Chapter 58: I would like to see

I started messing around with the magic mirror cube I got for my birthday, but it’s a mess already >w< Should’ve expected it, considering I can’t even solve a normal rubik’s cube…

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I would like to see.

“Haah, we have finally arrived……”

We have now, after going to the town to meet Father, finally managed to return to the capital.
Unlike the trip to town, there were no dragon encounters or monster assaults during our return home; it was a favourable journey.
With our escorts encircling us, we have finally managed to reach the castle somehow.

“Y-your majesty!!”

When we enter the castle, one of Father’s subordinates approached us.

“Hmm, what’s the matter?”

Father calls out to him.

“Th-that is……”

Apparently, according to his report, the princess of the demon country has come to the royal castle, only bringing a few escorts along with her.
Fundamentally, they are not much different from us despite being called demons.
Their appearance also resemble humans.
The sole difference in their outward appearances would be that demons grow wings on their backs, and tails from their buttocks, when they reach adulthood.
From what I heard, it seems the wings on their back are small and can be stowed away.

Incidentally, the relationship between demons and humans hadn’t been that great.
In the past, the current king of demons came to this country to bind a peace treaty, and we maintained a favourable relationship after that.
Of course, I believe that there are also people who hold dissatisfaction in their hearts even now, but I’m grateful that the majority of people readily assent to this alliance with the demons.

Ah, come to think of it, demons possess an aptitude for the dark attribute, and I’ve heard that they can all use at least a little dark magic.
And apparently, they possess physical strength that humans are no match for, which I would certainly like to see.

“I wonder if there is some urgent matter or something…….?”

I, together with Father, headed to the room in which the demon princess was waiting.


“I’m sorry to keep you waiting.”

When we enter the room, Father turns towards the demon princess and apologies.

“No, the one who came so suddenly was I. There is no need for apologies.”

The demon princess seems to use quite an old-fashioned manner of talking, or so I thought as I stood behind Father.

“My name is Parfeq. Please call me that from now on.”
“So, does Parfeq-hime have some business or…..?

Father gets straight to the point without delay.

“……Actually, it seems someone from the demon country brought my little sister to the human country……”
“…..? Is there some kind of problem?”

I feel like there is nothing wrong in particular but……

“The demon in question was one of the rebels opposing my father, the current king. And so, when he brought her along, he apparently made my sister drink poison……”

…..Certainly, if that’s the case then it’s not unnatural for her to be worried.
Parfeq-hime also grimaces, looking vexed.

“Thus, I came here to request aid in searching for my little sister.”

Parfeq-hime stares fixedly at my father’s face.

“……I understand. We’ll use every method we can, to find her without fail!!”

Father consents to it immediately.


“For our search, it would help if you could advise us of her appearance and name.”

Father inquires about the necessary details in order to assist.

“Firstly, in regards to her appearance, she is a blue-haired little girl. She usually has a cheerful disposition, but now that she was made to take poison, that might also be hard for her but……”
“Wh-what name does she go by?”

Seeing Parfeq-hime appear to become increasingly sadder as she relays the information, I panickedly continue the questioning.

“……It’s Lily.”

Father and I both react to the name given by Parfeq-hime.

“……? Could you possibly be aware of her whereabouts!?”

Noticing with a discerning eye, Parfeq-hime presses us with a query.

“Umm… There is an acquaintance of ours who is able to use recovery magic. There is a child accompanying him who is known as Lily, but……”

If I recall correctly, the child with Nest-san was called Lily.

“But that child was fairly lively though?”

Lily-chan had been overflowing with spirit, so much so as to even have pulled at Father’s hair.
Considering this, it’s true that she seems to have similar characteristics as the Lily that Parfeq-hime spoke of.
Perhaps, there is also the possibility of Nest-san having cured that illness, but the chances of that are slim.

“A recovery magic user, is it……”

Parfeq-hime also looks grim.

“……Recovery magic isn’t very effective on demons, you see……”

That is true. Demons are suited for the dark attribute, but because of that, the light attributed recovery magic has a low compatibility with them.
As such, most recovery magic users know that recovery magic have a weak effect on demonic beings.

“Nevertheless, there is still the chance of that, so we should contact them just in case. Right, Father?”

Perhaps by some chance, the Lily beside Nest-son really is the Lily that Parfeq-hime is referring to, and recovery magic might have succeeded in some manner.


Father freezes for some reason.

“Mn, that is appreciated. However, I will also make a search.”

I exchange greetings in place of my petrified father, and then Parfeq-hime departed from the castle.
I feel like he gazed this way during her departure for some reason, but it may just be my imagination.


Let’s leave Father, who remains unmoving even now, and report our return to Mother now――


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    1. He just realized Nest’s healing magic is abnormal, being able to cure his wife and daughter, so he might be really able to pull it off, curing a demon with his magic.

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    2. He realized that he’ll be asked to marry Lily when they discovered that he cured her poison with just one “Heal” and it’s no good for the king. He also wants Nest as his son-in-law

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      1. What’s the problem then? It’s a fantasy world, just make a harem.
        And moreover, if he takes those two as his women, the two countries will be able to build a better relationship using him as their bridge.

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    1. Actually, according to scientific research on magic development we at (enter tree name here) laboratories ( not Pokémon) have discovered his ability as a new type, officially clarifying it as a healing type move, ” it’s super effective” to all other types.

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    1. My hypothesis is that he realized that he’ll be asked to marry Lily when they discovered that he cured her poison with just one “Heal” and it’s no good for the king. He also wants Nest as his son-in-law

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      1. or he just understands that nest is trying to keep himself hidden and that the fact that he healed the princess of a race that’s suppose to be unaffected by healing magic would kinda blow his cover…

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  1. thanks for the chapter~
    “a demon with our jet-black saviour… PERFECT!! SO COOL!!~” must be what the king imagined.


  2. King’s realising that his son in law might be taken away from him by lily since she’s a princess too probably.
    That, or he realises he can use this as an excuse to go visit Nest again

    thanks for the chapter


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