being later than Lily. But today she didn’t, for some reason.

“Aura-oneechan is cooking at the moment.”
“Ah, come to think of it, Aura is in charge of dinner today.”


“Aura, we’re home.”

I say to Aura who was in the middle of cooking, after having come here from the entrance.

“Ah, welcome home.”

Aura replies, simply turning her head this way.
Having conveyed our return to Aura, I retreat to my room for the time being.


“Ahh, it was delicious.”

Now, I have returned alone to my room, after we all finished eating the dinner Aura made.
We weren’t able to cook until a little while ago, but now everyone has become quite skilful in terms of cooking, well, apart from Tré who is still like that.
The cooking that Aura made today was also delicious, and I also have high hopes for Lily who is in charge of tomorrow’s breakfast.



“……Hm, who is it?”

While I was resting on my bed, there was a knock at the door.
I turn and call out towards the door.

“It’s me, can I come in……?”

It seems like Tré has come to my room.

“It’s alright, you can enter.”

It’s not like I was doing anything in particular that it would cause problems if she entered, so I call her in.
Tré entered, with the swimsuit we just bought today in hand.

“……I have this now so..  can we enter the bath?”

Tré spoke bashfully, but she clearly conveyed her wishes.

“Ah well, I guess it’s fine.”

So far I have continued to fail when bathing with Tré, but today we bought the swimsuit for that purpose so there shouldn’t be anything to worry about..
I retrieved my own change of clothes, and headed to the bath house together with Tré.
I had Tré change into her swimsuit and go to the bath before me, then I quickly made my preparations for entering the bath.
I neatly wrapped a towel around my waist, and also made sure to bring the bathing equipment.

“……Alright! Let’s go!”

With such enthusiasm, I head to the bath where Tré was ready and waiting.



The swimsuit Tré was wearing had unexpectedly high destructive power.
The special fabric that was dyed black clung to her body distinctly and Tré’s figure could clearly be seen.
If it was when I just left the village it might be no good, but having gotten a little familiar with girls in town, at this level, I can do it――!!

“Haa… Entering the bath together is…… so nice……”

Speaking of the result, it was perfect.
There were places I couldn’t wash due to the swimsuit, but apart from that, I was able to wash her with an easy victory.
And then Tré also rinsed my back, calling it a return favour, and now we soaked in the accumulated hot water together.

“……Mn, I also feel good……”

Tré also had an expression of rapture and she submerged her body in the water.
With this, it’s fine to enter together every day.
Indeed, having a girl rinse one’s back would please any guy.

“That swimsuit is amazing~

Wrapping Tré’s body, I was staring at the swimsuit that was gradually lightening in colour.


T-the colour is lightening?
Was it just my mistake, I feel like the swimsuit’s blackness was gradually lightening somehow and becoming transparent.

“H-hey, Tré……? I feel like that swimsuit is somehow lightening in colour but……?”

At my inquiry, Tré turns towards me with a curious look.

“……? Isn’t this that sort of thing……?


“Uhh… Swimsuits lighten in colour when entering baths together, they are clothes for noble purveyors who like that sort of thing but……?”
“Some time ago, I was told by adventurer people that this sort of thing would be good for entertainment if I wanted to cheer Master up, so……”
“……A-are you serious……”

That was dangerous.
At this rate it will become completely transparent, and I might collapse like last time.

“I-I’ll be getting up first, okay?”


“I-I’m exhausted……”

After getting changed in the changing room, I headed to my room and directly collapsed onto the bed.

“A-as far as it goes, I did enter the bath with Tré until the end, right?”

It was a swimsuit with some traps but even when I think back upon it, I did properly enter the bath with Tré, and it wasn’t all bad, right?
It does look like it would take quite a bit of time before it becomes completely transparent.
While thinking about all sorts of things, I became sleepy so I shut my eyes in accordance with that drowsiness.



The next day, I heard the rumour about the “Lolicon Pervert” buying a noble purveyor’s “swimsuit” and furthermore, it was for a small kid’s use――



32 thoughts on “Chapter 56: Can we enter the bath?

  1. T-this is actually painful to read. I understand that the MC’s misfortune is part of the gag but I don’t really feel that good. It would actually feel better if there’s actually some sort of relief from the current situation but I guess it’s going to keep getting worse. Like the rumor is going to get worse and Lily’s sister will come to know of that rumor and she’ll suspect that the MC is doing nasty things to Lily and MC will get beat up again.

    Please tell me there’s actually a light at the end of the tunnel for the MC and it will not end with him getting his memories erased again.


    1. I wouldn’t be too hopeful. This entire novel is painful to read, but it’s getting worse and worse. The author clearly has no fcking clue about what he’s doing.


  2. Reminds insane masochist saint of that one novel. Had insane healing power and also very dense. In the beginning, also feels that he’s weak. And the rumors he makes after every incident. Similar in working in Guilds and harem of old mans.


  3. Just push her down already. She clearly wants it badly, so just go ahead you impotent nitwit. Same for aura, they’re your slaves and they’re in love with you after all. Asha works as well.


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